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  1. snapshotmiki


    We have been trying to get back to zero since we closed on our house last June. Almost there now and hope to be at zero by September! Putting in a back door and putting up a 5 foot chain link fence and small deck did us in but had to be done before we brought animals over. It's a process. You sound like you are in better shape than we were!
  2. snapshotmiki


    Doc thinks dog has kidney problems and DH says we can't afford tests. Doc told us what to (try) to feed her. She understands the money issue. We will just try to keep some weight on her and let her be happy until she isn't. I wish dogs lived longer lives!!!
  3. snapshotmiki


    Taking old dog to vet as she doesn't want to eat much anymore. Laundry day this afternoon. And eBay photos.
  4. snapshotmiki


    I took a computer break from Sunday morning until tonight, now. DH's friend is here and has a huge solid black pit bull boy--fixed, who is the most sweet pup I have ever met! He is great with our dogs and goats, very submissive. He is a certified service dog who is getting to be just a regular dog for right now. I went to a very sweet wedding Saturday afternoon, Church twice on Sunday, mostly cooking in between. Made over 100 chocolate chip cookies Sunday and made jambalaya today. Gong to rest soon!
  5. snapshotmiki


    That made me laugh! Too funny! Started this morning cutting back the rest of the rose bushes, showered, ran to TSC and Co-op for goat products, our company showed up with his dog and everyone got along. Pit bull but trained service dog. Then I went and talked to some folks about helping out their mom when needed for a while. Came home and made Millionaire's spaghetti pie and garlic bread. Watched ne show on tv and now I'm tired!
  6. snapshotmiki

    Update 05/22/18

    Thank you, Annarchy!!! I appreciate your work and time!!!
  7. snapshotmiki


    Annarchy, don't worry about my sig photo. The tiny goats will wait! Trying to stay home today, we will see. Going to prune some roses and clean house. Preacher coming to visit tomorrow morning and then a friend of DH's coming to visit for a few weeks Friday. He's bringing his dog so we will see how that goes. Hope everyone has a good day!
  8. snapshotmiki

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    With DH in not so good physical condition, go bags are important for a short term emergency but we will be sheltering in place as I'm not going anywhere without him if it is a long term issue. I still have one bag with compass, fishing line, tent and other type of longer term bug outs but it is from years ago when I went on a bus to Darlene's get together. That was one long bus ride from Deming, NM! I still prep canned items and more hand operated items than I had before. Have collected plenty of blankets and flu type supplies. Still collect seeds when possible and we have the goats (if I could get them bred) for milk. Focused more on what we (or I) can do now in this place rather than a place we can go.
  9. snapshotmiki


    Easy day yesterday! Church in the morning and not much else. Italian subs and potato salad for dinner. Today, I've been messing around in the garden area already, have to run to the post office and to get one more bag of top soil and ice. I need to google and find a you tube video on how to fix my ice maker. Probably easy and it hasn't worked since we bought the house. I have to do a little eBay today and that's about it, I think.
  10. snapshotmiki

    Long time away

    I'm sorry, Becca Anne! Praying for you and your family.
  11. snapshotmiki


    I'm sorry that happened! I have killed several aloe vera plants in that manner in the past few years. Just added more dirt to my tomatoes in the lick tubs. Hopefully I can keep some water in there now. Also today, I am transplanting some aloe plants that are still hanging on. LOL
  12. snapshotmiki

    Lastest Update 04/24/18

    It doesn't show up on my lap top. Sorry if it is being a problem. It did show up in the beginning.
  13. snapshotmiki


    They keep saying it is from when he smoked. Smoked for about 15 years and quit 30 years ago. I don't know. Just glad to have a diagnosis to start with!
  14. snapshotmiki


    Not sure if I said this in an earlier post but DH does have COPD and some kind of bacteria colonizing in his lungs. Antibiotics for now and maybe oxygen down the road. Great diagnosis as far as we are concerned! Today, I finally made the mango pie, made mashed potatoes to go with the meatloaf I thawed, cooked corn on the cob, ran to the grocery store and the hardware store. Took some eBay photos. Now, taking it easy!
  15. snapshotmiki


    Fertilized veggie plants, picked up bits of trash near road, cleaned bathrooms and dusted house. Still need to make the pie from yesterday but I did get the ice cream topping made. Going to take a nap when I get off computer!

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