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  1. I received my Spring Fling package a week or so ago from my special "scrubbie lady" friend. It was custom made for me and I love it!! It contained a colorful journal with a lavendar ribbon marker and beaded with my name on it; a great poetry/inspirational book from a writer I can use as a model writer; and the purple scrubbie I am sure she made that is absolutely great to use. Thanks so much!
  2. My package has been sent ...off and away. Now the fun begins.
  3. non-scientific but it worked for my family - a cold wet washcloth on the back of the neck and pinch the nose beneath the cartilage while holding the head slightly back
  4. hmmm...sorry don't know nuttin 'bout curing them sweet taters.... But I did learn that you should cure them...thanks for asking
  5. Homing pigeons? Get them trained on the route ahead of time?
  6. Sweet potatoes are a great urban crop and ground cover...right in your front yard! It is a warm climate vegetable and loves the heat. The vine withstands hot Texas summers, easy care, and usually the last thing to wilt in the garden Fast growing vines that shade the soil Leaves are heart shaped and pretty, with some varieties having green leaves and some with black-purple leaves And very pretty rose-of-sharon looking flowers All the while sweet potatoes are growing beneath all that foliage! Best things - no one knows what they are, as the potatoes are underground and most people are not "sweet potato savvy" A good source of Vitamin A & C for the middle of winter (garage storage or in the ground storage before freezing weather) Like potatoes, they multiply and there are always some that sprout up next season You can make starts for next season with leftover potatoes Eaten: baked whole, sliced and pan fried, mashed, in pies, potato chips - or for animals/livestock Buy "slips" of starts from nurseryman or farmer. The ones I've seen were started in sand.
  7. I am interested so sign me up...I would love to send something to a new friend..
  8. This is a great gift and I'd like to try it. Can you suggest a supplier of comfrey plants or do you have a favorite? I know there is Richters. Thanks.
  9. That sounds great. I'll PM you when I plan to get out there. It will be sometime in the next couple of weeks, I think.
  10. That's great to know you're out there! Google says you're about 2 hours away. I am used to going out to Commerce for Texas A&M, so you're not much further. I think I have scoured (online) the ads in the Tyler area. Some good leads, but still looking. So I started looking online in your area this week. From Dallas, it is all east... I am looking where there are trees on aerial, but I am flexible at this point. I just don't want to go too far south (hurricanes). Who knows where I'll end up... When I go out that way to look around, maybe we can meet each other? Well, at least I wouldn't go home empty handed if I met a MS friend!
  11. Thank you Lele for responding to my inquiry. I had seen Lunamother's place posted here - and like many others- fell absolutely in love with it from the pictures. It fits a lot of my criteria - a spring on the property is such a plus! -but I am trying to pay as I go and be debt free so I can live the life I dream about. East Texas has a lot of trees for logs and I will be building a log home. Finding the right property and all the criteria that goes along with it is very important. Fortunately, I have been told I will know it when I step on it or see it. You were most kind. Thanks.
  12. I would like to meet Mrs. Survival folks in the east Texas area (Tyler/Gilmer/Athens general area). I am looking for a small acreage (2-10 acres) to buy next month or so and would like to meet like-minded people and know my neighbors. As well, if you have any leads on land, let me know. Thanks a bunch and keep prepping..
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