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  1. Midnightmom

    Can You Live without a Refrigerator?

    Found this info concerning storing eggs w/o refrigeration:
  2. Midnightmom

    Grey Cat Garth

    Ambergis.......................... I just realized that I didn't add the link to the YouTube gardening channel I was talking about! Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVGVbOl6F5rGF4wSYS6Y5yQ
  3. Midnightmom

    Surviving an epic snowstorm and power outage

    Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen are covered in the white stuff! The view of the mountains from here in the valley is gorgeous! With that amount of snow we shouldn't have "drought" conditions this summer. But that amount of snow can also bring its own brand of headaches. If the snow melts slowly and steadily they (water resources agencies) should be able to allow the reservoir (Lake Shasta) to fill to capacity AND control the runoff into the Sacramento River. If it melts too quickly they may have to release more volume than they would like causing potential flooding downstream. This is one of the main reasons they built Shasta Dam - to regulate the flooding of the Sacramento in the spring and to keep a steady flow going downstream in the summer. This is also our "rainy" season. If the rains are cold, they add to the snowpack. If they are too warm they melt the snowpack too soon and they may have to increase the flow from the dam to keep it from topping over. Water from the melting snowpack plus water in the river added from the valley rains can also cause many problems downstream, especially where several other river tributaries (Feather River & American River) join the Sacto just outside of Marysville/Yuba City. The churning of the water as the rivers converge causes massive erosion to the levies and they have failed several times in the past flooding Marysville. (My MIL was flooded out twice because of this happening.) Another "problem" is that the Sacramento is neither a very wide nor a very deep river. It has snags and "rapids" in many places and the water in the river is always VERY COLD and that makes it hazardous for rafting and boating in some places - even in the summer! This is a beautiful area to live in, but it definitely has its challenges! Oh, did I mention that Mt. Shasta is a VOLCANO??? :O The 3 Shastas: Mt. Shasta, Lake Shasta, Shasta Dam Lake Shasta, Mt. Shasta in the background Mount Shasta Map of the Sacramento River valley. A starry night over Mt. Shasta
  4. Midnightmom


    This was definitely ME during the great snowstorm of 2019!
  5. Midnightmom

    Surviving an epic snowstorm and power outage

    My apt never really dropped lower than 64F. I think it stayed so "warm" because several years ago they redid the siding. At the time, I thought it very strange that they "wrapped" the building in a clear plastic film instead of removing the old siding. Then they added a "cement-like" siding over the top of that. I think that the added insulation of keeping the old siding contributed greatly to the steady maintenance of the interior temperature. (I know what the temp was because I brought the outside thermometer inside!) The next time we are "warned" about or anticipating a loss of power I think I will hike the thermostat up to 78-80F and let the house cool down from that temp. I'm hopin the apartment should stay warmer longer if I do that. I also discovered that I could take the "chill" off of the sheets by laying on my "sherpa" style throw rather than adding it to the top of the blanket layers. I also have a very warm and fuzzy robe that I wore on top of my clothing during the day. As to heating up food, I have some meats jarred up so I really wouldn't have to cook anything - I'm not sure I'd enjoy what I have cold out of the jar though. I suppose I also could have knocked the 10" of snow off of the BBQ out on the patio, but I have precious little charcoal to cook with. There are many techniques that I know about but could NOT use because flames/fire are verboten in the lease. I'm glad it didn't come down to a choice of choosing an unapproved medium vs possibly getting an eviction notice if I had. And there was no way to go anywhere else (a "warming" shelter or a friend's/relative's house because the car, the parking lot, and the street in and out of the complex was snowed in!
  6. 24+ hours in an all electric apartment without electricity is no fun!!! But WHY let my food spoil when there was all of that snow available? I took a frozen roast out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to "thaw" and keep the produce cool. Packed a zip-lock with snow and put it on a top shelf to help keep the main part of the fridge cool. Packed a dishpan with snow and buried my dairy items in it, covered it with a thick dish towel and set it on the counter. Packed another dish pan with snow and settled my pot of broth I had been making into it and set it on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Packed some containers with snow and placed them in the freezer. The worst part of this whole experience was when my smart phone ran out of power. :/ --------------------------------- POWER RESTORED! Thank you PG&E :D Since I now have internet again I decided to include some pictures that I gleaned from around the web today. There is beauty and even some humor scattered amongst the devastation and damage. =============================================== "The storm has dumped at least 10 inches of snow in Redding, according to the National Weather Service. More than 60,000 customers are without power in several rural Northern California counties as heavy rain and snow hit the area, flooding roads and toppling trees." This is how it began. Kind of pretty, huh? This is how much snow accumulated This is how much damage all of that (very wet/high moisture content) snow can wreak! ---------------------------------- SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. - "Redding Electric Utility says there are approximately 22,500 customers without power in Shasta County as of 7:00 a.m. Wednesday. According to Redding Electric multiple lines are down due to the snow, and a power plant has a tripped off line. PG&E says the largest concentration of customers without power is in Redding, Anderson and Big Bend." Sources of quotes: <https://ktla.com/2019/02/13/major-storm-wreaks-havoc-in-northern-california-before-moving-down-to-southern-part-of-state/> <https://www.actionnewsnow.com/content/news/Thousands-Without-Power-in-Shasta-County-Due-to-Snow-505766131.html> --------------------------------------------------------- There was also some FUN with the snow. And some beauty........................ I FINALLY FOUND an open restaurant to get something HOT to eat! The Carl's Jr at Westwood Village was the ONLY place in Anderson or Redding to get something hot to eat or drink! And they were moving people through very quickly as they were making sandwiches head of time so when you got to the drive-thru window they just popped your order into a bag and away you went!
  7. Midnightmom

