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  1. Good morning. This thread is for when you send and or receive an ornament. Thank you all for joining again this year.
  2. Snowmom

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    Thank you Pauline, I love it and love all of them. Thank you all for joining the exchange this year even though it was so late.
  3. Snowmom

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I now have all but, guess who's, my own. I have a feeling I was cleaning and put it up someplace so I could find it. You all know how that goes. So, if someone has all of them and would like to take a picture that would be great. I'll have to look again for my own. Right now I am trying to get packages ready for mailing and am baking and so the ornament will have to wait a few more days. I'm so sorry.
  4. Snowmom

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I got Midnightmom's and Ann's today, but, they may have come a day or two ago, just didn't get them until today. Love the both. Waiting for Pauline's, will probable get it on Monday. If I get around to it, and I have been slow, I will try to get pictures of them and post. But, if someone else is able to do it before I get it done, that will be great.
  5. Snowmom

    Who Do You Think You Are

    Thank you for reminding us. We record them and watch them when we have a change. We end up getting some repeats sometimes recorded that is. Thanks again.
  6. Snowmom

    Possible RA

    Morning, did you hear anything yet. Hope you find out something soon. I think that is what they said about me, but no testing. Just that my fingers are getting bumps on them.
  7. Snowmom

    Need lots of prayers

    Glad to hear, kappydell, I do think that there are times that some of those offices do try to get you to give up. Glad you didn't give up though. Hope all goes well for you.
  8. Snowmom

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I got mommato3boys ornament this week not sure if it was Monday or Tuesday as we picked up our mail on Wed. I love the ornament and the card, yes, I saw it was a 3-D card. Thank you.
  9. Snowmom

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I put mine it the mail box on the way to Pizza Hut yesterday. Hope you all get them ok. Just get them mailed when you are able to, don't worry about it. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Snowmom
  10. I know this is really late but those of you here who would like to exchange ornaments again this year please sign up and send me a message with your name and address so I will be able to pass it on. Again, please send me a message with your name and address so I can add it to a list for the exchange. I am looking forward to the exchange again this year.
  11. Snowmom

    Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018

    Good morning all, Well, the time has come and the Exchange is now closed.
  12. Snowmom

    Humming Bird

    All your pictures are great. One day I would like to see some of your state in person.
  13. Snowmom

    Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018

    Good morning everyone, The time is coming soon to close this Christmas Exchange so if you want to get in on the exchange be sure to let me know by Wednesday. Thank you to those who are going to exchange, it is always nice to see what others make.
  14. Snowmom

    Need lots of prayers

    So glad to hear this.
  15. Snowmom

    Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018

    Hi, Looking good, I'll get Annarchy and Pauline added to the list. So, we have mommato3boys, Midnightmom, Annarchy, Pauline and myself so far. This makes 5 of us so far. Guess I need to get busy and get some ornaments made.
  16. Snowmom

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Monday I canned some Pork boneless ribs. I'm thinking I should get some jelly made. I didn't get much canned this summer, just some green beans. I had wanted to get some pickles, tomatoes and salsa canned, but didn't make it.
  17. Snowmom

    Need lots of prayers

    Hope things are better and that your DH has a job by now.
  18. Snowmom


    Happy Anniversary to you Annarchy and your husband. This morning I had to go to town and get some papers notarized then had to fill more paper work and called a few places about Gary's credit cards and have them close the accounts. Had lunch and need to run the letter to town so it can get in the mail today. I then decided to come in and check to see if anyone had signed up for the Christmas Ornament Exchange and then decided to check some of the forums. You all have a good day now.
  19. Snowmom

    Pacemaker Needed

    Midnightmom, how is the pace maker working for you now?? What did they decide to do, just the one wire or did you have more surgery???
  20. Snowmom

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    That you mom is doing well.
  21. Snowmom


    So sorry to hear this.
  22. Snowmom

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to everyone who is having a Birthday today and to those who have had a Birthday in the past several months. I want to add that there will be a Christmas Ornament Exchange again this year, see the post in the other forum. Love you all.
  23. Snowmom

    Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018

    I think I can do it. All I have to do is get the names and addresses and send them out. I would feel bad to miss this year. So, can I count you in??? I suppose I need a date to get names and addresses to me, so, I think if we can get the message to me by 15th of this month, November, I should be able to get the names out to you by the 20th. I know it would be a lot later than usual but, at least we wouldn't miss out this year. and to you and everyone here.
  24. Snowmom

    Old Pine

    I'm so sorry I haven't been in here, but, so much has happened. He had to have another 30 days of radiation treatments only this time on his right lung. He also had a cardiac taken off his left eye. Our DD who has taking most of her vacation time to do all the running around for him. Part of the time she would get up and work for 1 1/2 hours then work for 3 – 4 hours after 5:00 so she could get in her 8 hour day. Gary has lost over 90 pounds now and is eating ok. We saw his Oncologist yesterday and what we heard was not good news. Since his cancer is small cell it spreads like wildfire. He now has it in his liver, his bones, back, neck and he has not much time left here on earth. When I had a chance to be with her, the oncologist, I asked for a timeline and she said “a month”. All three of our kids were with us and so I did tell them after we got home that he hasn’t much time. Our son rode his bike from Texas and had to leave this morning to go back. Pray for his safety as well has his wife who will be leaving in a few day to head to PA. Please continue to pray for Gary that he might not have to suffer to much pain. He is in pain and has pills he can take every 4 – 6 hours. Thank you all for all of your prayers. I'll be back when I am able.
  25. Snowmom

    Old Pine

    Hi all, I haven't been in here for a while now and thought I would come in today. Thank you all for your condolences. You don’t know what you all mean to me and when things like this happen, I know you all are praying. It has been just over 2 months now and it really seems like it has been forever and yet it seems like it was yesterday. My daughter and I are doing ok and we have had a lot of people at church as well as relatives willing to help us do things. Our Pastor has been out here several times in the past few weeks. He isn’t able to come every week, but, he sure tries to be here as often as possible and that has been at least 6 or 7 times now since the funeral. His oldest daughter comes out with him once in a while, she was one who Gary though a lot of. He told her she was his adopted granddaughter. There has been a lot going on around here and papers to fill out and get signed and all. Gary didn’t tell me what all I would have to do and all the paperwork I would have after he passed away. I am almost finished with paper work I have some papers coming in the mail one of these days and that should be all of them. I have picked out a headstone but haven't ordered it yet. Like I said so much to think about after one passes on and this is just something you don't think about before that time. Again thank you all for your prayers, hugs and words of encouragement.

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