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  1. I don't get by often but enjoy it when i do. Lots of wonderful folks here. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!
  2. I do have a CVS right down the st.Will keep my eyes peeled. also have TJ's close by. I wish I could 'taste" different brands.surely they don't all taste alike and i really enjoyed Carapelli. I was able to get a very small bottle once but can't seem to find that size now. it's just me now that dh has passed away so i don't need a big bottle . Thankyou ladies for your help! [edited for spelling]
  3. great tips.thanks. do enjoy frozen bananas!!
  4. Do you have a fav brand ? The brand i usually buy has gotten so expensive.looking for an alternative.
  5. did i not get back to you? sorry!!got busy with skin designs.it's called~

    Happy Trails

    you're more than welcome to stop by.It's very quiet,with only a handful of reg these days.


  6. autumn7

    June check-in...

    Didn't know y'all had a check-in. I is here.while i have a board on YUKU I still come here and have been coming for quite some time just don't post much.
  7. What's your board name?

  8. God must have a plan-but it is puzzling. Thankyou for the update.will keep her in prayer.
  9. thankyou. btw,i cook mine in the microwave.little water [or lots] for about a min{old fashioned oats] then add honey and milk.delicious!
  10. SAd to hear.I remember him coming to my church way back many moons when i was a teen.
  11. I thought that was you.

    you had a nice board.

    Yes,ezboard is now YUKU.

    I still have mine with a few core members.I like this board -just don't get here very often.:)

  12. SPEAKING of Oats-what is the best way to store them? I'm a widow,live alone,if I buy the economical lg container of Quaker Old Fashioned,will it keep well in that container? or better in a glass container? freezer? anyone? thanks .
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