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  1. motherearth

    The Gathering...it's started!

    wish i could have been there...to much work here and staying close to home ....god bless ya all and take care , my prayers are with you all,,,love and hugs to all where did my hunter and sheep go????
  2. motherearth

    the gathering (new beginning)

    PAGE 2 We are putting our heads together with others, of the small area, that we live in since we are such a large family and we need to get things rolling as far as aone can do...First on the list is to make sure all have good shelters, now we will concentrate on medical and food stuffs and water.... We have all been doing our own medical care as there is no doctor here , they left when called to the big cities and my doctor was killed in a accident....his widow even left....we have a midwife in the area and some of us are so use to doing with out, cause we had no insurance be for the fall(emp), that we have taken care of our selves and our families...we also have medical books and herb books and cs machines...(collodial silver generators), we have learned in the past 3 years that we are going to have to learn alot more as the younger ones will be getting married and having children...there will be plenty of accidents to care for too..... so we need to set up a clinic (infirmary) and keep it locked, when we are not there or keep some one there with a gun to protect what we have . which is not alot , but is more than what some have,,,,we are learning to wild craft(gather herbs from the woods) how to dry the herbs we grow and how to grow them and to propagate them so we can have more.....how to trade for the herbs we might need and to barter for them....it is not easy.....things have to be kept in the dark and in jars and tins and books learned .....heaven knows what we would do if we had to do surgery other than sewing some one up or simple removal of a bullet....time has come to see if we can get a doctor of some degree here ...there are no fancy machines to make the decisions for the doctor , hopefully he or she will be one with some sense in their head....the hospital in town is closed and all have left and now we need to make some decisions....oh!!! GOD HELP US!!!!! TO MAKE THESE DECISONS......IT IS IN HIS HANDS....also we need to have some one who can do dental work for all of us.....there are so many things to think about , it is crazy......but as we were all busy before we never thought how or what to do to set up a new city or hospital , clinic or what have you also a jail and laws....so for now ....take care and keep the faith and god bless
  3. motherearth

    the gathering (new beginning)

    Page 1.... This is a new beginning for all of us...we will not be getting our lights back and we are having to work with a new life...It is totally different and now is the time to dig deep with in our selves and come up with new ways and a new way of life...we need to make laws and do like our founding fathers did , write up a new draft on the consitution so that we each have laws to go by...but holy cow that is alot of work, and there is not the whole of the USA we will do it for ....we will end up making laws and rules and consitution for each section that we live in.....there are alot of folks here , who believe in GOD AND THE HOLY ONE AND WE HAVE A CHURCH AND WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT........there is alot of us who want to have a malitia and to have a jail near us for the ones who do wrong ...like the bad boys who showed up a couple of years ago.... We need to work together, more than what we did , and we need leaders and a way to set thing up for a government that we are going to use to hold us accountable for what we do or do not do... we do not know how many peoples are out there and we have no idea as to what shape the USA is in but we are digging deep and trying to get folks to work harder and to see what we need....it will not be an easy job,,, before the EMP. there was talk of a revolt by citizens who wanted to have the president step down and less government and that was for the cities and counties and federal....we wanted less military in our neighborhoods and less police actions in our areas and more of getting rid of the drug dealers and the like... now is the time to right the wrongs of the past and , brush off the dust and grime that has lingered on us for so long...it is time to gather in more ways than just our families but as a real nation, even if we are in small composite areas.... we need to set up medical, fire fighting and militia and leaders..... we need to be honest , common sense, and liability as to what we are doing....this is the TIME...ME thinks this the time the good lord chose for us to right things like NOAH and his family did....we will have to STAND TALL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,STAND TOGETHER,,,,,,,,STAND UNITED..........STAND FOR LIBERTY..........BUT there will be some hard choices and there will be some large prices to be paid, but if we want freedom and we want a ever lasting freedom we now have to dig deep with in our selves and do what is right and get rid of the folks from our areas that want to dominate us and have us like serfs or slaves.....GOD MADE US FREE AND HE GAVE US THE FREEDOM OF FREE CHOICE......so now is the time for mankind to get on their knees and thank the good lord for what he has given us....to work for the glory of GOD and for all mankind.....take care and keep the faith and god bless all
  4. motherearth

    the gathering (new beginning)