    Grey Cat Garth

    I have no idea what your level of expertise and knowledge is when it comes to gardening, but this is pretty good YouTube channel for growing tips, etc (mostly organic). It couldn't hurt to check it out, right?
  8. Midnightmom

    Chaos settling down

    I am also a diabetic (Type II) and have a pacemaker (since March 2018). My cardiologist has never mentioned anything about being careful with "greens," or any other food either. Can you explain more???
  9. Midnightmom

    Water alerts and panic

    The article mentioned above is on the Berkey Water Filter site. And yes, you can purchase a Berkey system at the link. Here are some excerpts: Here are 7 Contaminants Found in Tap Water in America Fluoride Chlorine Pharmaceutical drugs Hexavalent chromium - At present, an Environmental Working Group (EWG) report shared that hexavalent chromium, a chemical identified, that probably considered as “carcinogen” by the EPA, is present in high concentrations in 31 U.S. cities. Despite its known toxicity, there are no government regulations for hexavalent chromium in drinking water. Radioactive Contaminants Arsenic Lead, aluminum, and other heavy metals For the greater part, America’s drinking water is pulled from groundwater to federal and state purity levels before arriving at every home’s tap. How do you know if your water is safe for drinking? See if these reports help you tell whether the water you have access from the tap is safe or drinkable. (This statement is followed by links to the reports mentioned.)
  10. Midnightmom

    Happy Groundhog Day

    CNN) — Thousands of people gathered Saturday at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch a famous groundhog deliver his highly anticipated forecast. Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow around 7:30 a.m. ET and did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring for us all. "Faithful followers, there is no shadow of me and a beautiful spring it shall be," a member of Phil's Inner Circle read from the groundhog's prediction scroll to the cheers and applause from the crowd. As the legend goes, if Phil sees his shadow, he considers it an "omen" of six more weeks of bad weather and heads back into his hole. If it's cloudy and he doesn't, you can put away that winter coat sooner than expected. But of course, his predictions aren't always correct. The groundhog doesn't have the best track record In the past decade, Phil has predicted a longer winter seven times and an early spring three times. He was only right about 40% of the time, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which says the groundhog shows "no predictive skill." A.J. Dereume, one of the groundhog's handlers, insists Phil's predictions have a 100% accuracy rate -- they just get lost in translation.
  11. Midnightmom


    Just an "appetizer" for what FUBAR is to come! "Hurry up and wait" is also the new order of the day. :/ BTDT - my son was in the Air Force for 6 years. "Boot Camp" (they don't call it that any more) was rough even though he'd had some "experience" having been in CAP (Civil Air Patrol), but he survived and so will your son. :D They keep them so busy and tired that they don't have a chance to be "homesick." His TI (Training Instructor) will help him through the rough spots and so will his fellow recruits. But.................it is tough on US not knowing how it is going. :( Try to follow the military's example - keep yourself busy so you don't have time to wonder and worry.
  12. Midnightmom

    pickling squash

    I make a soup with previously pureed canned pumpkin, so the end product is definitely less dense than the straight puree from the can. Does anyone know if that can be safely pressure canned?
  13. Midnightmom

    Container Gardening

    This man has one CRAZY cat!

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