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  1. snapshotmiki


    Sounds like you're both pretty tough to me, Momo! I'll have to check and see if our hummingbirds are back yet. Seems a bit early for this area. Yesterday I went to thrift shops with DH and to Walmart. Came home and stayed inside and out of the heat. We got rain yesterday evening which we really needed and should get more today! I am doing laundry now and will be making a salad later to take to our Sunday School get together tonight. It is supposed to be in the upper 80's today, so much better!
  2. snapshotmiki

    Using your dehydrator: 101

    I want to start dehydrating more, also. Haven't done it since we moved, so not for a year. Still love to can but need to do something else.
  3. snapshotmiki


    I sure know what you mean about being organized, Mt. Rider! It saves so much time and makes me feel better! We are getting some rain finally! I am so grateful! Too late for garden but still needed! Taking eBay photos this morning and game day at Church this afternoon. Have to leave early for a meeting in the next town about the volunteering I want to do at the hospice/special needs facility opening near me. Helping my friend at the store tomorrow so another longer day.
  4. snapshotmiki

    Dad went to the hospital

    Praying for your family, Babysteps!
  5. snapshotmiki


    Thanks for the Birthday wishes! Very low key days lately and that's just fine! Today just eBay and laundry and getting the grain and hay to the goats.
  6. snapshotmiki


    Went to town with dh to get alfalfa and grain for goats, did a little thrift shopping and went to lunch. Happy Birthday to me! Last year was a little depressing turning 60 but for whatever reason I am happy to turn 61!
  7. snapshotmiki

    Haven’t been here for a while...

    HI Dogmom! Great to see you!
  8. snapshotmiki

    A Lake Night Tale

    Great rendition, Annarchy! Felt like I was there!
  9. snapshotmiki


    Actually, made Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread Biscuits. Mmmm! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/ATn2NDBZHTv-KP7N8RDZJyswnGdvm6PjL9Amqn9s-weg3hF40uwTj6A/
  10. snapshotmiki


    First thing this morning I made chili in the crockpot and then vacuumed out my jeep and swept the carport. Supposed to be 96 here in MS today so mostly done outside except for watering this evening and goat chores. Will probably make some cornbread too.
  11. snapshotmiki


    So glad your house is moving along, Jeepers! Took DH's jeep to mechanic this morning and voted in run-off election. Took pup to the Beauty Parlour. While she was there, I picked up a shifter cable from another mechanic for DH. Glad to be home!
  12. snapshotmiki


    Happy Birthday to Mr. Momo! I will be praying for his health. Plenty of lists on Pinterest Jeepers! I had a board titled "moving" but I think I deleted it. Bought 30 ears of corn to can and found this morning that they gave me 40! Got 14 pints and 2 quart freezer bags. I got a callback this evening from a lady starting a special needs/ hospice very close to my house (maybe a block and a half away). I've been looking for a place locally to volunteer so I hope this is it. God knows the desires of my heart! Did one load of laundry today besides the corn and that was about it. Saw a funny on facebook saying that it was officially the first day of summer except in the deep south where it has been summer since 1788! With the heat and humidity, that's how it feels!
  13. snapshotmiki

    SUMMER - hyPERthermia: heat exhaustion/stroke

    Great instructions, Mt. Rider!
  14. snapshotmiki


    Congratulations, Jeepers!!! I'm so happy for you! And being near the grandchild!!! I look forward to seeing how life progresses for you!
  15. snapshotmiki


    I hope not. I'm off to Walmart for a couple of things this morning. DH is going with so we will probably stop at a thrift store. I want to check out a hospice that opened up really close to us (to volunteer at). This afternoon, I will roast a chicken and sweet potatoes and make some creamed squash. Yesterday, I did get the house cleaning finished and did a little eBay so I think I'm coming back to myself. Just so tired after entertaining and cooking so much for a two week plus time period. Took a while to recover. I'm taking advantage of the slower times now.

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