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  1. Pacemaker Needed

    I've been getting dizzy/lightheaded recently. Reported it to my cardiologist. Had a complete blood count and 24 hr Haltar test. Dizziness is not related to potassium levels. Heart rate is an average of 48 bpm with an occasional drop to 35 bpm. Cardiologist is setting up date for pacemaker surgery. Will let you know more once I know when it will be. Not really looking forward to it, but my primary was "excited" about it. He said, "You will have sooooo much more energy." The doc is very skilled at this, does it "all the time." But I think surgery is still scary!
  2. Pacemaker Needed

    Chronology of events: Saw the doc today (3/19). The bleeding had apparently stopped, but when they started to remove the staples, it started oozing again. So now I have an appt at the surgery center at 5 AM on Wed! He is going to open the incision, irrigate and clean it out, then the close it back up; and he is going to do it before seeing his normal patient load for the day--that is why I have to be there soooooooooooooo freaking early! The procedure will be under sedation, so I will not be able to drive myself home afterwards. but I should be ready to leave there by 8:30 - 9 AM, and I will be able to drive the next day. (3/21) It's 4 AM and I am headed out the door to my 5 AM appt at the cardiologist's surgery center to have this incision opened and irrigated because it has been 3 weeks since the pacemaker was inserted and the d**m thing is still bleeding a little bit! Yay. The procedure (technically called a "Pocket Revision" as I found out today) took a little longer than the doc expected: Apparently there were some blood clots that he had to clear out. All I know is that it was more painful than getting the pacemaker was! I am pretty sure I am going to be pretty bruised up by this. OTOH, I am immediately able to use the arm much more than I did after the pacemaker was inserted, so I guess it all "equals" out. It is shortly after 9 AM and I am safe at home. Thank you Doug and Gail for picking me up and also retrieving my car! The tape they used to hold the bandage in place is pulling on my skin and causing blistering! I have removed it and replaced the bandage with some I had at home that is a little more skin "friendly." Couldn't wait for the follow-up appt to do this, it was killing me. My post-op check-up isn't until Wed, the 28th. :/
  3. Pacemaker Needed

    Well, I was wrong. It won't be in the office, it will be at the surgery center under sedation--which is okay with me because I really wasn't looking forward to an office procedure for this. But it means I need to find transportation to and from again. :/ Won't have a time or date until after my appt on Monday (19th).
  4. The Kidde Corporation has issued a widespread recall of an estimated 450,000 smoke alarms that have been sold in the U.S. Officials said the models are less common as they feature a dual-sensor detection mechanism for enhanced safety and are typically more expensive, between $20 and $40. It is reported that the company left a plastic cover over at least one of the two sensors, which greatly reduces the senor's ability to detect smoke. Kidde Corporation already has an active recall on 38 million U.S. sold portable fire extinguishers with plastic handles. http://krcrtv.com/news/local/kiddie-corporation-issues-widespread-recall-of-smoke-alarms
  5. Pacemaker Needed

    There is a possible "complication" on the horizon. I went back in to the doc's office today because the bandage needed changing again. This time, the M.A. called the doc into the room to take a look at the incision. He said if it is still oozing on my normally scheduled visit on Thursday, instead of removing the staples as scheduled he may have to open up the incision and clean it out! (To prevent infection.) The continued bleeding is apparently from the Xarelto (blood thinner), so I am supposed to stop taking it for now--for two reasons: To halt the current bleeding As a preventative in case he has to reopen the incision on Thursday. I am guessing this would be done in the office with lidocaine injected around the site for pain. Please join me in praying that it will heal without having to go through a debriding! Not looking forward to that at all! He also added another 10 day course to the antibiotic I am currently taking.
  6. Pacemaker Needed

    The first 2 days after the procedure were kind of "rough." Arm and shoulder were really sore and it was difficult to move it at all and my arm was in a sling for 2 days to prevent much movement anyway. Putting on a coat to go home wasn't much though, and neither was clambering into my friend's vehicle for the trip home (it had a fairly high threshold to get my foot over and to pull myself in to the seat). We were both happy that she drove her SUV instead of her truck!!! It's been about 10 days now since the procedure and I'm entering into what I am calling a "danger zone." My arm is now pretty much usable for anything, but I am still not allowed to do certain things--like lift my arm above my head, carry more than 5 lbs, or use that arm to hold the dog's leash (because if she decides to chase the neighbor's cat she would yank it too hard). I am calling it "dangerous" because it's very easy to FORGET about these restrictions and use it beyond what I should! I go back in a week to have the staples removed. Yay! It's been pretty itchy and I can't wait to get that part of it done. I got an unexpected delivery from FedEx a few days ago. It was a device for "reading" the computer in the pacemaker and transmitting the report to the doctor's office! Who knew? I certainly didn't! At any rate, this thing transmits over a standard corded phone which I no longer have because of the way AT&T messed up my service when I moved into my new place! I have to ask the doc's office if they have a cell phone converter for use with the device. The manufacturer said that some clinics and doctor's office provide them at no cost for those who need one. Otherwise I will have to pay for a device to send the reports over my VOIP line (*still angry at AT&T over that mess!), but was told by the device's rep that that method can sometimes mess up accurate transmission of the data! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! That about sums it up.

