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  1. Finished packing up this morning and giving last minute instructions about dogs and DH to fellow helping. Now just messing around and waiting for ride to Louisiana and then on plane tomorrow morning! Already checked in and have boarding pass printed. First time flying since 2006. Will see how it goes. I have our website on my tablet so hope to check in now and then.
  2. Will go to Louisiana tomorrow and then sister in law will get me to airport in New Orleans on Wednesday morning. Yesterday, Church first, then washed sheets, did up my vities for the month into their containers, more laundry, gave DH manicure and pedicure, called a few friends I will visit. No Church last night. Ate the last of my jambalaya with riced cauli for dinner. Today! More laundry, call in refills for DH, pack suitcase, go to Post office about an eBay issue, pick up meds at drug store and a couple of things at Dollar General. Our friend, who will stay with DH while I am gone, will be arriving this morning and un packing either into our shed or a storage unit, don't know which yet.
  3. Had to pay water, sewer, trash bill today and it was $30 more than normal. After a quick panic, DH decided it is his fault as he washed many extra loads of eBay clothes (didn't mention it to me) and has been taking extra long showers because it makes him feel better. Hopefully, that is the problem and it will be under control shortly. In the getting ready to go to FL category, I shaved DH's cheeks with the dog groomer razor. (Have used it for years on him). Wanted to give him a pedicure but didn't get to it today. Made a big pot of jambalaya for him and his friend while I'm gone (and froze some). I even have some of it for me with riced cauliflower instead of rice! Boy, that stuff is good!
  4. You did a world of good for those ferrets! I know you'll miss them.
  5. I'm so sorry about your ferret, Annarchy! I missed your earlier post somehow. I wish they lived longer! I took Peanut Butter to doc for her rabies shot and scheduled appt. for teeth cleaning when I get back from FL in April. I'm doing a second load of laundry today and maybe some eBay. Too cold to do much outside for me except goat care. Hope our cold snap passes quickly. I covered my young blueberry bush that had already bloomed. Two more cold nights to go!
  6. Made the 2 big crock pots of dog food and pressure canned it. Got 22 pints again, so yay! Cleaned up the kitchen and got everything put away. Did one load of towels and that's all. Was a productive day!
  7. Beautiful photo, Homesteader! I have 2 large crock pots of dog food going- 1 beef and 1 chicken. Will pressure can it this afternoon later. Made 22 pints last time. Yay! Hope to get about the same. Made a big batch of stir fry- all veggies. About to start a load of towels in the wash and that will be about all today.
  8. I made a big batch of veggie stir fry today. Has yellow squash, purple onion, shredded carrots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, bag of broccoli cuts and bag of stir fry veggies. Low salt soy sauce, oriental 5- spice and a little teriyaki sauce (will make my own of that- low salt- when I get back from FL. very good! Will have it later with a piece of salmon. Right now having a small side salad with light ranch, then some grapes.
  9. Glad you found your way back and hope you get a cat soon!
  10. had green salad with light ranch, half cup broccoli apple salad and quarter cup of coleslaw at Church dinner. Came home and had 2 hard boiled eggs on rice crackers for protein.
  11. Walked around town at 6:30 this morning as it will be too cold for me until Friday morning to do that again, although I may walk during the day once or twice. At Church to make soup and heat other foods at 8:30 this morning. Set up, cooked, served and then cleaned up. Didn't leave until close to 2:00 pm. Had 10,000 steps in at 2 pm. Came home and haven't done much since.
  12. I took my walk around town this morning as they were setting up for the local Mardi Gras Parade and festival. Stopped to visit a little. After home chores, got dressed and went to funeral at Church, then helped serve meal to family afterwards. Came home and hard boiled eggs for me for the week. Cleaned in kitchen a little and haven't done much else but watch tv with DH.
  13. Hope you feel better soon, Jeepers! I hate sciatica pain!
  14. Kappy and Mt. Rider, you both had crazy days! I hope your next surgery day goes better, Kappy and I hope Mt. Rider can purchase a waterproof phone! All I have done today is take Aninja to doc for her rabies shot. Was told teeth will need to be cleaned, but ok for now--just the back ones have any build up of tarter. Peanut goes next week for shot. Will be making turkey bacon wrapped chicken breasts, maybe stuffed with something, not sure what yet. Also updating password list and already took eBay photos for DH. Yesterday was laundry day, so done there!
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