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  1. Canned Nerd

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Adding any liquid is optional, raw or pre-cooked, since the meat/poultry does produce quite a bit of its own juice. A flavored liquid will generally add flavor. If pre-cooking just remember to avoid excess oil. You may have to experiment. Smoke flavor may change during the canning process.
  2. Canned Nerd

    Another test...

    I'm still eating food from 2006 that was already expired or near so since it was obtained from a food distribution charity, both home and commercially canned, and of course dehydrated stuff. I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as the container is intact but I do encourage rotation.
  3. Canned Nerd

    Food storage - Use By dates

    I love the 'Sell by' and 'Use by' expiration dates on foods because it means drastic discount prices for me when the stores want to get them off the shelves. I've downloaded the App to check it out but I rely almost entirely on common sense and a few years experience dealing with local food distribution sources. Desperate times often is a great teacher. In my case it was a church that collected and distributed mostly (near) expired foods, fresh and canned from local stores. I eventually started helping others (in line) with how to deal with some of the fresh stuff that needed to be home canned and/or dehydrated if it couldn't be totally consumed within 1-2 days. That was in 2006-2007 and it is now 2015 and I still have some of those original foods and they are fine. The only thing going bad are the large cans of acidic (grapefruit, tomato) juices which started to leak. The others (apple, orange juices) have slightly discolored when opened but still smell good but I've decided to dispose of with the others. Considering all of these were expired or nearly so at time of acquiring I think that's pretty good. Many produce items were home canned and some overly-ripe produce were dehydrated as long as they were not moldy. Some of the better items were frozen in FoodSaver vacuum bags and yes even those are still good this many years later. I didn't plan it that way but now that I'm dealing with just one person - me - it takes a long time to go through my supplies. Expiration dates (mostly for the use/benefit of a store's inventory rotation) should be our friend and looked forward to when we see the discounted items. Of course I encourage everyone else to be squeamish about consuming expired food, otherwise I will have competition getting it at the stores.
  4. Canned Nerd

    Jar Boxes

    Oops I blew it on my previous post. I ordered a carton of pint jar boxes and inserts, thinking they were separate items, but the first item (S-18943) is "both" the box and the inserts. I didn't see the "kit" in the description. The second item was actually a dozen pint jars, the last thing I needed under the circumstances since I have several hundred empty jars already. The reason I know is because the shipment just arrived and I was surprised to find a case of pint jars in the box besides the boxes and inserts. It wasn't until I had another jolt of caffeine and re-read the packing list over a few times that the smarts finally sunk in.
  5. Canned Nerd

    Odd measuring spoons,

    From my files.... a Hint -- tiny amount (1/2 drop) a Drop -- 1/64 tsp (1/2 smidgen) a Smidgen -- 1/32 tsp (1/2 pinch) a Pinch -- 1/16 tsp (1/2 dash) a Dash -- 1/8 tsp (1/2 tad) a Tad -- 1/4 tsp Other measures that are useful.... 1/4 stick butter -- 2 Tbsp 1 stick butter -- 1/2 cup Juice of 1 lemon -- 3 Tbsp Juice of 1 orange -- 1/2 cup
  6. Canned Nerd

    Jar Boxes

    I just ordered new boxes and insert separaters for Pint jars from ULINE (http://www.uline.com) at a cost of $4.00 each + shipping. They also offer for other size jars also and inserts are optional but I prefer them since they provide added strength when stacking. 10 KT S-18943 PINT CANNING JAR BOX KIT $2.80 $28.00 12 EA S-17491 16 OZ. REGULAR MOUTH CANN $1.20 $14.40
  7. Canned Nerd

    Canning Vegetable Soup

    The processing time would remain the same. It's not a 'cooking' time but a processing time to kill a toxic spore.
  8. Canned Nerd

    New Pressure Cookers

    I've seen it and put it in the same category as "As Seen on TV". They are designed to sell their product without regard or even knowledge of the end result. I have one of the Electric Cookers that has an optional 10psi setting, big enough for maybe 3 pints, but I would never consider it truly safe for pressure canning. Too many variables.
  9. Canned Nerd

    Fresh sausage

  10. Canned Nerd

    Brown Rice Storage

    Just emptied 5 trays of dehydrated brown rice and more to be done in the coming days of cold weather. The dehydrator is a nice way to warm the kitchen. I'm storing the rice in 2 quart glass jars that used to hold Vlasic pickles (my candy vice) but first the rice goes into a large dish where the rice is lightly pounded -- like a mortar and pestle -- to separate the rice before storing. Too much of a hassle to try to separate during the drying process. I'm also dehydrating 'nests' of cooked spaghetti and also other bags/boxes of pastas that are getting old in my pantry. I love having the dehydrated cooked noodles that can be added to a meal without lots of pre-planning, requiring only a 1:1 addition of hot water to hydrate. I'm curious though about the cooking water for the pasta.....has anyone used it more than one time?
  11. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the experience. Just make sure to experiment with different levels of carbonation to find the level you like the most. Also make sure you add the syrup to the bottle at an angle to avoid agitating the bubbles.
  12. Canned Nerd

    Grow Your Own Cooking Oil

    Just found this information and thought I would pass it on for those that might be interested in growing and making their own cooking oil. http://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-Your-Own-Cooking-Oil/?ALLSTEPS
  13. Off to my BB&B today to replace my CO2 cartridge and check out the latest prices for the syrups. Frustrated by the increased prices. At least I have my $5 off coupon in my pocket which takes some of the pain away.
  14. Canned Nerd

    Canning Books

    I would just say to be wary of any of the older books (pre-90's). Awhile back I got a newer book "Canning for a New Generation" by Liana Krissoff because I wanted to see how off she was from following the standard rules (hmmm, curiosity killed the cat). For myself only, since I'm an old fart and alone, I'm willing to soften the rules a little to try something new, but there are still items I would prefer to ignore. Others are okay. I personally wouldn't recommend it to the newbie but someone who truly knows safe from not should find it interesting.
  15. Food that was grown in dirt instead of 'printed'.

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