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  1. Was picturing your new lawn guy kind of in a Randy Quaid-Christmas Vacation-pool scene sort of way, but on the mower with the neighbor watching him. LOL Hope you feel better soon, Mt. Ricer! I've been looking for an electric fold up treadmill for a few months now. Have about $250 saved for a new or used one. Got one at a thrift shop today for $40! Checked it out and it works fine. I'm thinking it was collecting dust in someone's house and they got tired of it. Our room mate will pick it up for me Saturday when he goes to town to pick up out security screen door form Lowes. Getting both is a huge blessing!
  2. Goats are fine and bigger than signature photo. LOL My photo program won't let me re-size photos and I can't put them on large so I just don't do it anymore. I know there are other programs but already so much stuff on lap top... Washed one dog yesterday and did lots of cooking. Made phone call orders today and will fertilize garden tonight. Slow-ish day today. Tomorrow, we go to thrift stores, buy goat food and will wander around Walgreen's looking for clearance tags on shelves. Daughter wants us to do that. I don't know.
  3. snapshotmiki

    Lose weight

    I've stalled out at 151 (which is 81 pounds down) since I got back from FL March 29th. Not gained but haven't lost at all. I have allowed some snacks in and a little is never enough. My step daughter in Illinois has had the same problem, so we are both starting again today. She does dash diet and I do Green Smoothies for Life by J J Smith. I still walk or do a video every day and hit 10,000 steps almost every day, but not getting anywhere with the added snacks. @zzelle, the 10 day green smoothie cleanse (J J Smith) is how I started last July 11th and then kept going. These are the only plans I have ever been able to stick with so that is the only advice I can give. The best inspirational quote I have ever seen is " If I give up now, I will soon be back where I started, and when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now"!
  4. Rained, thundered and lighteninged a lot Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Did little and stayed off the computer. Sunday went to Church and then set up vitamins for the month ahead, puttered a little and rested. Today, walking and animal chores done. Laundry well under way. Eggs hard boiled for a few days, have to make oatmeal for dog's food, yellow rice for DH to go with leftover red beans. Will make Olive Garden Chicken in the Instant Pot later and since I have home made yellow rice seasoning, I will try it on riced cauliflower and see if I like it. Doing some eBay later.
  5. snapshotmiki


    I'm so glad she's ok! And very strange (at least to me) about the car exploding. Praying the damage is taken care of quickly on her house!
  6. Morning chores and exercise video. Went to thrift shop sale. Visited with friend in nursing home. Stopped st 2nd thrift shop. Went to Dollar Tree for a couple of things. Stopped at a friend's for Avon book. Went to Walgreen's for coupon special for A&H laundry soap. Walmart for a few things. Finally home and just exhausted! Went next door and sat on porch with neighbor for a few minutes and now on this website. I need to make loquat jam a little later. Maybe
  7. Cauliflower tortillas did not hold together so I added 2/3 cup cornmeal and a Tablespoon baking powder, dumped in a 9X13 pan and baked for 30 minutes. The batter was just cauliflower, eggs and my seasoned salt plus the cornmeal. Turned out really good and has to be lower carb than regular cornbread! Room mate loves it and he eats regular food. Didn't get the jeep vacuumed, but I did my exercise video a little while ago.
  8. Yesterday, went to Walmart and one local market for stock up and sales. Washed sheets and comforter. Played in garden. Today, will make cauliflower rice and cauliflower tortillas, make burrito filling (with my canned taco meat) for DH. Pay rest of bills and vacuum out my jeep. Should keep me busy! Haven't walked today. Working on 3 hours and 20 minutes sleep.
  9. Went through the -too small clothes- in closet today. (They all fit now). Have 2 more smaller Walmart size bags of too big clothes to go to thrift store and a couple pair of shoes. Going to Dollar General in a bit for tissue paper for eBay wrapping. Making jalapeno popper stuffed chicken breasts a little later this afternoon with some frozen vegetable or other.
  10. My starts all look good. I have 7 butternut squash up from seed and 2 snap bush beans so far!
  11. I'm so sorry, WE2! I'm so glad he knew Jesus!
  12. I read while on the phone on hold! Keeps me from needing to choke the person on the other end. LOL I sometimes read while eating and also first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Sometimes, I take a little time during the day, but not always. I read crime mysteries mostly with a little science fiction, self help. I love my daily devotion, too! My Grandma and my mom are the ones who instilled reading in my life, also!
  13. Yesterday, I made Stuffed Pepper casserole, egg salad, and then hard boiled a few more eggs for later. Otherwise, took it easy all day--no Church, no cleaning. Today, I have laundry going already, will roll some change - working on getting enough money together to get a folding treadmill from Walmart- and get rid of most of my - to big for me- clothes. A little ambitious, but I seem to have energy today!
  14. I woke up from a nap 2 days ago wondering if DH and I should change anything to make our lives more meaningful in this season (and season is how we think of it). So this may fit perfectly! Thanks for posting it @Jeepers!
  15. My new little garden did not get washed out yesterday, much lighter rain than was forecast. Hope to plant lettuce and parsley in one lick tub and onions and chives in another tomorrow.
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