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  1. grandma_g

    Carefree or Stayfree Samples

    Thank you. I love freebies!!!
  2. Mini, I'm in Chester. About 60 miles south of St. Louis and 40 north of Cape Girardeau, MO. I've been through Metropolis and we went to Paducah (sp.?) a few years ago.
  3. Hi Mini. I've been ordering from honeyvillegrain.com. With this mix I can make a gallon of milk for $1.98. Sure beats the almost $4.00 at the grocery store. The taste is pretty good. I like it on cereal and the kids in my daycare love it. With my last order I got one can of the chocolate milk mix and my husband (Mr. picky) likes it. I did order just one can of the milk at first to make sure we liked the taste. Now I order by the case which is cheaper and the shipping is just $4.99/order. As for the veggies, I've been doing my own with a dehydrator I got off Craigslist. I'm not sure if doing it myself is cheaper though. I've been having to buy the veggies. Our garden was almost non-existant this year....what the spring/summer rains didn't destroy the deer did!
  4. grandma_g


    Good morning everyone. It's cool here this morning too. Upper 60's with a high of 77 later. I'll try to stay home as much as I can the next few days. It's the big weekend for our Popeye picnic. Our small little town will be a traffic nightmare. Hopefully i can get some more cleaning and organizing done. I'm running our of room to put everything! I don't know how you all do it. I just got started prepping and I'm already having trouble keeping it all organized. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  5. grandma_g

    Hello Everyone!! I am new here!

    Hi Mary. Welcome aboard.
  6. grandma_g

    BORAX (20 mule team even!)

    I feel like a dummy for asking, but what is washing soda? Thanks!
  7. grandma_g

    Tomato sauce help

    Others may have a different answer, but if it doesn't taste burnt I would go ahead and can it.
  8. grandma_g

    I have Great News

    Congratulations! Working with the elderly is very rewarding.
  9. grandma_g

    2500 Strong

    Hi Westie!
  10. grandma_g

    Know anyone like this???

    Yep, me! I did get a lot of cleaning done last week.....my computer crashed and was down for two days.
  11. grandma_g

    What did you can today?

    16 more pints of green beans! I think I'm getting the hang of this.
  12. grandma_g


    Sorry, I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say how jealous I am! DH and I were talking about this tonight and he wants to wait a while before we get one. Of course if the heating bills gets much higher this winter he may change his mind!
  13. grandma_g

    Another Newbie

    Welcome! I'm new too and finding more and more information here every day.
  14. grandma_g

    spaghetti sauce

    I canned several quarts of spaghetti sauce yesterday and discovered this morning that one of the jars didn't seal. Can I still use it if I keep it in the fridge and use within a few days? Or should I just throw it out? Thanks for any answers.
  15. Lots of good information. 3 stars!

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