    #320 The days are cool these last weeks....still no real warm weather and dang it i need it for the green beans and blackberries and to get the hay cut and baled and in....but it is warmer this summer than last and the year before , just got thru picking raspberries and have about a gallon on my small patch....and there will be more .....looks like it might be a good year for the blackberries and i sure hope so as i want to can alot , have enough jam and jelly and syrup.....so want to can pie filling ...we will all pick and we should get one heck of alot of them for me to can.......the wild blackberries and strawberries are on and kids have been picking and we have pulled some rhubarb and it is all canned...sure miss the pineapple have some freeze dried and am hoarding it for pies with rhubarb and unside down cake and sweet and sour sauce.... have been putting wood up and have had to cut a few of my 60 yr old trees for wood and now have to take horses men, and others to a place not to far from here...about 3 miles and get more wood , a few years back a fellow thinned the trees and said we could have what there was...went to look and guess what no one has found it, we will take boys down with guns and saws and axes and they will limb and cut into 8 ft sections and bring them home and we will cut them up into lengths ...split what has to be split and stack for all the houses to have wood...some limbs will come home for the kitchen stove and small pot belly stoves..... so we will have enough wood for a few years as the boys will continue to do till it is cleaned up......do not want any one else to get it....piggey that i am , have alot of folks to keep warm and to cook for .....we want wood , hay , and food put away.... pigs are doing well and we have traded piglets for other things like some elk, beef and llama to can...and to make jerky with , had a fella want a piglet and wanted to trade grain and that was a good idea and some seeds///// then no more than got that done and a fella wanted to trade 400-500 lbs of salmon for pork, we raise and butcher and cut it up.....told him i could not freeze it cause of no electricity.....then asked if i would can it if he gave me jars and lids.....told him it would cost more as far as the fish went.....or asked him what else he had to trade and he has sopme gasoline and silver so it is still 400-500 lbs of salmon and 300-400 dollars worth of gasoline and /or silver......we are doing fine one of the few farmers left....trying to make the most out of our land....GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO HIS CHILDREN......we are still fighting to get grains and tomatoes and stuff like that ...the other day a fellow traded us some lemons from his green house for 1 dozen eggs...wow what a treat.....lemon pie to night after dinner...take care and keep the faith and god bless all
  5. motherearth

    freezing oils

    i did a test on olive oil and froze it in a canning jar , took longer for it to freeze than it did to thaw....but it was fine when thawed, and was usable ...so will buy some and freeze it in one of the freezers.....same with crisco and lard, and butter....take care and keep the faith and god bless
  6. motherearth

    What IF?

    THAT what IF is now....there will be grain shortages next year for feed and the government can't do a dang thing about it....i suggest if you think on what dee said and asked to start now and put away what and how ever much ya can...if you have livestock , dogs and cats put a years worth of food away and hay for them.....i think we will see alot of lower end of food , maybe some rationing ...sorry ya wanted to know.....i think that if ya got food in freezer ya better can it and get jars and lids..and all the rest to can all that goes in the freezer and get more protein and put it back in the freezer...take care and keep the faith andn god bless ya all......................also KNEEL AND [PRAYER)
  7. motherearth


