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  1. Midnightmom


    Seriously...................how could a hospital NOT HAVE anti-nausea meds??? When I had my second TKA (back in 2001) I was feeling fine post op, and even had something to eat. THEN it happened! When the head of the bed was lowered down after eating I experienced some horrible vomiting: projectile, hitting the wall across the room, style vomiting. I spent the next 48 hrs in and out of awareness and even experienced some paranoia(?). I worried my poor daughter to death when I called her at 3AM from the hosp and told her they (nursing staff) were "starving" me to death. I even tried to call 9-1-1 from INSIDE the hosp! (NOT possible to do in case you were wondering). When the Dr made his rounds the next morning I told him I wanted to be transferred to the rehab hosp RIGHT AWAY and he said I wasn't in any shape to be anywhere other than a primary care hosp. I insisted. They transferred. Best decision ever!!! BTW- I have NO idea what the general anesthesia was.
  2. Midnightmom

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    motherearth- I can't even begin to imagine how many jars you must have! How many canners do you have going at one time? Do you do quarts or pints? Soooooooooooooooo many questions.
  3. Midnightmom

    St. John In Exile

  4. Midnightmom

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    Time for some humor!
  5. Midnightmom

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    Olivia - https://www.mail.com/news/politics/8731488-maui-hit-with-heavy-rain-olivia-bears-hawaii.html#.7518-stage-hero1-1 Florence - https://www.mail.com/news/politics/8732506-latest-stations-running-gas-amid-evacuations.html#.7518-stage-hero1-3
  6. Midnightmom

    Incoming...East Coast....H. Florence RURR??

    I read an article recently that said you need to keep your portable generator at least 20 feet from the house and/or garage, and that you need to have battery operated (or at least battery back-up carbon-monoxide detectors)! I remember thinking at the time that while that may be true from a safety perspective, it's not really very practical from an op-sec perspective. https://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2009/10/safer-emergencies-give-your-power-generator-some-space
  7. Midnightmom


    Samaritan's purse has been here too because of the Carr Fire. Once the evac-ed areas were opened for "repopulation" they started helping home-owners sift through the ashes and rubble to try and find ANY keepsake, no matter how small.
  8. Midnightmom


    Probably the same two I had for my pacemaker surgery. One of them was F~yl, don't know what the other one was. :/
  9. Midnightmom

    The Carr Fire

    The first casualty was a dozer operator who died in a burnover. Then there was the fireman whose truck got caught up in the "firenado." (Not sure who the third firefighter was. ) The first "civilian" was a man who was at home recovering from bypass surgery. (He lived alone) Then there was the grandma and her two great-grandchildren. Finally there was a PG&E worker who died in a single vehicle accident. (His death was attributed to the fire because he was working on restoring power in a fire affected area.)
  10. Midnightmom

    The Carr Fire

    Carr Fire 100% Contained!!! Thursday, August 30th 2018 A sigh of relief for many as the most destructive fire in Northstate history is now 100 percent contained at 229,651 acres. The Carr fire started on July 23 around 1:30 p.m. near Carr Powerhouse Road along Highway 299. The community of French Gulch was the first to evacuate the area. On the fourth evening of the fire, July 26, the fast unprecedented fire came into Redding. The devastating firenado took lives and destroyed 1,079 homes and damaged 190. Eight people have died in the fire, three firefighters, a PG&E worker, and four civilians https://krcrtv.com/news/carr-fire/carr-fire-100-percent-contained
  11. Midnightmom

    Old Pine

    Praying God comforts and guides you through the next few tomorrows.
  12. Midnightmom

    Road closed ahead

    Well, you DO live in the "Show Me" state!!!
  13. Yours actually stays IN the basket?!?!?!?!? I thought everyone's clean laundry got dumped on the couch and stayed there until it was all worn again and dumped back into the hamper!!!

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