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  1. Yes, I can do that, our chicken coop is pretty big, whoever built it did a great job on it. And i have a cage that is a pretty good size. I think I may wait until April to let her set on the eggs, last year we got our chicks the middle of May, so if it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch I think that would be a good time to let her start setting on them. In the meantime I am going to have my husband start on the homemade incubator. thanks everyone for the advice, I am really excited to do this!
  2. I'm always interested in food safety and food prices. I am also interested in info on rural communities
  3. Thanks so much for the reply Ambergris. I do have one Buff Orphinton that will sit on eggs, I thought she was to young to do this. If I don't go out and get the eggs everyday she will sit on them right away. Last week when we got all that snow I didn't make it out to the coop, i only missed one day, but there were 8 eggs all next to each other and there she was sitting on them. She will be a year old in March. Come to think of it, she did look a little grouchy. They do have nesting boxes inside their coop, this is what she will sit on. It sounds like I can just let her do what she was put on this Earth to do. How many eggs is to many for her to sit on? Themartianchick - thank you for answering. I have Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orphington's. only one of our Reds have shown any interest in sitting on her eggs, I hope that wasn't bred out of them. So, if it takes the hen body heat to bring up the temp of the eggs to trigger the fertilization process, and i am not letting them get to that point, sometimes when I crack open an egg there is a blood spot in there. Local people (who don't really use the internet) said these are fertilized eggs and need to be thrown away, do you think this is true? I check for eggs a few times a day so I don't think they had time to sit on them. I have a chicken book and it says the blood is simply a vessel that was broken during laying and it's fine to eat. What do you guys do?
  4. Out of our 20 chickens we got last year we ended up with one rooster, the rest are hens. This spring we want to butcher our own chickens, the offspring of the chickens we have now. My question is, do I really need an incubator, or can I just leave the eggs in the coop and let the mother hens do what they naturally do? The local elevator said we really need an incubator, but they also wanted to sell us some very expensive things when we got our chickens, things we really didn't need. My farmer's almanac said it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. I have no experience with this, so any advice would be great
  5. I have Rhode Island Red chickens, they are all hens. They are almost a year old, they seem to lay eggs very well, the eggs are nice sizes also. They are very docile and very friendly. We got them as chicks and I read you need to spend time with your chicks so they will let you take their eggs when they start laying. They not only let you take their eggs, but will come when you call them and will let anyone pick them up and hold them. They will even sit on the arm of a chair outside with you. You probably don't want your chickens this friendly, it can be a pain. I also have 9 Buff Orphington hens and one Rooster of this breed. For some reason, these birds aren't as friendly. They are all docile, but not as sociable. They were raised the same way, so i'm not sure why they aren't as sociable. I have a friend who said he had a rooster of this type of breed that was mean. My rooster may get mean as he gets older, but as of right now, he is pretty friendly, he is the only bird of this breed that I have that will let you pet him. I got these breeds because the hatchery we got them from said they are duel purpose breeds.
  6. That is interesting, and I can certainly understand why they would want a phone to grow their business,, after all, i wear my cell phone on my hip and it's not even for business use. I guess I always thought it was nice to *think* their society doesn't change, but I guess even that changes.
  7. Ok, so we now live near an Amish population. I think I must read to many books,, I was very surprised to learn that the Amish around us have cell phones, it seems they have one to a family. We get our slab wood from the Amish and they offered us their cell phone number. I guess in my mind I pictured them to live with no modern technology. At first I thought they were Mennonites, but they did say they were Amish. I'm not sure if they use any other modern technology. They do some shopping at the Save A Lot by me, they are very friendly people. Do you find the Amish use modern technology?
  8. How often do you milk a cow and goat? I read on the internet that you have to do it twice a day and be very, very consistent with milking. Do you find this is true?
  9. I have a terrible addiction to Farmtown,,, for those of you who don't play the games,,, don't start! My word, you can spend hours on those games and not get a thing done! I also have FB and would really love to have Mrs. S friends on there, but I don't think most of my friends on FB prep and that is not a portion of my life I would like to share with them. I do post some things about baking, sewing etc. but I never post about preps in storage. I did find out through FB that an Aunt of mine preps, which surprised me, but we have only talked once about it through an instant message. My children have a very rare genetic developmental disability, to make it even more rare, we are the 3rd family in the world (that is known anyway) that have three children with this disability. My family tend to get alot of attention because of that and I sit back and think if those people knew I prepped, it would give us more attention (word travels fast in that community) which totally blows my plan to prep in private. I am curious, for those of you that are friends on FB, do you ever post about prepping? Or do you keep it more general?
  10. I learned to sew about a year ago, I never dreamed I would enjoy sewing as much as I do! I have a question about cotton that is safe for children's sleepers. I made my son a sleeper, I picked up cotton material up at Joann's. After i made it I was looking at my scrap material and on the side it said "Not safe for children's sleepwear". Oops. I used cotton because I need a material that doesn't stretch like fleece can. Does anyone know of a cotton material that is safe? I looked online and found a chemical you could treat it with, but I can't do that because my son has seizures and I can't risk exposing him to alot of chemical type things. I also found cotton retardant fabric, but it was really expensive. A friend said that fire retardant fabric isn't like that forever, but i haven't found any info to back that up, so I don't know to believe her or not. Since so many people on here sew, I was wondering if anyone had any idea's. Thanks
  11. I always used to throw bones away,,, how foolish was that?!?!?!? I am really shocked at how much of a savings you can have from just making your bones into soup stock for gravy or seasoning something! Just this year I started making use of everything and wished I had done it years ago. No more throwing bones out here!
