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  1. snapshotmiki


    Mt. Rider and Jeepers! Hope you are both feeling better soon! We went thrift shopping today. Got 24 pint mason jars and a package of wide mouth lids for $6. Also bought another turkey to bake and freeze after, this one 18 pounds. Home now and need to dust house and clean baths as well as make a spoon bread for after Church on Sunday. It's been very cold here! for SW Mississippi anyway. Warming up today, so I put the aloe vera back outside until the next extra cold snap. Harvested the red peppers and left the plants outside as I just don't do well with houseplants.
  2. snapshotmiki


    Mt. Rider and Jeepers! I sure hope you both feel better soon! Not much going on with me the past week or two. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I'll check in later.
  3. snapshotmiki

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    Everything Jeepers said applies to me also! Poor kitty. I'll keep praying for strength for all of you!
  4. snapshotmiki

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Thank you! Great article and lets me know what to change next time I make it!
  5. snapshotmiki

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    How much bone meal should I use per pound of meat?
  6. snapshotmiki

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    I canned 18 pints of dog food a few days ago. 9 with Burger and 9 with Chicken. Will be adding bone meal and a vitamin supplement.
  7. snapshotmiki


    I'm so sorry to hear this. I met her and her mom at a gathering. They were both so nice and down to earth!
  8. snapshotmiki


    Yesterday, DH went to the VA transport for his clinic appt. I washed sheets and flipped the memory foam pad on the bed. I've been sleeping on the same area for 7 years and am too cheap to go buy a new one yet. I got out the Tarnex and cleaned what silver jewelry I have. Then I made Fire Cider and then Buffalo Chicken Strips. Plus took care of dogs and goats, of course. Today, I already have two large slow cookers going with dog food to can this afternoon. Got refund for broken meat grinder so will order another, probably from Walmart so it is easier to return if needed. Need to spruce up bathrooms and dust house. That is all I'm hoping to do. DH got home from VA with more antibiotics, a different inhaler and will hopefully start getting better again!
  9. snapshotmiki

    medical testing - ugh

    I'm glad to hear the cat isn't rabid! Hated to think of you getting those shots!
  10. snapshotmiki


    Going to get bone meal. Walmart was out until Spring. Will have to figure out how much to add. My recipe does around 16 pints but I have 10 - 15 pound dogs.
  11. snapshotmiki

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    Glad she is doing well! Prayers for all of you!
  12. snapshotmiki


    Well, now I need to research what to add. Hadn't thought about it or really even realized there was a lack! Just followed the recipe. Today, I'm catching up here and doing laundry. Chonda Pierce (Christian Comedian) show was really good! She's funny and a little sarcastic. I like her! Church yesterday and then home to clean bathrooms, dust, set up vitamins for the coming month, water plants and make egg salad for dinner. No Church last night or until time change as putting the goats to bed at night comes halfway through Church times. As of this morning, I have lost 47 pounds since July 11th. Go me! I think my thyroid meds are still too high as I am still not sleeping much, although the doc already lowered them once. DH is still sick and taking the Veterans bus up to the VA clinic in Jackson on Thursday. Wants me to stay home for animal care. He thinks they may admit him and I hope, if they do, they can get him straightened out some. Would be rough not being able to go see him, but I want him better! I think that's all for now. Will update when I can.
  13. snapshotmiki


    I do. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/558727897517599746/ I add green beans. Just found another big slow cooker at a yard sale so I will start making one pot with hamburger base and one with chicken, so it is not the same all the time. Then pressure can so it is shelf stable.
  14. snapshotmiki


    Already got laundry started, First load in dryer. Wrapped eBay sales and put out for Post. Going to check out and use my new meat grinder today with some chicken breasts. Also grill one for salads for me and bake one to cut up into little pieces for dog treats. Going to list 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans from my closet clean out last week on eBay today. Need to make my list for ingredients for dog food so I can can it later in the week Well, the meat grinder needs to be exchanged as it was broken when I opened it. I guess the chicken burger will have to wait.
  15. snapshotmiki

    sponge bread

    Thank you, Kappy! Great recipes!

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