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  1. snapshotmiki


    Already had my walk and disposed of all rose bush branches from Monday's pruning marathon. Hauled goat grain and minerals back to goat shed. Still to do: run to hardware store for weather stripping seal for fridge (might work), install new deadbolt, wash dogs in Dawn again for flea removal, make tuna salad. Probably should put --watch TV-- on list as the past few weeks I watch one show and am done. Just get too tired! And, of course, I have to come here!
  2. snapshotmiki

    join motherearth

    So good to hear from you again, motherearth! I remember listening to you on your program a few years ago. I'm sorry about your cow being shot, but glad you are doing well!
  3. snapshotmiki


    I was a night owl for years also, all evening jobs that got off between 11pm and 2 or 3 am. Probably adds to the problem! I finally sewed the @#$% buttons back on 2 out of 3 shirts. Don't have the right color thread for the third one. Darn LOL Will be dusting and cleaning the bathrooms this afternoon. I found out that I was right about my thyroid! Doctor called in a prescription for a lower dose. Now, here's my quandry! Do I start taking them right away or--I have a huge list of big jobs to get done by Oct. 11th, just deal with the lesser amount of sleep (although I did double up on the melatonin like the doc said to) and then start with them on the 12th? I know that when I do start taking them, I will have less energy than I do now and I won't have any help with getting the big jobs done. Leaning towards waiting to start them. I've been on this dose for years so aside from the sleep issue, I don't see the harm. But isn't it nice that I figured it out and was actually right?
  4. snapshotmiki


    I'm glad everyone in GA is battened down and ready. I hope it isn't as bad as the predictions. I went to the doc this morning about insomnia that has gotten so much worse since I started losing weight. I get no caffeine and no diet or pills of any kind. He said take more melatonin and that's it for now. Checked my thyroid and did cbc. I look forward to seeing the results next week. Hoping they look even better with less weight! This afternoon, I took my older friend from Church with me to two thrift stores and Dollar Tree. She enjoyed herself and I think she will sleep well tonight. Somebody should!
  5. snapshotmiki


    I'm so sorry about Joy, Twilight! It's always hard to lose a friend.
  6. Will be cleaning out medicine cabinet while dh is gone and it's about time to start some fire cider.
  7. snapshotmiki


    @The WE2's, Thank you for clearing that up. I thought I remembered you saying they woke you up, so I thought you were under. Hope you are recovered quickly! Finally got the alfalfa back to the goats today. Made DH some pickled beets and took some eBay photos. Yesterday, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, swept and mopped house and did my walk. Low key is the word here!
  8. snapshotmiki


    I'm so glad your eye surgery went well, WE2! Did you say they put you to sleep during the procedure?
  9. I will be doing some major re-organizing and going through of cabinets and sheds when dh leaves at the beginning of next month. Always easier to pitch things when he is not around.
  10. snapshotmiki


    No, ma'am! We got nothing from the "storm". No rain (might get some tomorrow) and no wind at all. It went to the East of us. My daughter up in IL is having terrible storms tonight from that system. I organized recipes today and pitched some. I still have so many! I could never cook them all in this lifetime! Also wrote 3 eBay drafts and made two 9X13 pans of spoonbread for a funeral tomorrow. That is where I will spend a good part of the day, probably.
  11. snapshotmiki


    I hope you're feeling better, Jeepers! Moving is hard enough when you are doing great! Checking bottled water and preparing the bath tub for saving water. Cooked a few days of meals ahead, although we have plenty of canned food (and some water) anyway. We are right in the middle of the cone right now but we all know that changes hourly. Tomorrow we will put up the patio furniture and secure all we can outside. The dogs and goats hate this weather because, you know, they will melt! LOL Thursday we have a funeral and feeding folks afterward at Church. Weather is supposed to be just as bad as Wednesday. In other news, I washed the dogs today, did an exercise video on you tube, took eBay photos and a little later will open the Christmas trunk to hopefully find Christmas cards that hold a photo, so I know what size photo to order. And pull out some Fall decorations because I am impatient and too hot! Have a good day, you all!
  12. snapshotmiki

    Busy, busy, busy...

    HI Trudy! Glad you've figured out how to navigate here! Hope you will get here often!
  13. snapshotmiki

    New Canning Book

    I'd never heard of it but I went on Facebook and found her. Someone new to follow. Thanks for the info!
  14. snapshotmiki


    I reached out to her on messenger this morning. Will let you know if I receive a response. Not doing much today. eBay and maybe a new Zumba video on youtube. Also need to run to Dollar Tree for inexpensive frozen fruit!
  15. snapshotmiki

    Old Pine

    I'm so sorry about Gary. I will keep you in my prayers.

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