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  1. Karen

    . Preserving Family Recipes

    To: A mother, a survivor and anyone else having a hard time getting family members to participate. It takes a little extra work but what I did was go to their house to "just visit" and over coffee or tea mentioned how much I loved the way they made a certain recipe could I please have it so I could try and make it just like they do. Flattery will get more returns everytime. Usually I came away with 3-4 recipes because a woman who likes to cook really likes to share. Good luck.
  2. Karen

    Surname roll call

    I'm gonna add my list too, most of mine are still in S.C. all the way back to the 2nd Bull Run. Simmons King Lawson Woodward Avinger Lindler Taylor Griffin Griffith Tumblin Malloy Smith Harrison Heaton Young Harvey Murph Green LeMaster Brown Grissum. If any of these sound familar let me know.
  3. Karen

    My Son's wedding

    I'm not near as talented as a lot of women her when it comes to sewing, I but I can sure put together a wedding. My son was in Iraq for the last 8 months and he got married in front of a justice of the peace before he left. He and my DIL asked if I could put together a wedding for them when he came home. I've spent the whole time he was gone, putting it together. I did a lot of on-line ordering because I found better prices. Like I asked a local printer for 50 napkins, he wanted $75 for them, I ordered them for $30. The wedding was this past Sunday Nov 1st so I don't have the pictures back yet, but when I do I will post some here. I just wish I had known someone like Crazy 4 Canning to sew another masterpiece like the one she's posted.
  4. Karen

    embroidery designs

    I started embroidering when I was 17 and making a baby blanket for my daughter. My grandmother gave me a huge envelope of patterns she had collected out of a magazine. I ended up making 4 baby blankets for my sister and friends who became pregnant too. I still have the iron on patterns and will scan them and share if you want. I have used quite a few through the years and loved sewing so much I learned how to do black work, brazillian embroidery and cross Stitch. I have books of patterns for cross stitch too.
  5. Karen

    Polishing silver

    I've been trying the salt, baking soda and hot water method. My silver teapot was totally black with tarnish, the first soak truned it brown, the second soak turned it almost clean. Then I took what my sister calles her "magic cloth" and rubed the teapot to a beautiful shine! The candleabras are looking good, next is the big tray, will have to do each end one at a time, going to try pouring the water ove the middle to see if it will work that way. Don't have a food saver but I'm going to wrap them in clear plastic wrap to try and save polishing again maybe.Thanks for all your help, this wedding is driving me wacky at time.
  6. Karen

    Natural Signs of a Rough Winter

    what about persimmons being ripe before that first frost and falling off the trees? I've got trees in and around my yard whose leaves are dying on the limbs, no color at all, straight to brown. Don't have any crickets, squirrels or possums, have too many outdoor cats, not even mice or rabbits survive in this area, but there is an overload of acorns lying on the ground. Thought about baging them up and trying to make acorn flour.
  7. Karen

    Polishing silver

    eeeek! I had to run get my candleabra out of the sink. I had put it in a so called mixture last night and then re-started it before I came on-line. The pieces I have are over 30 years old so it's the real deal and I don't want it pitted. Now I'm kinda confused, everyone says it will hurt my silver, but the link on how to clean anything says it's fine. I guess it's back to the old standby, a dremel with a polishing pad and polish. yuk.
  8. Karen

    Polishing silver

    My son is getting married Nov 1st, I have some silver objects that I want to use in the reception:candlesticks, tea pot(full of Flowers) and a huge tray to hold food. My sister read about using aluminum foil, baking soda and salt in hot water to remove the tarnish, she just doesn't remember the recipe. Does anyone her know? Oh yeah, Ladies I sprayed my fiberglass shower with the Works and it came as clean as a whistle, I just haven't been able to get some paste wax to put on the sides. Thanks so much for the help. So far I don't need to worry about scratches or burns, but have copied all the different info to my files. I'm slower than a lot of people so it took me about 2 hours to do the one shoower/tub assembly, but I still think it was easier than usual.
  9. Karen

