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  1. Less than 2". Kinda went around us, which is fine by me! Winds got up to about 15 or 18 miles an hour one day. Wouldn't be considered a gentle breeze in Wyoming! LOL
  2. DH had doc appts. yesterday and today (today's in a town an hour and a half away). Stopped at thrift shops after. And then salvage grocery, then home. Made oatmeal and then teriyaki drumsticks in the instant pot. Just got done cleaning up at 9:15 tonight. Chicken still cooking. Also did a load of laundry today. Yesterday, after we got home from docs, I dug up the rest of the potatoes in garden, cut some okra and butternut squash and planted spinach and lettuce where potatoes were. And a load of laundry.
  3. Thanks, Mt. Rider and thank you all for your support! Went from 232 to 149 as of today. There has been so much involved in doing this mentally, spiritually and physically. I know I will always be challenged to a degree and can never just go back to eating what I want like I used to.
  4. We made our own slip-n-slide with a hose and a long piece of visqueen.
  5. The difference a year can make! 7-11-18 to 7-11-19 Have come so much farther than I ever thought I would! Now to continue maintaining and get rid of some loose skin.
  6. Just regular daily chore and life stuff for the past few days. Yesterday, went to thrift stores, VA clinic, picked up copy of my lab work at my docs, and then Walmart for a few things. Did some eBay photos and then Church for women's Bible Study. Filled up some gallon jugs with water before the tropical storm hits. We are about 100 miles inland but that doesn't mean the electric and water won't go out. Today, made some veggie soup in the slow cooker.
  7. snapshotmiki

    Lose weight

    That's great and shows commitment and persistence!
  8. snapshotmiki

    Lose weight

    Planning ahead is the only way I have success, too. When I go anywhere, I make hard boiled eggs and package up some grapes at the very least. The opportunity to stop for fast food is my downfall so I avoid it.
  9. So far today, I've done laundry, got the carnitas in the slow cooker, done 3 eBay drafts plus animal and regular chores. Ready to help room mate pack up truck whenever he gets himself in gear. Today is my Birthday so I am going to rest and read for awhile now. 62 years! That's 15 years more than my mom got. Still miss her! I was 27 when she passed.
  10. I went ahead and did the monthly Walmart, Dollar Tree shopping yesterday evening. So far today, I've made 2 large slow cookers of dog food, made tuna salad and cooked up a lot of bell peppers, onions, celery and garlic to add to my free jambalaya (4 quarts from Church dinner) from yesterday. And paid bills and did month ending books. So glad I don't have to go anywhere today. Just pressure can the dog food when it is done later. Tomorrow, I will do laundry, help our room mate pack up and load his stuff and make carnitas in the slow cooker. Sounds like enough to me.
  11. My favorite is #5--meaning a face badly in need of a fist. LOL
  12. Made a dump cake for DH and one for a funeral Saturday. Dropped the second one off at Church fridge. Went to Courthouse to make sure I can keep check from jury duty (I was dismissed for DH's doc appt). Made picadillo for the next few dinners for DH and room mate. Weeded in garden. Doctor appt. is supposedly correct. They started opening again on Fridays for half day. NO mistake! I've been reading a lot of about minimalism lately. Hardly goes with prepping, but I love the feel of the rooms that have very little in them. Going to clean out a small cabinet to get started.
  13. What a difference DH's hearing aids make! So much better! He can adjust the volume on his phone and I think answer the phone through the hearing aids. Went to a thrift store in the same town and did well. Came home and trying to get used to not yelling anymore. Not as easy as I thought. Just realized that my docs office scheduled my next appt. on a Friday. They are not even there on Fridays and this is for July 5th--during the Holiday. Will try to get it fixed tomorrow. They will say that it is my mistake (must have written it down wrong) but after the last "mistake" I saved the card they handed me.
  14. That's a huge fire now! How long til monsoons? Too long, probably. DH gets his hearing aids fitted tomorrow. Yay! Have to quit mumbling under my breath but hopefully can finally quit yelling to have a conversation! Had to buy new sheets today. Little dog had torn the fitted one with her claw and instead of fixing it, I let it get bigger. That part is my fault. Also, did laundry, hard boiled eggs for tomorrow and packaged some grapes for tomorrow. Eating fast food is just not an option for me. Ready for bed now and it is a little early. LOL
  15. No xylitol for me! Warned DH about it a couple years ago. The sweetener does say maltodextrin (sugar) and stevia extract. Also says zero calorie and less than one carb. Thanks for the charts!
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