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  1. Midnightmom


    Yes ma'am, I still do!!! I prefer it over my "smartphone" cause my fingers are too big to accurately type on the "keyboard" thingie on the phone! Plus, I'm at home most of the time and my WiFI internet access is much cheaper than any cell phone plan out there!
  2. Midnightmom

    Live before the computer......

    If you can't see the pic, let me know and I will type out the contents. Otherwise, enjoy!
  3. Midnightmom


    Can't wait to see that picture!
  4. Midnightmom


    Kappy- I like the idea of the doggie runway/raceway for rainy days! I kinda, sorta, can do the same thing with my dog in my apt. It's not nearly as long as yours but it doesn't seem to matter to her as she can jump on the bed at one end or the stuffed chair in the living room at the other. (I get her to chase a laser light)
  5. Midnightmom

    Happy Birthday To Jeepers!

    Let's have a par-tay! What's a par-tay without food and drink!!! And some music...............
  6. Midnightmom

    More Sears And K-Mart Stores Closing

    Our Sears store (in the mall) closed about 2 yrs ago, but we still had a K-Mart; until this year that is. It has been in "close-out" mode for the last 6 months or so-not sure what the final day is, but I am pretty sure it will be rather soon. What I don't understand is how a long-standing company like Sears & K-Mart can be going out-of-business while we are getting new stores like Kohls.
  7. Midnightmom

    Water alerts and panic

    We've had a sort of a water alert here too, but it involves a local swimming beach. Seems the geese have been doing an awful lot of pooping in the water. So much so that there was an e-coli alert and a warning to stay out of the water until it could be brought under control. Of course this alert went out the day AFTER one of the hottest days so far this year and the "opening" of the summer swim season!
  8. Midnightmom


    Mt Rider..... Are you familiar with this Newsletter? https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/ I came across it because my sister posted a link to a blog entry from there about parking in Handicap Spaces. https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/2018/02/07/multiple-sclerosis-patients-sometimes-need-disabled-parking-carded-costco/
  9. Midnightmom

    Others assessing "preppers"

    The article doesn't say for sure, but I surmise that some (if not most) of the people he is referring to live in or near large(r) population centers. If that is the case, I have two mentalities in mind: The "welfare" mentality - Gov't will take care of me no matter what, so "why worry." The sheer size and importance of the place where they live will ensure that there will always be supplies available when needed. Both of these mentalities have been proven false in just the last few years, but people don't learn very quickly due to "normalcy bias." (ie: it MAY have happened THERE, but it will never happen that way HERE.) What surprises ME the most is how RECENT this article is.....May of 2018! WHY NOW???
  10. Midnightmom


  11. Midnightmom

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Who said you have to bring the wagon to the groceries instead of taking the groceries to the wagon. Keep the wagon at the top of the steps and make short trips up with the grocery bags and load it. Once all your groceries are in it, THEN take it inside.
  12. Midnightmom

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    You need to teach her HOW. Getting a license isn't really necessary, but she really needs to know how to drive in case of an emergency!
  13. Midnightmom

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    To be "thrifty," buy puppy training pads from discount/dollar stores.
  14. Midnightmom


    You don't have to be "doing" anything for the heat to sap it right out of you. Just wait until the humidity kicks in.....it will kick your butt.

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