    #319 SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS BUT THEY ARE CONNECTED IN SOME WAYS....Like the 6 degrees of separation ::: first we are alive and we are working hard to keep it that way, a new life style has emerged.....we all have our own thoughts and feelings on things....one there has to be people working together and with the help from each other...there has to be some one in charge of some of the ideas as to when and where and what and why....and that person will be the one to have oil on their back to let the words of others slide off their back....they will have to be thick hided cause there will be some who will not like what you say or do...then there will be arguements, this is some thing that needs to be stopped before it gets started...so if you have a beef with some one, go cut fire wood or pull weeds and get it out of your system....also there needs to be some order to each day and week and how things are done and who is in charge of each thing....like a small militia, cooking duty, gardening and butchering and the canning and preserving of food....all these things need some what of order to them...not chaos....and let me tell ya i remember the quiet days when it was grdson and hubby and me .....it seems so long ago ..............so far in the past.......we have been able to get things from the out side and we have farmers up the road and it is a help... we have been able to supply some of the things from houses that are abandonded, when folks left they left their food and their clothes and all their personal items....we do not take or just ransack houses, but we go for things that are needed, food , tools , and leave their family things there....i know it sounds cruel, but we use their land too, to grow crops, we have fenced in some areas and have the horses there and then shift to sheep, we need more than what we have, so there is no one around, so we use and keep the tall grass down...it feeds our stock which in turn keeps us alive...men have been able to take wagon and horses and go to a place not far by car , but a couple of days by wagon each way to buy some of the fruits and veggies we need to can and grains....so we are doing ok....it may seem cruel as i said before, to take what folks left be hind....but we are sure alot of them have died as there has been alot of killings and sickness....we are sad when we take ....but we need to help reorganize things here.....and to do that we need to stay alive.....take care and keep the faith and god bless all
  8. motherearth

    Is It Dry Where You Live Too?

    WE HAVE HAD COOLER WEATHER THAN USUAL:: it is finally sunny and 70 and we might get the hay in...and fire wood that has been done for over 8 months just need to get the logs here and cut up and then stacked in wood shed looks like it could be a nasty winter and fall...next year am hoping it is better and we put in alot of taters to fill the garden up so should have taters for 4 of us for the whole winter, will put 2 pigs in freezer and 1 large calf in freezer and hope to be able to buy some hamburger from a friend if she kills a bull,,,,and maybe a few goats and a llama or two.....think we are the only place along with maine that has been cool in the states..take care and keep the faith and god bless ya all
  9. motherearth

    quantity from canning jelly

    YOU MAY HAVE HAD JUICEIR APLES....AND the plums may have been juiceir...meaning they were riper...hope ths helps...take care anad keep the faith and god bless ya
  10. motherearth

    Question on canning pork

    have canned pork roast but ya got to trim alot of fat off and then sear it like i do beef roast then stick in oven with some water and then cook at low 300 degrees for a couple of hrs then shred and make shredded barb que pork for sandwhichs and such or do it in chunks.....take care and keep the faith and god bless ya
  11. motherearth


    iF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT A FARADAY CAGE IS , then read!!! a faraday cage is where you need to put your extra electronics in case of EMP(electirc magnetic pulse) this can be cause by many thing and it will kill all electronics and that includes electronics in cars....but radios , shortwaves , battery chargers for a,aa,aaa,c and d batteries...there would be no electricity and you need to protect what ya got.....you can take a old microwave oven cut off the plug in and tape it and put it in a room to put your electronics in it and radios and walkie talkies and cb radios and what have you.....emps by the way can be caused by man or the sun or other ways...take care and keep the faith and god bless ya
  12. motherearth


    #318 The days are in full routine now and we swing with the weather and the seasons , we are now like our fore fathers and fore mothers , we have learned many things about our selves and what we need to do to be closer to God, we are working harder on that aspect....i love the land and my family and i see the kids change all the time and some changes are not what i want to see for them....but i can't have it all MY way , it is in Gods hands and he is the one to heal us and lead us...before all this happened there were hard hearts and feelings and they are now softening some and folks are trying to get along and the young ones see a change with each season....and each person.... the men have built water tanks or water towers for the water to flow to the big house and the other house ...they have dug a shallow well for the cabin and the hogan has a water tower we pump water to with hand pump...they have built a wind turbine for it bring up water for the stock....and we have 2 hand made washers that are made from wood and one made from metal that the grdson shaped with his blacksmithing he has taught himself ....he is #2 S and he is good at making things with his hands .....he is working on a turbine for the river so when he camps out for a few days he will have some electricity....do not know if it will work??? he wants the wind turbine to generate some power too....then maybe they can have some power for tools and what have ya...we will see. they have found metal and made some tools for gardening and that is helpful,,,,,speaking of gardening a friend down the road about 4 miles has 30 acres and she and i have been growing things like taters and trying to get other things to take shape this past year so her large family and our clan will have the things we need ...like barley and oats.... for stock and making beer....a nother friend who is single brought his bees out and left them and comes 3 times a month to check on them ....he might end up here as he was injured badly and has migranes , but is one hell of a hunter and fisherman , he also knows how to track and do bees and garden...he is 33 and if he can find a trailer to live in he can put it in the far corner of this land and he is alone......but we worry about him ...his folks we do not know what happened to them ...he had a girl friend and when the bucket went to poop she left....he will more than pay his way....so will have 3 young men about the same age ....that is scarey.....he is friend #1 R...... We have other friends but they are like family just like this one...so as you can see the clan is still growing,,,,,,we are still working hard and praying hard ....take care and keep the faith and god bless all
  13. motherearth

