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  1. kathy003

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    It was pretty nice here yesterday, considering it's November. We got the last of the yard things organized, I was glad for that because it started snowing here about 4 am!
  2. kathy003

    Urban Farmer tv show

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but since the show is about gardening, I thought this would be ok. Has anyone seen the show on Netflix called The Urban Farmer? i have seen a few episodes and he has quite the set up. He does farm on other people's land, but he also uses his own. He seems to able to grow an awful lot of food in a very small space. And, he uses a network of hoops and greenhouses to extend his growing season. I am wondering, if anyone else has seen this show, what did you think of his set up and techniques?
  3. kathy003

    Urban Farmer tv show

    Yes, that's it! Did you get a chance to watch it? What did you think about it?
  4. kathy003

    Best cell phone for low reception

    We have Century Link for our internet and when we had a home phone, we had to use them also. Calling them mediocre is being nice. How I wish we had a different provider for our internet. We were thinking of changing to satellite, but I'm not sure that would be any better. We have Verizon for our cell phones. They are the only carrier that has a tower within 5 miles of us. The service is very patchy here. I never texted until I moved to the country, but it's the only way my family can contact me and I know I will get it. Good luck, good cell service is tricky to get.
  5. kathy003

    Asparagus .90 a lb!

    My husband does most of the grocery shopping now, the other day he came home with Asparagus he bought for .90 a lb! Granted, I think it was at Walmart, but I'll take it! And he bought 30 lbs! Looks like I have some canning to do tonight
  6. kathy003

    Being Proactive

    This is excellent advice, I am sure I will be reviewing this in the coming year.
  7. It's legal in Michigan for medicinal purposes. I have heard that our state police is not for legalizing pot anywhere in our state, for any reason. People have started opening up shops to sell the pot to people, in my area, if someone opens up a shop and they are not following the law to the letter of the law they will be shut down. In the last two years, 6 shops have been shut down around me. one of the shops got shut down, the owner got arrested, and as soon as he could, he opened back up. Turns out, he had his pot growing outside and it wasn't fully enclosed and that was his wrong doing. I'm still not sure he is in the clear, and if I know my area, he will be shut down again soon. A few weeks ago I learned our local bowling alley is no longer going to be a bowling alley. It's going to become a dispensary for medical marijuana. An entire bowling alley. It was one of the last family friendly places within 20 miles of me. Of course, since I live pretty rural, there aren't a lot of options. My husband who passed away in 2014 had stomach cancer. He got his card and took CBD oil for the pain. It was the only thing that helped, so I'm not against it, but it has to have it's limits. I feel like these laws were passed with little to no oversight. The officials did not have a plan on how to regulate and enforce medical marijuana, when it was first passed in Michigan people smoked it on the streets and obviously be high (medical marijuana is high in CBD so getting "high" should not happen). When the person was confronted by a police officer they would show them their card and be off the hook. They seem to have gotten a grip on that behavior, thank goodness. There needs to be more oversight on how the grower's manufacture their medical marijuana and how people get it. I don't know about other states, but here, it is very, very easy to get your card.
  8. kathy003


    We ordered shoes last week online. It took a week and a half to get them, which I thought was ok. My husband likes to order items online, which helps in the cold weather. I can't say I enjoy going shopping, I usually go with a list and get it done as quickly as possible, but I don't like ordering online more. I like to see and touch what I am buying. I don't know if I will ever be able to adjust to shopping online. I know I am not the norm, but I really hate to see stores closing.
  9. kathy003

    Prayers for a Neighbor

    Oh wow. I will pray for him and his family.
  10. kathy003

    Happy New Year, my friends!

    Happy New Year!
  11. Well, Christmas is almost over. On New Years day we will have one more visit to make and then our Christmas will officially be over.  I am probably one the few individuals who do not get all that excited over Christmas. I also cannot say I am overly religious. I do consider myself spiritual.  I believe in God, I know that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I know the Holy Ghost guides me daily. That is what I love about celebrating Christmas. That is what I instill in my children. Even though they all have a developmental disability, they still know Jesus, they understand prayer and they all have giving spirits. Jesus is what I want my children to think of when they celebrate Christmas, that, and a nice family dinner.

    People have gotten to busy to stop and think about what Christmas means. To most people it's chaotic and hectic cooking, presentation of dinner and snacks have to be perfect. The decorations for Christmas need to be perfectly placed. The presents are wrapped with shiny paper neatly piled around and below the tree, and don't forget the mistletoe! Everything looks perfect, and that is where most of it ends for a family. Underneath all the festivities is stress. Stress about finances, stress about being behind, dinner not being ready on time, and worry about if people will enjoy themselves. So much worry, some forget that Christmas is a day of being thankful, of  spending it remembering our Lord and Savior, all of this is lost on most, most people who don't know to NOT play into the commercialism of Christmas. 

    Me? Yesterday I enjoyed Christmas Eve with my extended family, today we spent it at home enjoying the day with the kids. I'll take that every year over commercializing this holiday. 



  12. kathy003

    Chart for HOW MUCH TO PLANT

    What a great list. Thank you!
  13. kathy003

    Another Christmas story

    I had never heard of this before now, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing
  14. kathy003

    Getting Older Day by Day

    The CG, I was thinking the same thing!
  15. kathy003

    Quick update

    I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer, I can't imagine how difficult this is for you and your family.
  16. kathy003

    Time Flies

    Oh, I'm so sorry you lost the pictures on your computer There is something to be said about old fashioned pictures you get developed. Last year my laptop battery caught on fire, I thought I lost all my pictures, thankfully my hard drive was saved and that didn't happen. But, I know how tense I was during that period when I didn't know if anything could be saved. Nice picture, I don't think I have ever been to the desert.
  17. kathy003

    Back to gardening!!

