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    Foggy Thursday

    I picked up 15 dozen canning jars, mostly quarts, yesterday for $3 a dozen at an estate sale. He also had about four dozen pint jars still full of food he threw in for free. He mentioned no one would buy them with food still in them and thought they were useless. I gladly took them, while my husband who was standing next to me almost fell over,, lol. He was fine when i explained to him I was going to empty them and clean them up. So, my task for today is washing and checking the jars over,, and probobly tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a good day.
  2. Turtlemama, I do believe in the book The Patriots they stored gasoline for a long period of time. I seem to remember they stored it underground? I haven't read the book in a few years and loaned it to a friend so i can't even reflect on it right now. But, they do touch on how they stored it and kept it good.
  3. Yea!!!!!! I can't think of anyone who deserves this job more!! She will be a terrific teacher there, just as she is here!! good news indeed,, congratulations!!
  4. Michelle! It's terrific to see you back, how are things going down where you live?
  5. Congratulations on the goat! good thinking on your husband's part I've been looking over Craigslist in my area and there is alot of goats on there,, it's hard for me to not go and grab one up! But, since we are new to country living we are going to stick with chickens and pigs this year. Maybe next year. Post pics when you get your new addition!
  6. When i checked out the book i thought perhaps it would have some insight on how people survived and would tell us how to survive the next depression if we have one. The book didn't cover any of that, it was more the cycles of the financial world, and some of it was pretty technical. I would like to read about day to day practices also, but haven't found anything like that. The idea it did give me was to research the previous depressions via old newspaper's etc. It is the best i could come up with and maybe glean some good info from that. That would be an interesting thread on here,, day to day survival of a depression. If i come up with any thing good i'll let you know.
  7. Mother hen, yes, you have the right color for the book. It is a little over my head. I have to look up some terms on the internet, but i like reading books where i learn something new. If it were any more technical though, I'd have to put it down. I am going to keep plugging away with the book, once I start reading something i have to finish it,,, even if it is incredibly boring! Christy, Thanks for the reply, it is good to know other people are saying what he is saying. I don't think i would take anyone's prediction and set it into stone, but i like to keep all possibilities in mind. This book has gotten me into researching the previous depressions to see how people made it through them, which is something i'm going to do tonight. I think i can learn alot from that, which will make my preps even better.
  8. Maybe it's just me,, but i have friends who don't have kids, and when i talk with them about things I never say, "well, you don't have kids". I guess I always thought even if a person didn't have any kids, they still have busy lives and responsibilities, after all, everyone's life does. I do have friends, who have kids, who do say this to people, but usually it is used as an excuse for something they really don't want to do. I tend to be a bit more outspoken, if something is brought up to me that i don't want to do, i just tell the person no. Course, I'm also the type of person who can't stand hearing excuses,, reason's yes, excuses,, no. I think with some people it takes a life changing experience for them to have a stocked pantry. I hope your friend changes her mind. God Bless you for trying!
  9. Now that's a good one,, of course i read it to DH and he said "That's cold!"... lol!!
  10. We hit a thrift store and got DD five sweatshirts for $9.00, so I was happy about that. They were in good condition to! We also had to do some grocery shopping and pick up some groceries for the week. Milk, eggs, stuff like that. Found roast on sale for $1.99/ lb. so i picked up 4 of those. Then we had breakfast at our local cafe. Now we are back home at 11 am in the morning. Productive morning so far!
  11. We just did a move. I started seriously prepping about a year ago and as i was packing all my things I kept thinking to myself,, Why am i prepping? Why do I need all this stuff??? Holy cow I didn't realize how much stuff i had accumulated! I had to make decisions of what I didn't want to take with us. I ended up doing a sweep of the house, taking one cupboard or closet at a time. I started with clothes. I'm not sure why, but for a family of five we had way to many clothes that we either didn't wear or didn't fit. My next goal was to take a serious look at any trinkets or other things that weren't preps and decided if we needed any of that. To make a long story short, I ended up getting rid of alot of things that we really didn't need. Which loosened up room for my preps. when we knew we were moving (we had about a month's notice) my preps were the one thing I wouldn't sacrifice. I started packing them as soon as we started house hunting. I left out a months supply of everything. Since I had decluttered pretty good, i stored the boxes in the closets. I also packed up all my books,, boy, was that a job! The only thing i hadn't counted on was help from my friends. We are fortunate the we have such good friends, however, they didn't know about my preps. I had labeled the outside of the boxes with what was in them. they did ask why I had an entire box of toothpaste, q-tips and razors. Good luck!
  12. Just another example of putting something in His hands and it works out beautifully! So glad this worked out so well for you,, what a relief! No more extension cords?
  13. finally got a library card to where we just moved to they didn't have the book i wanted which was New Deal Or Raw Deal, I saw it on Glenn Beck ( he has a good show,, recently started watching it). So instead of getting the book i wanted I checked out this book Thre Great Depression Ahead. It's not at all what i expected, it talks alot about the real estate bubble, the tech bubble, the commodity bubble, etc. And, the economic cycles that American has been through since 1864. It's interesting. A little over my head, some terms i had to look up on the internet. But i am learning new info i've never even thought of before and how all this effects the economy. Anyway, in the book he predicts we will go into a deep depression around mid 2010 -2011 and it will last until about 2023. I was curious if anyone had ever heard of this author, he is a speaker as well. If you have heard of him, did you feel his predictions were accurate? I've never heard of this person and wondered if anyone else had. I guess this is my reading for the next few weeks!