    whay ya gonna do when??????

    Here is some things to think about> what would you do to preserve food when there is no electricity???/ caused by an emp or what have you, what will you do if there is a rationing of food , or /and fuel???? do you have enough food put away for over a year and seeds???? What will you do if there are marauders and riots and our economy tanks totally like PIIGS(portugal , italy, ireland , greece and spain) now many Balkan countries?????they are all tied in with us and our economy, whaT WILL you do when forigen countries come on our shores< (by the way many soliders from forgein countries are now here)...what ya gonna do when ya see a drone over head???/when there is a severe drought???/no money?/ stores close?? your family and friends show up to be fed?? have had helios in formation over my house and had other helios land in the old airport that is out side my land and they did not land on the run way but in the grass, it was strange....i doubt and am almost postive they were not american.....3 large helios filled with troops......i wonder now what?????/think hard and long on these questions and get your self ready....take care and keep the faith and god bless
  14. motherearth

    Ummmmm....Canned BREAD????

    what ya gonna do when there are no freezers and there is no electricity???????/and ya got to can everything????when
  15. motherearth


    #317 The days have come and gone and turned in to weeks, months, years, and that sounds strange to me to say it "years".. We all had a figuring that things might be getting back to normal by now , but not so...The republic is now a thing of the past and we are just doing what we can to survive and have sat down with families who live out by us and we have made laws and punishments for the laws that are broken...We have people to lead and teach and help folks to be civilized and put the dang EGOS in a box and leave them there...we have no time for the big egos to come out and tromp on us and get in the way....there is nothing that can destroy us all as a ego that might get bruised and deflated..or some who thinks they are better.....than any one else...so now is the time to live like they did in the bible...with love for thy neighbor and friends and enemy,,,,but with enemies they might be in our own camp!!!! we have to descern what GOD wants us to do besides just surviving!! there is much work out there for us to do and to pull the nation , even if it is a small area like we have , back together....we need to put things down on paper and remember what the Decalration of Independence was about...we have been reading it and studying it and making our laws according to it and the bible...we need to have laws and not the chaos that we figured would be here by now.....but we live so far out in the toolies, that city and town folks never came...thank GOD for that....we also have guards on watch and have not let our guards down....maybe that is why i did not write cause i was tired and now is the time to put pen to paper again and leave this for the kids and grdkids and grtgrd kids to read when i am gone .... Time has come and gone and we are all tired and have been growly at times with each other and some have let down on the work and they have stepped a side from it, mainly cause they are tired and i know how they feel....some want to leave and think things will be better some place else ...mainly the young ones they are tired of being tied to the ground and work....so do not kn ow what will happen...if they start to leave ...still no lights and no mail and it is strange .... we make our own music and have a good time at it......i know the young ones miss all the old (yes old goodies ) that they had like internet and phone and cd's and games or videos on computers....but life is hard and they are learning how to do with out....girls sew and boys are learning to knit and sew to...well it is late and the light is fading from the candle i am using to write by...need to find some one to trade with for kerosene.....we still have some............take care and keep the faith and god bless

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