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  1. DH in hospital

    I'm sure that had to be scary for both of you! I will be praying for complete healing!
  2. Pacemaker Needed

    Glad you are home safe and let the healing begin!

    Ham and bean soup done! Made a small batch of regular and one of decaf cold brew coffee (that stuff is great and easy to make). Made a keto type coffee creamer caramel flavor with stevia to sweeten. Finished and packaged the pumpkin dog treats. I hope to be outside tomorrow some as dh cancelled his egd until after the cardiologist visit.
  4. Prayers needed

    I'm so happy for you, Mommato3boys! I hope it goes well!

    I'm sorry about your friend, Momo! I think I am getting to that age also. Stay safe from the storms!
  6. Busy, busy, busy...

    If you don't slow down, old age can't catch up to you so fast! LOL My motto!
  7. Busy, busy, busy...

    I user an app called onedrive. It automatically uploads from phone to pc.
  8. Kratom?

    DH got a red and that's all he even wants to try. It is working for him so I'm happy! Although he is off of it now as he has an EGD Thursday and cardiology appt. Monday. None for a week for him! Back to nsaids which mess with his ulcer.

    Finally got DH a Z pack today for his bronchitis of whatever he has AND my garden wagon that I received last week is put together! Yay!!! Kid coming next week sometime to clean goat shed unless I do it first. Probably not but who knows! LOL Making reubens and French fries for dinner, not real healthy but don't have them often!
  10. Kratom?

    I guess that is why they want to make it illegal. Big pharma wants it for their new drug.
  11. Busy, busy, busy...

    Daylily, you're not a stranger to me! Seems like we have posted back and forth a few times. I get what you mean about being too tired to finish or figure out how to say something. I visit another website and sometimes I copy and paste what I said there and bring it here because it is easier and faster than remembering and typing it all again. Sometimes I take what I said from here and paste it there. LOL I just fun out of steam.

    Kappydell, those raised beds look incredible and like they were a good bit of work! Mt. Rider, do you maybe need to go to an ER if not feeling better this morning? Or maybe your DH can help! Annarchy, I hope you have a safe drive home! I stayed home from Church today as I woke up with a very sore throat. Gargled with peroxide and had some chicken broth for breakfast. Not doing much today, besides eBay. Yesterday, I bought potting soil and top soil. The kid never showed up to put the cart together, so for now, the dirt is staying in the back of the jeep. Got some tomato starts (2 types), rosemary, sage, eggplants, and a Fooled you Pepper. Supposed to taste like jalapeno, but without the heat. DH isn't supposed to have much spicy any more.
  13. Kratom?

    That's not where ours would be coming from, either. If we didn't actually know someone it has helped, I'm not sure if dh would try it.
  14. Living with a sheeple is so frustating

    So true, Jeepers! DH used to see my prepping as "my little hobby" until he became disabled in a short period of time and couldn't work at all. Now, being disabled, he really can't help but he approves of it wholeheartedly! Insurance, I surely hope your DH gets it before he can't be a help! I just do what I can. Money is a big issue right now or I could get more done.
  15. Kratom?

    That's a big chunk of change for a tiny plant but would be worth it if I could keep it alive. I saw seed pods @ 2 for $8 with shipping but you wouldn't know how fresh they are.

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