  12. No holiday books here. I am currently reading Glenn Beck's book Broke. I like to read books i can learn from and as I go through it I look certain facts up on the internet, like when states chartered banks and not the federal reserve. It's a good book so far!
  13. Leanna, thanks for the advice about the bypass recovery. He is doing really well. He had a problem with his heartbeat getting regulated, so he was in the hospital a few days longer, but now that he has been home for a few weeks, it is back to normal. He does not eat alot of sweets or sweet things. I did learn from the hospital what is good for him and what isn't good for him. I never really looked at how much sodium is in pre packaged lunch meat,, wasn't I surprised to see those numbers! I am thinking about buying turkey and chicken breasts, cooking it and making his lunch meat sandwiches out of that. I have a meat slicer and can always freeze the sliced meat. I cook from scratch alot, so eating clean won't be a hard transition. The things I need to concentrate on are healthy lunch meat, canned broths (they aren't very healthy come to find out), and things like that. It does say in his diet book that prepackaged foods are not good for you. I am wondering, with cookies and crackers homemade, if there would be alot of sodium in them, I only use a little bit of salt, and only for taste.
  14. ok, thanks! Once I started skimming, I wondered if you could even can turkey broth. I assumed it was like chicken, but you know what they say about people who assume! It's especially true when you can your own food. Thanks for the advice
  15. Hi, I cooked my turkey today and thought I would boil what is left over and make it into turkey broth. I have been skimming and straining, skimming and straining it now for a few hours, fat keeps rising to the top,, it seems like it's never ending! I looked in my Ball Blue Book and didn't see a recipe for turkey stock. Is this something that isn't approved? Or did I just get a super fatty turkey??
  16. Well, I took your advice, I kept them in their coop for about 3 days. I did let them out about 4 pm everyday so they had a few hours outside. The day after i did that, we started getting eggs! We get about 3-4 everyday, so it's a start! Thanks for the advice!
  17. Thank you for the replies. I am going to hold off on getting this for now, maybe try it in a few things next summer and see how it goes.
  18. We got our chickens in May and they haven't laid any eggs yet. Out of 20 chickens we got one rooster, we named him Cletus,,, lol. Anyway, we go out everyday and look for eggs and aren't finding any. We got them as babies and fed them the 1st stage food from the feed store and then fed them the egg layer formula, so far, no eggs. We have 9 Rhode Island Reds and 10 Buff Orphingtons. Am i expecting them to lay to soon? Or you do think it's a possibility they are hiding their eggs? We let our chickens have the roam of the yard, i'd hate to have to search our whole 2 acres for eggs!
  19. Hi all, I have a question regarding sugar substitutes. I need to start cooking more heart healthy foods. We have had an unexpected change and need to change our eating habits. I bought a low cholesterol and sugar free cookbook, the cover says it helps if you have hypertension, heart disease and headaches, I thought it would help me learn different things i can cook with. To use as a sugar substitute it says to use Stevia instead of sugar in cooking, has anyone ever used this? I never heard of it Also, what do you think of refined sugar? It is really that unhealthy for you? My husband has high blood pressure and had a heart cath that did not come back good yesterday, it showed he would need at least a triple bypass. For those of you who have experienced this, how did you change your eating/baking habits? His sugar is fine, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to at least check into different sugar replacements. I think we are in pretty good shape since we don't eat alot of prepackaged processed food. I bought the book and it gave me some great idea's, but i'm not about to take advice from a book not knowing if they know what they are talking about, which is why I came here,, to ask people who DO know Any advice would be great, thanks!
  20. I'll bet that feels good doesn't it??? It's refreshing to see you post a success story. Keeps me trying and trying and trying,,
  21. Now that is really odd you bring that up! Just last week a friend and I were shopping in our grocery store and saw emergency food packages,, I know they were new, I would have seen them before. I commented on how that is a sign of the time, then, I saw them in another local grocery store. I wonder how many people will take them seriously when they see them, or just shrug them off.
  22. You'll get over it,,, I had to. I grew up eating canned food and never thought anything about it. A few years ago I found this site and started canning for my family. The first batch of chicken noodle soup I canned my husband ate,, all 8 quarts. I just didn't have the gumption to join in. Until the next batch was done and he was sharing with friends. So, i was a bit leary also,,,, but now I can't barely buy chicken noodle soup in the store, it doesn't taste good and is expensive!
  23. Thanks for posting the egg info, our chickens should start laying their eggs in a month or so,, so I will need to know this info. I can't wait for farm fresh eggs!!
  24. I do watch this show. The first one I watched they were in Alaska. The weather was warming up there, the snow was melting and it made for dangerous walking, in the end, they ended up calling for a rescue. This really peaked my interest because most survival shows i've seen always have a solution and it ends just fine. This show did not. They gave up. This got me thinking. Unlike other At the end of the show I always find myself trying to problem solve how they could have made it,, etc. The husband also gives little tips here and there that adds to survival info. For example, if your lost in the woods, you will know your walking in a straight line if you keep touching the next tree in front of you. If you do this, you won't walk in circles. I know when i get lost while driving on a busy street, i have driven in circles, I couldn't imagine getting lost in the woods on foot. I love the show!
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