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  1. Pacemaker Needed

    Saw the pacemaker rep again at the Dr's office. He ran more tests, experimented with settings, etc. He said there was a lot of "noise" on one of the leads (especially when I moved my arm while he was monitoring it). That sounds to me like a weakness or a break in the wire somewhere. Anyway, he turned off that lead and the twitching stopped! So, now I get to see how well I do with only one lead connected--good thing it's the one to the atria (upper chamber). Rep will talk to the doc about whether or not one lead (not coordinated dual leads) will be sufficient for my condition, otherwise I think they will have to go back in and replace the faulty wire. :/ Will follow-up with my regularly scheduled 3 month post surgery appt.
  2. ~~Clutter Clearing Challenge #3~~

    Once upon a time my dogs were barking up a storm at the front window (the shades were drawn) and I told them to hush, but did not get up to investigate. The next day I walked out onto the front porch and lo and behold, the house across the street was burned to the ground! I pretty much make it a habit now to investigate what my dog is barking at!
  3. Read and see if it is enlightening...

    "What we can’t expect is for facts to change their deeply held beliefs, no matter how ignorant those beliefs might be." This statement/conclusion leaves GOD totally out of the picture. But what do you expect? It is after all an academic work.
  4. Pacemaker Needed

    It was a very interesting weekend. My heart kept getting the "hiccups." I'd be fine, then for some unknown reason (no "trigger" that I could ever notice) my heart would "jerk" and I could see my chest expand and contract! Think of seeing a baby's kick from inside the uterus and you'll have some idea of what I am trying to describe. Each episode would last about 20-30 mins and then there would be a span of several hours before it would happen again. I wasn't having any "pain" or shortness of breath, or any of the other classic signs of a heart attack so I endured through the weekend. Cardiologist's office had me come in and the pacemaker rep ran all kinds of tests on the device. It appeared to him that one of the leads wasn't working quite properly and he made some adjustments to the voltage. He also recommended a chest x-ray to check for dislodgement of the leads so, off to the imaging place I went. Don't have the report from the doc's office yet, but I DO have an image of the pacemaker so I am adding it to this post. It's quite fascinating to see.
  5. Inexpensive albacore tuna

    Error, error, error.............................. It is CHUNK white albacore; Winco brand. That is all.
  6. Winco had pork picnic shoulder in the bag for 99c/lb. I bought TWO of them (~10 lbs each). Spent the day cooking them and getting them ready for canning: roasted, trimmed and cut into pieces, scraps added to dog food. Now in the fridge. Tomorrow or Mon I will cook the bones for broth to add to the jars before I can it. I am hoping to get two loads (9 pints each) out of this meat.
  7. Inexpensive albacore tuna

    If you have a Winco near you, check out the "Wall of Bargains" on the way into the store. My store has solid white albacore tuna for 88c/can! I bought 2 to check it out......it is GOOD STUFF! Time to stock up. (Not a "name brand." It has a blue & white label)
  8. What do you do with expired canned goods?

    The new "tin" cans are really just glorified cardboard with a "lining." I'm not so sure how long they will really last, so, yeah, home canned goods are probably better for LONG term storage. OTOH, canned veggies are so inexpensive that I will stock up a couple of dozen (that I use ALL the time) cans when they go on sale.
  9. What do you do with expired canned goods?

    Yes, pumpkin is good for you. It's the OTHER stuff we add to make it taste good that's the "problem." (sugar, honey, molasses, etc) BUT, you can also make SAVORY items with it. Look up a recipe for pumpkin soup. The one I make is a non-creamy variety. I make the soup "according to the directions" -- except for adding the cream. (pumpkin, chix stock, oregano, sausage)

    You ALMOST had me! ETA: I've been trying to post a link to some FB groups I'm on, but have not been able to write the code that would change the text to a hyperlink. :/ If that is Zucks fault, I "hate" him!!! (It's hard to post an April Fool's joke if it is revealed BEFORE you land on the page!!!)
  11. Pacemaker Needed

    For 2 years (or more) I have been misunderstanding my heart condition! I thought I had simple Bradycardia.....nope.....it's more along the lines of "Brady Syndrome." I thought I was tired and fatigued and out of breath from having a slow heartbeat. Turns out I actually have a too fast heartbeat - tachycardia (interspersed with episodes of a slow beat). I saw my primary yesterday (to follow-up on blood tests) and when they took my pulse it was over 100! I've NEVER had that fast of a pulse in any of the last "X" number of years that I have been going to him. They took my pulse 3 times--just to confirm, and suggested I call my cardiologist (especially since I had just had the pacemaker surgery). They gave me an appt for today. When I talked to my cardiologist I expressed concern at the pace of my pulse. That's when he explained to me that I had been previously diagnosed (by him) with "atrial fibrillation," an irregular heartbeat. He probably DID tell me that, but I have been focused on the bradycardia. :/ At any rate, this is how he explained it to me. At times my heart pumps too fast; this means that there is not enough time between beats for the chambers to either completely empty or completely fill. The result is that I am not getting enough oxygen supplied to my blood--thus the shortness of breath and the fatigue. The blood thinner I am on is to prevent any pooled blood that has not been completely cleared from my heart from clotting, and possibly causing a stroke. Now that I have a pacemaker to prevent my heartrate from dropping below 60 bpm, he can treat the rapid rate with medication. Who knew! I have been very tired for the last 2 days AND out of breath. I THOUGHT it was the heat (sudden change in weather to 80+ degrees). Nope. It was the tachycardia. I am now on a beta-blocker to slow down my heart rate and hopefully get better oxygenation into my bloodstream! It will be nice to be able to walk or stand without feeling like I can't breathe or have to sit because I am so fatigued. I am also glad I finally "know" and UNDERSTAND what has been going on for the last few years! https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/tc/sick-sinus-syndrome-topic-overview http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/Arrhythmia/AboutArrhythmia/Why-Atrial-Fibrillation-AF-or-AFib-Matters_UCM_423776_Article.jsp#.Wr7bKi7waM9 https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/atrial-fibrillation/symptoms-causes/syc-20350624

    These look pretty yummy. I think when I make them I will sub in 1 cup of oat fiber for 1 cup of almond flour to cut down on the carb count.
  13. Pacemaker Needed

    Had a visit with my primary care doc today to follow-up on some lab results. Pulse was 119! Called my cardio--have an appt at 11 am tomorrow to try and figure out what is going on!

    It is definitely more challenging to "prep" when you live a ketogenic lifestyle. Canned veggies (for me, anyway) are limited to green beans, sauerkraut, and some spinach--no corn or beans (legumes) of any kind. I recently gave all of my stores of sugar, flour, and cornmeal to the mission. I do stock chix broth (by the case!) and some tomato products--as long as there is no added sugar (toms are kinda "carby" on their own). I buy tuna when it is on sale, and I love the Bacon flavored SPAM. I jar up chix, gr beef, and pork when I can get it in large enough bulk at a cheap enough price to make it worth the effort. I also stock olive oil, coconut oil, and have recently added avocado oil to my pantry. I use erythritol, splenda, and stevia as sweeteners; almond and coconut for flour. More expensive and can go rancid unless you store them in the freezer, so I don't keep too much on hand. It is surprisingly easy to learn to live without bread!
  15. What do you do with expired canned goods?

    I recently cleaned out my pantry too. Gave the close dated/expired stuff to the mission-they will use it up right away. Unflavored gelatin can be used to make your own "jell-o" or you can add some to a can of chix stock to make it more closely resemble "bone broth."

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