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  1. Storm a’Comin

    The heavy rain and mudslides are happening in southern CA (Los Angeles area), I am north of Sacramento--not happening here. Thanks for asking and for being concerned. <3
  2. 2018 January Free eBooks

    Hey, Ambergis..................... Did you know this about your screen name???
  3. Prayer

    I wasn't offended. But it is awkward to just put up a post or a link without some mention of why it has been posted, or at least a few words about it -- like you just did when you replied to me. To keep this thread going, perhaps you might like to mention the ideas about prayer that you were talking about so it can be discussed.
  4. Prayer

    That was quite a treatise! I am not sure if I am more informed or more distressed/depressed by having read it. It seems to spring out of a condemnation of the use of prayer books and established written prayers such as those published by the Papacy and possibly even the Church of England (book of common prayers). It goes way beyond that though in seeming to uphold the prayer methods of Quakerism, and is rife with elements of TULIP Calvinism!!! I shall try to glean the best points of it and try not to be brought down by it. BTW.....Was there a particular purpose or point you were trying to make by posting it???
  5. Hello - I'm back after a break

    Life happens in cycles. Glad it finally brought you back to us!
  6. McAfee Doesn't "Trust" This Site :/

    Sorry Annarch, should have posted that the "problem" has been resolved!
  7. Pacemaker Needed

    DELAYED AGAIN. THis time due to an outbreak of "inverted acne." Have a bleeding lesion so I went to see my GYN the day before the pacemaker was scheduled. He took a swab of the blood and sent it to the lab to rule out a MRSA infection. Am currently taking Doxycycline for 10 days. See my GYN again on Jan 9th. for confirmation that the lesion is closed. On a good note, the pre-op labs and urinalysis for this procedure came back "clean"........no UTI detected. Medical name for the "acne" is hidradenitis suppurativa (in case you wanted to look it up. )
  8. Pacemaker Needed

    In and out in 6 hours!
  9. Pacemaker Needed

    Pacemaker now scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, Dec 14th! Getting labs done today; please pray that the UTI that has been causing me delays has NOT reappeared and that the procedure can proceed as scheduled. Thank you. <3
  10. Christmas Ornaments of Years Gone By

    Does anyone remember this ornament? Is it even from a MrsS exchange? I thought it was, but my son pointed out the date on the back and I don't think MrsS was even "born" yet!!!
  11. I have a 7 1/5 foot tall tree that is almost totally with ornaments from the MrsS "family." Can you find yours? Or do you recognize one from someone who is no longer with us......for whatever the reason. Do you have any stories you can tell about how you made yours or what inspired your creation? Do you talk about them while you are hanging them on your tree? My son helped me string the lights on the tree this year, and I also had him help with putting the ornaments at the top of the tree. (Remember, the tree is over seven feet tall, and I am only 5'2") As I was unpackaging each ornament I was telling him where they came from, who made them, etc. Isn't THAT the REAL purpose of hanging ornaments on the tree anyway? Spending time with family and reminiscing about the good times (and sometimes the bad/sad). Anyway, here are pics of my tree. I hope you can find your ornament(s) and share a little bit from the heart with the other members of the "MrsS family."
  12. Christmas Ornament Exchange, 2017

    Anxiously awaiting the pics of these awesome ornaments!!!
  13. Hi!

    WELCOME to MrsS. Take your time looking around, there is much to learn on here.
  14. Thanks ladies. It's been tossed.

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