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    crocheting,knitting,church activities,my cats,

    I don't get by often but enjoy it when i do. Lots of wonderful folks here. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!
  2. Summertime

    Summer gifs
  3. EVOO

    I do have a CVS right down the st.Will keep my eyes peeled. also have TJ's close by. I wish I could 'taste" different brands.surely they don't all taste alike and i really enjoyed Carapelli. I was able to get a very small bottle once but can't seem to find that size now. it's just me now that dh has passed away so i don't need a big bottle . Thankyou ladies for your help! [edited for spelling]
  4. great tips.thanks. do enjoy frozen bananas!!
  5. EVOO

    Do you have a fav brand ? The brand i usually buy has gotten so expensive.looking for an alternative.
  6. did i not get back to you? sorry!!got busy with skin designs.it's called~

    Happy Trails

    you're more than welcome to stop by.It's very quiet,with only a handful of reg these days.


  7. western

    western pic
  8. summer 11

    summer 11
  9. June check-in...

    Didn't know y'all had a check-in. I is here.while i have a board on YUKU I still come here and have been coming for quite some time just don't post much.
  10. What's your board name?

  11. Quick Rolled Oats?

    Got it !thankyou!!
  12. Quick Rolled Oats?

    wow.i like that! would love the recipe.
  13. David Wilkerson passed away...

    God must have a plan-but it is puzzling. Thankyou for the update.will keep her in prayer.
  14. Quick Rolled Oats?

    boiled cookies?
  15. Quick Rolled Oats?

    thankyou. btw,i cook mine in the microwave.little water [or lots] for about a min{old fashioned oats] then add honey and milk.delicious!

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