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  1. Michigan Gardener seems to be a very reliable source for information as well as seeds. Do you follow his YouTube channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVGVbOl6F5rGF4wSYS6Y5yQ
  2. Midnightmom


    Ooooooooooooooh, a PARTY! Too bad I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful day.
  3. In the past, during the really hot days, local gov'ts used to provide "cooling centers" for those who couldn't afford to cool their houses or for those who were "homeless." I'm not sure what the solution will be if PG&E turns off power to a whole town/region as there will be no power anywhere for these cooling centers to operate. My best guess is that the local hospitals will be the only places to go in the event of a power shut-off since they have back-up generators. I imagine it will get very warm and uncomfortable in these locations as the systems try to compensate for the additional body heat generated by masses of people seeking someplace to cool off. Some people may be able to stay with friends or relatives who have generators or live out of the area. People who are dependent on power to run medical equipment at home - oxygen, CPAP, etc - have been urged to purchase a generator or a battery back-up system for their devices. :/ If you can't afford it, oh well, they warned you! You are also encouraged to NOT keep lots of food in your freezer or fridge -- exactly the opposite of what a good prepper does. :/ No power also means (probably) that restaurants and fast food places will not be open for business, so there will be no way to get a hot meal. And how will the refrigerated and frozen foods in grocery stores and convenience markets hold up to no power? I have no idea if any of them have back-up generators or not. When I was a child we used to cool our houses by opening the windows and doors and running fans. But without power there won't be any fans! HOW did the people who settled this state live and handle the heat prior to electricity???
  4. Jeepers- If they are Word documents you can open the "Inert" tab and add a header/footer that will number the pages for you. Very easy to do and will definitely help you to keep those pages in order. You can also add a short description/title so you can keep all of the documents together w/o having to worry about which "page 1 of 3" (for example) goes with which document. :D
  5. I'm so sorry wormie. Please remember that we (MrsS) are here for you to help you "survive" this too.
  6. Midnightmom

    Lose weight

    Awesome BROWNIES.......................made with cauliflower!!! Yep, cauliflower. Link to recipe: https://www.delish.com/cooking/nutrition/a27411387/keto-cauliflower-brownies-recipe/
  7. Midnightmom

    Lose weight

    How important is fiber.............really???
  8. Keep your eye out for "strange/odd" allergic reactions. This drug caused tendonitis in my left leg! My provider tried to dismiss the idea that it was linked to the antibiotic, but I "proved" to her that she was wrong. Anyway, Google the drug and check out the side effects to keep a lookout for. (Yes, the tendonitis resolved itself shortly after stopping the drug.)
  9. ***Pet Peeve Alert*** Would have = Would've ..... NOT "would of"
  10. This article received many many comments, in my FB group, but I was quite surprised by the content of the comments. :O People either LOVED it or they HATED it - there was no middle ground!!! But maybe that's just the "nature" of Facebook. :/
  11. Midnightmom

    Lose weight

    If you absolutely must have one, eat the potatoes and ditch the corn! Or, if you can't decide which one you like best, keep them both, but NOT in the SAME meal.
  12. Sepsis is SCARY! I hope this is true for both of you.......
  13. We need to see a picture of him.....................................IN his uniform!!!
  14. Shared to my traffic safety FB group. I will let you know how it was received/accepted. ;)
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