    It's been a few years since I have had a nice garden, so I am going to give it a go again this year. I have done things here and there the last few years. I started a small strawberry patch, added some fruit tree's (ok, about 10 of them), and added some herbs to my herb garden. about 2 years ago I added an Oregano plant, I didn't expect much from it, since I had no idea what to expect. That Oregano bush has become my pride and joy! It's strange that I feel so accomplished by one plant. I also started growing Sage, which took off nicely. I don't have any "goals" as far as the garden goes yet. Ok, that is not exactly true,,,, i would like to grow enough for a small roadside stand in front of my house, but we will see how that goes. Lord knows, I planted enough corn yesterday to do that, and I am going to plant two more rows tomorrow. Last year a friend of mine taught me how to butcher chickens and turkey's. It has been a few years since I have had any livestock, so besides gardening, I plan to get the chicken coop ready for next spring and, something new,,, my husband wants to get goats to raise for food. So, my goal for that this year is to build a pen to keep them in. I think I have some left over fencing I can use, and an old barn. Happy spring!
  18. Wow, how cool is this! We can have our own blogs on here?? Looks like I have been away from Mrs. S for to long!


    It's been a few years since I have seriously done any gardening. I am hoping to have a really good season! I am really encouraged by the Greek Oregano I planted a few years ago, it looks really great this year! It is still a little on the small side, but it is producing more oregano than we can use. I will let it grow for a while and then maybe dry some. This encouraged me so much that I am concentrating on my herb garden this year and adding more herbs to it. I still need to figure out what herbs like what kind of soil. 


    Yesterday I planted 2 rows of corn and plan to do two more tomorrow. Last year was the first year I planted corn and it didn't do well, I think I planted it to late.  We also went today and bought some more vegetables. 

    1. Annarchy


      We can have our own blogs on here??


      Yes!  :thumbs:


      Nice to see you again, kathy003.  :bouquet:

  19. kathy003

    Extreme cheapskates

    well, that review was disappointing. I had hoped to watch the show but forgot when it was on, and it sounds like i couldn't learn much. I swear, someone on this site needs a tv show to show how it is really done!
  20. kathy003

    I did it, I did It!

    Great job! Sounds like you are going to keep yourself busy! I never thought of canning as a craft,, but your right! I had my canner for a few months before I used it. the first time, my husband had to stand by it,, it was kind of scary until I found out how it worked. Now, we both laugh at the experience. Congrats on the nice, preservative free, healthy food!
  21. kathy003

    My faith in fellow mankind is diminishing!

    Lumabean - I am sorry you had to have that experience. I have a child with a cognitive impairment, so i know the hurt and anguish that comes with a child, in this case my own child, treated unfairly. It used to make me mad when people would pick on my daughter. I found that it was the adults who are the cruelest, and those people's children are the ones to pick up on that negative behavior. The parents that took the time to explain what was going on to their children, those children tended to be the kindest, most compassionate kids. That being said, I no longer get angry when people do that. In fact, I pray (most of the time) that The Lord softens their hearts and puts compassion in there. I do this because those people need it. When you have a child with a disability, the child ends up teaching you the most important things in life. Unconditional love, forgiveness, and how not to judge someone. I think the world would be a much kinder place if people learned from people who have disabilities. I have been to college and I have had 21 years of raising a child that has a disability. My daughter has taught me more about how to live than college ever did, or ever could. Things like the behavior you saw will never completely stop. We just need to condition ourselves to pray for those people. Because they need it.
  22. kathy003

    tips on growing Green Tea

    I am already thinking of what I want to grow next year. Next year I want to concentrate on Aloe and Green tea plants. If anyone has grown and dried their own Green Tea from a plant, do you have any suggestions or tips? I have been looking locally for the Green Tea plant, but no one seems to carry it. Looks like I am going to have to order online, any suggestions for good sites? I met someone at the beginning of summer who was drying her green tea, but I don't really see her enough to get some advice. I've been reading the message board on here,, looks like I missed alot over the summer! I need a day to catch up on all the good messages here!
  23. I believe he is right. My husband went through a quadruple bypass 3 years ago. I never imagined how the food bought at the store destroys our body. When he was in the hospital after surgery I was given a book about how his diet was supposed to be. I read it word for word. The Dietician came in. She briefly went over the book and was ready to leave. I asked her to wait because I had questions. She said the same thing the article says. Chicken soup was the biggest topic. Homemade canned Chicken soup is my husband's favorite. I forgot to tell her I made it from scratch and canned it myself. When she told me Chicken soup was terrible for him because of the sodium, I mentioned I canned it myself. This is when she became really involved in the conversation. She said as long as i cooked and baked like my Grandmother did, he would be fine and could eat almost anything. After he got out of the hospital he was put on Cholesterol meds and had to have his levels taken for Cholesterol and triglycerides. It's true, you are what you eat. They wanted his around 150. During the first winter his was stable and he had good Cholesterol levels. Summertime we tend to be out more and,,, you guessed it,,, lots of canned food. That summer his triglycerides went from 150 to 300! This article has great advice
  24. kathy003

    Coupon gripe

    I've noticed that also. They expire much quicker. Where we live it's hard to shop with coupons because by the time we get to a store for that product, it is no longer good. Stores around here don't double like where we used to live either. I have noticed since I can a bigger variety of foods I don't rely on coupons so much, so maybe I'm not losing much anyway. I do like coupons for toilet paper etc.
  25. kathy003

    busy weekend...

    That's great! Sounds like a very productive weekend!

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