    cleaning fiberglass

    Thank you so much. I've been at my wits end trying different cleaners. I'm going to try both your ideas, one on each tub.
  10. Karen

    cleaning fiberglass

    I'm not sure where to put this so here goes. I have two fiberglass tubs/showers in my home. I know not to use a sos pad, or anything that would scratch the surface off. I've been using an old body scrunchy to clean them with clorox. Now after 7 years I've noticed a beige/ brown tint on the fiberglass. This makes me feel dirty and I need advise of how to clean them so they will be all white again. Come on ladies, I'm desperate.
  11. 15-ML-29891-ML- PoGo has moved this topic to the "Do It Yourself" forum.
  12. Karen

    n How much I care.

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I got so many thank you's for trying to keep in touch with my DIL in Fla. while my son is in Iraq that I wanted to tell you all just how much I love my son and DIL. They were married by a justice of the peace just before he left. She always wanted a big wedding, so he asked if they could get remarried here. My heart did flips and everything else when Kari asked me to help plan the ceremony. I always looked forward to planning my daughter's wedding but I'm being blessed to do my son also. My husband was given an arch for free from the hardware store because it was slightly bent. My BIL fixed that. I have a cousin who bakes beautiful cakes and is doing the cake just for the cost of supplies to bake it. Another cousin and her best friend are catering it for the cost of the food- all the fresh fruit(strawberries, canelope, watermellon) are out of our garden. My step mother gave me this huge amout of silk flowers and ribbons and miniature whiter bells to decorate with. I had to spend $80 total for her bouquet because she wants white tulips surrounded with red roses. I have been setting this up for 3 months, I just can't wait until they walk into the church. The colors are red, white, and blue because my son wants to be married in his dress blues. There are 4 of us that are getting together to fix the bouquets for her and 2 bridesmaids and to decorate the arch with all the flowers, and ribbons and glass beads. Come November 1st there's going to be a throwdown of a wedding, we're even going to have dancing at the reception. I'm not telling this to toot my own horn, I'm trying to show that starting off on a good footing and relationship with a new member of a family can make family get togethers truely happy. I watched how not to treat a DIL from my mother, she lost any contact with her son and 2 grandchildren that she never saw right up to the day she died. I learned that the choice for a mate to my children is their choice, and nothing I say can change that choice. I'm determined to not repeat the mistakes my mother made with her children. I just want mine to be happy, and if there's anything I can do to make them happy I will.
  13. Karen


    My two peach trees have finally decided to make peaches after 5 years. I sliced a big bowl full and put on the dehydrator. They have all stuck to the trays. I've got peach crumble instead of slices. I've read several posts that says you change your tray level every hour. I'm usuall so busy slicing squash, cucumbers, okra, onions, and peppers that I loose track of time and forget. We've been very blessed in our garden and fruit trees this year and I'm trying to save everything I can. I'm picking a bowl of peaches a day, and freezing them until I have enough to pickle, but would like a jar full of dehydrated too. Any help on the sticking?
  14. Karen

    Baby Boy on his way to Parris Island

    My sister is in panick mode right now. Her youngest son just decided to join the marines, he goes for his physical monday. They've already looked at his medical records and said he was healthy enough. At 6'3" and 200lbs, I'd say he is too. He wants to be in special ops. He's hoping to go into boot camp by Aug 20th. She's all nervous because they're still sending soldiers to Iraq. I've told her that at least we'll have each others shoulders to cry on when things get tough. I'm very proud of him for joining, yes there's pros and cons to joining at THIS time but it's what he wants to do. He's very willing to serve his country and wants to go that extra mile. My sister just pictures him with that stance that all Marines and former Marines have, she even said "once a Marine, always a Marine."
  15. When you slice or grate zucchini do any of you spray your racks with a light coating of cooking spray? How do you keep your food from sticking to the trays? I personally haven't tried the spray but I'm considering it because everything seems to stick to my trays. The only thing that doesn't stick is okra, and they are dried to a crisp.

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