  14. Poor Musician I know your pain!! A few years ago when i started gardening my family laughed at me when they found out I was going to try to grow some vegetables, I couldn't keep any type of plant alive,, much less for food. Like you said, start out small. I was determined to have something to harvest by the end of summer. I started out with cucumber, tomato and green peppers, the only thing that did really well was the tomatoes. I started them from seed and watched over them everyday. I started from seed because that was the least expensive way to go. I think all but three plants made it from beginning to end. By the end of summer, i had six plants producing the best tomatoes i had ever eaten. I know being a part of this site really helped. I read of people gardening and actually being able to can what they grew, that gave me so much hope, I knew something had to be successful. Last year I planted Pole Beans and they did really, really well! If you start from seed, start them inside. If you buy plants, you can wait until the weather warms up and put them right in the ground. Because I have a tendancy to kill every plant I have ever had, i give my seeds a lot of attention. I check them many times a day, even when they didn't need it. it worked for me. Good luck with your gardening, if i can do it,, anyone can!
  15. well, I was going to freeze some homemade chicken noodle soup, but the pot was gone before i got a chance to do that And as long as this week is more calm than last week, i am going to make some homemade hot pockets and freeze those. And, i want to try a new danish pastry and thinking about trying to freeze those and see how they turn out. My goal for this year is to freeze left over spaghetti sauce and sloppy joe leftovers, something I really lack on.
  16. That is terrific news for you and your family! I do think people on FS are taking advantage of this. Sam's Club accepts them too. i was so shocked last year to see the sign in the window that they accept and EBT card,,, i blurted it out, loudly, in the parking lot. Really I was shocked,, not judging,, then I look at the person next to me and they are holding a bridge card and giving me a dirty look. Guess he thought I meant something by it. My friend tried to explain, but i think it was just too late at that point. So, last time I went I paid attention to what people were paying with, i'd have to estimate 50% of the people paid with FS. Not junk either, good healthy food preps.
  17. Glad you got a new freezer, I don't know what I would do without mine. I've only had one for the last few years now I'm sure I could never do without one. Congrats! A bank vault,, never thought of it that way
  18. Yup, my mom came by the house today and had my Christmas present, it was a Kenmore sewing machine. Now, how this came about was I wanted to make a quilt for a very good friend of mine. I asked to borrow my mother's machine to sew it. She usually has no problem letting me use something of hers. Well, she put it off and put it off and i found out why today,, she ended up buying a sewing machine for me. I mentioned wanting to make the kids clothes for next summer. Now, I think I got ahead of myself. I read about how so many people on here have such a wide variety of skills and think i can do it too,,, lol. So off to JoAnn fabrics we go and she picked up a pattern for jeans and the material,, probobly because my oldest daugher needs jeans. We brought everything home and I actually made a pair of jeans! They don't look half bad either. My son's winter jacket had a big rip in the seam right under the arm, we noticed it last week. With my mom's help, I fixed the seam and he wore it to school today! Now, i have to tell you, that was pretty rewarding! If it hadn't been for my mom's knowledge, i would have had to buy a new one. I'm amazed at how much money we saved just on these two items. I learned to knit in October - a craft a really enjoy), and now sewing! Just one last question,,, is there a sewing advice forum on here???
  19. Believe me, I think everyone here who canned the first time knows your excitement!! I'm excited for you and am states away!!!! Enjoy your new skill!
  20. My husband is a computer technician. We lived in the city for so long because of his work, but in the last year the economy in the Metro Detroit area sank so bad, he only had a few customer's left this last summer, he mostly did work for buisnesses, but would do personal computer's also. With the loss of most of his customer's, add that to how much our home value dropped, like everyone else's, and the increase of crime in our old city, we decided if there was ever a great time to take the plunge, now would be the time. So, he works out of the house, and I am a candlemaker and do homecare for Senior citizens. So, we moved and are still going to work out of the house.
  21. Great to hear a successful update!! In no time at all you'll be canning like the pro's!!
  22. I do have plans to cut expenses in 2010. In the last year we have cut so much from our budget I am happy, I think that is the first time ever I can say I am proud of my financial habits in the last year. This coming year i plan to do better now that we have more to work with since we moved. I plan to cut down the food bill and really commit to growing, raising and making our own food just to see how much lower we can get our grocery bill. Food where we live now is much more expensive, unless you hit Kroger which is a good 30 miles or more away from us. There is just something very satifying about being as self sufficient as possible. I also have a little bit of financial goals go as far as bills and such,, but it seems like I am always working on that :-)
  23. I hope your canning experience is going well,,, post and let us know how it went. My first canning experience i was in the shoutbox and my DH stood beside me the entire time, if it hadn't been for all that support I may have turned everything off and never tried it again,, now I wonder why I worried so much! Good luck!
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