  8. Pressure Canned Chicken Just Freaked Me Out

    If you can identify the "problem" jar, you should probably err on the side of caution and refrigerate it to be used first.
  9. Busy, busy, busy...

    These forums are more private, but FB is more immediate; ie, provides instant gratification. Not really sure which one I prefer. OK, I'm lying if I say I don't prefer FB. But FB is also slowly killing itself w/ its "censoring" policies, so I wouldn't give up on this site (or others like it) just yet.
  10. Pacemaker Needed

    Got the pacemaker TODAY! In at 6AM, home by 10! It went fine. Shoulder is sore, not so much from the incision as from his pushing down on it while threading the leads down to the heart.   (and then the pressure from inserting the staples to close the incision.)

    Try one of these!
  12. It's the rule of "unintended consequences." And even if they decided to have a child (or a second one), who's to say that the gov't STILL wouldn't be enforcing their policy of male babies being preferred over female ones?!?!?
  13. Grey Cat Garth

    Here are some ideas for "sprucing up" the place, using (of all things) old pallets!

    Kappy, I've had a CPAP for several years now. My children are EXTREMELY happy that I got one -- THEY can finally SLEEP when they come for a visit! (I'm sure you know what I mean. ) At my request, I did a new sleep test about a year ago. The result are a higher setting, from 10 to 13. I see the pulmonologist again in Sept. Have to see him once/year to keep my Rx up-to-date so my insurance will continue to cover the cost of supplies (hoses, cushions, air filters). Here are some "selfies" from the latest sleep test. It's sooooooooooooo uncomfortable and unnatural to "sleep" with all of this stuff taped and glued to you. I finally managed to get enough sleep for them to be able to recalibrate my machine.
  15. Grey Cat Garth

    Tomorrow is "President's Day." I hope whoever you need to deal with is open!!!

    This information came across my newsfeed today: There is a '"Resources" tab and there is a "Find a Course" tab. These classes are FREE if you can find one near you.
  17. AFTER THE CRASH (SUGAR, not auto)

