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  1. snapshotmiki

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    I read that dumping wood ash on ice will stop one from slipping at all. Haven't tried it yet and you may already know it, but thought I would share.
  2. snapshotmiki

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Will be praying for both of you!
  3. snapshotmiki


    First thing this morning (after chores and exercise), I got the two 6 qt. slow cookers going with dog food. Then went up to Church to help make soup, cornbread and sheet cakes. Came home and pressure canned the dog food and baked another 24 cornbread muffins for Church. Got 22 pints this time! 18 in the canner and 4 in the instant pot. I have another pressure canner but need weights for it so I can run them both at once. Covered roses and aloe vera before the freeze tonight. That's about it for today.
  4. snapshotmiki


    Had to go to Walmart for oil and filter for my car and AC filter, Verizon to change something on DH's phone (twice), local grocery having big sale, thrift stores because that's what we do. Came home and made King Cake Bubble Up for get together tonight for 80th Birthday for Sunday School member. Still have to pick up friend for get together and get cake to Church early. I'm pooped! And hungry. Hard to smell the cinnamon cake and not eat it! It is doable though.
  5. snapshotmiki


    If that's your idea of nothing... Yikes! I hope the rest of your visit is almost boring! LOL
  6. snapshotmiki


    My hair has party days too!
  7. snapshotmiki

    Saying hey yahoo all

    So glad to see you back!
  8. snapshotmiki

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Made a chicken fajita dish in the instant pot. Love that thing!
  9. snapshotmiki

    wallmart horror stories?

    We have a Save a lot about 25 miles away and a salvage grocery store 20 miles away and another 25 miles away near the Save a lot. We do have an IGA which has great sales, but otherwise the prices are very high! And the Walmart which is not inexpensive because there are no Target's or Kmart's anywhere near. Our dollar tree is pretty good, having the frozen fruit I want and veggie burgers and sometimes cauliflower rice!
  10. snapshotmiki


    Just did a little cooking today. Made a ham and potato casserole for DH, bbq chicken legs for me, hard boiled eggs for me and made brown rice for the pups. Then Bible study this evening and a little tv.
  11. snapshotmiki

    Need data/opinions about eBook readers...Kindle, etc

    Thanks @Jeepers! I didn't know I could make folders and I never thought about using the airplane mode for just reading to save battery.
  12. snapshotmiki

    Need data/opinions about eBook readers...Kindle, etc

    It is 32 gig and weight is 1.65 pounds!
  13. snapshotmiki

    Need data/opinions about eBook readers...Kindle, etc

    We just got an RCA Gallileo Pro 11.5" screen with I think 32 storage. Very light compared to my kindle fire tablet! And comes with a great keyboard that can be reversed to work as a stand. I will check it out later or you can google it. We ordered it online from Walmart so if there was a problem, we could return it to the store. We set it up ourselves, fairly easily. Hope this helps! It is what I am taking to FL in March so I don't have to lug the laptop and old kindle. Now, we got it on sale for 79.95 free ship, but I think they are more now.
  14. snapshotmiki


    Went to Church yesterday morning and surprise! Our pastor resigned. He and his wife are very young and are moving to the other side of the State where he will be an associate pastor. Sometimes it is good to NOT be in the loop, I think. Guess I will wait and see who comes in next. After church, I deadheaded the rose garden, made guacamole for DH and completed a few other tasks for him. My Peanut just had another seizure. She has been having about one a month lately. The doc put our schnauzer on phenobarb for seizures, which worked great until DH decided to take him off because he thought the pup was better (he wasn't). If I can get her on it, I will have no plans to take her off. I hate seizures! I just googled about seizures again and will try changing the food that I make for them before I try a drug. I hope to stay home today doing laundry, eBay drafts and messing around more outside. Hi of 68 today! Yay!

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