    I copied this from my FB page where I keep track of my progress on my ketogenic diet (https://www.facebook.com/ketobetic/) and its effect on my diabetes (Type II). It was quite an interesting day! ---------------------------------------------------- AFTER THE CRASH (sugar--NOT auto) As I have posted previously, I'd decided to split my Lantus dosage into 2 injections: breakfast (50 units) and dinner (also 50 units) to try and achieve better long lasting glucose numbers. As a result, I started waking up with the opposite of "Dawn Phenomenon" -- being hypoglycemic (one morning it was only 66!) So, I decided to adjust the evening dosage down to 40 units. This morning's result was a slightly higher but still hypoglycemic reading of 77. I ate some peanut butter drizzled with honey (thought that was "healthier" than just plain sugar) and my glucose went up to 133. I thought that was a fairly safe number and decided to inject my morning dose of 50 units. I must have somehow injected it directly into a blood vessel instead of into fat, because I CRASHED........I CRASHED HARD!!! Within less than 10 minutes I was flushed, dizzy, disoriented, and seeing spots in front of my eyes. I was barely able to see to put the test strip into the meter, and somehow I was able to get the blood drop onto the strip (it was difficult with those d**m spots obscuring my view). It was even harder to read the meter............. 41 !!! I called my neighbor and she came right over. She called 9-1-1 for me and took my dog to her apt so she wouldn't be in the way. When help arrived I think it was the WHOLE dept! I must have counted about 10 responders!!!!!!!!!! (one exclamation mark for each responder ) I remember them asking me which hospital I wanted to go to but I was incoherent and had a difficult time letting them know. I also remember trying to let them know where my meds were. I don't remember a thing after that! * I don't remember them quizzing my neighbor about things she didn't know--am I allergic to anything, how old I was, etc, etc, etc. (She told me all about it later.) * I don't remember them bringing in the gurney or getting me on it. * I don't remember the ambulance ride to the hospital. (Even when I had been kicked in the head by a horse way back in '74 I remembered the ambulance ride!) * I don't remember them getting me out of my clothes and into a hospital gown. * I don't remember them putting all of the leads on for the heart monitor. * I don't remember the MRI (or was it a CT?) they did (checking for stroke damage, maybe?) * I don't remember them putting in TWO "IV" lines. * I don't remember looking at them with open eyes and not being able to answer their questions. I didn't know that my glucose had dropped to 33 !!! (I would put 33 exclamation marks, but that would be over-kill, don't you think. ) When I started to come back around, it was almost 3:30 (about 3 hrs later). I can remember them asking me my name, how old I was, did I know what day it was, what year it was etc. They brought me some apple juice, and then a little bit later some orange juice, some apple slices, and a turkey sandwich. I told them I didn't want my sugars to soar; they said they weren't worried about me being a little bit "sweet" today, the were just trying to get my glucose up. (I must admit, I DID enjoy picking at the roll the sandwich was on, and it had been a long time since I had had some fresh apples.) Another problem presented itself though when it was time to go home. Although my purse had made it to the hospital with me, my cell phone wasn't in it! And I couldn't find the printed address/phone number list that I THOUGHT was in it. I had to call the emergency number for my apt complex and ask them to get word to my neighbor if she could come pick me up. :/ (Which they did, thankfully.) Another thing. When I got transported to the hospital, I wasn't wearing any shoes, so all I had on my feet was the non-slip socks they put on me at the hospital. I also didn't have my sweater because I had taken it off at home due to being flushed and warm. I had to wrap myself in one of the blankets I had taken from the ER. I'm glad it wasn't raining! LESSONS LEARNED Make sure my medical info is readily available - post it on the fridge. Make sure my friends and neighbors know where it is. Make sure my cell phone OR a printed copy of addresses and phone numbers is IN MY PURSE. Make sure my neighbor gets my keys -- so she can lock my door after the gurney leaves, and so she can get back in to take the dog out etc if I stay longer than expected. AND, so she can drive my car to the hospital to pick me up. (BTW-- I am skipping my evening injection of Lantus tonight, and possibly even the one in the morning.

    Will your power company allow you to spread the payments for that bill over 2-3 months? (I've had to do something similar with my power bill in the past. Your company may not allow it, but it worth looking in to.)
  19. Scary-truth about CO legal pot...our experiences too

    The biggest reason pot can be sold "legally" for recreational use is because of the tax revenue!!! Calif has decided if you can't stop it, stop trying to spend money to stem the tide (law enforcement) and get on the gravy train.
  20. Flight Tracker

    Wow! The skies are really CROWDED!
  21. Flu 2018

    Have them check around and see if there is a "diabetic" version. Lots of time they are made w/o the sugars & dyes.
  22. Scary-truth about CO legal pot...our experiences too

    SAME thing is happening (or will begin to happen) in my relatively "small" town in Calif! The County wants to ok it, but the City doesn't (or is it the other way around? :/ ) A smaller town just north of here has already voted for "legal" shops in their community. All over the state it is now legal for RECREATIONAL use and is no longer restricted to medicinal purposes! You have to be 21, and you can only smoke in the privacy of your own home. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Violations are nothing more serious than a citation. Same thing for meth in this idiotic state! Is it any wonder that there are cars being stolen or broken into every day? Or that theft in ALL types of businesses has increased, including break-ins and shoplifting! The jail is full so there is no place to put these criminals, and THEY KNOW IT! It's a revolving door. Commit a crime; get booked and released with a court appearance date; commit another crime while you are waiting to appear in court on the other one!!! It took OVER A YEAR for the person who was in possession of the registration from my stolen car to appear in court for sentencing. She just kept piling on the charges and when she finally appeared they plea bargained most of it away! She was found guilty on the car theft charge and is supposed to be paying me restitution for my deductible and a few other things, but................................. It's totally crazy when WE think we know better than GOD how to handle law breakers.
  23. AFTER THE CRASH (SUGAR, not auto)

    It's good to have that in your purse, BUT.................................First Responders DON'T KNOW THAT and may not be able to find it in time to use the info to evaluate your immediate condition for the emergency they are responding to! That's why it is a good idea to post the info on your fridge (they look there), let someone else know where it is, and/or wear a medical alert bracelet/necklace.
  24. Storm a’Comin

    The heavy rain and mudslides are happening in southern CA (Los Angeles area), I am north of Sacramento--not happening here. Thanks for asking and for being concerned. <3

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