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  1. Wychwood

    Weather Reports For Winter 2014-2015

    Snow is in the forecast for my region tonight......Looking forward to waking up to white.
  2. Wychwood

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to one and all. It's almost bedtime here and me and DS have had a great day, cooking eating and laughing at the Cat.The poor wee thing is plum tuckered out after kicking seven bells out of his new toy all day.
  3. For me flu and respiratory infections are my worst nightmare. DS had major thoracic surgery a couple years ago so his lung function somewhat compromised now. The worst part? because of the surgery, he can no longer take Tamiflu. Luckily he has the constitution of an Ox and is rarely ill. I'm the one who goes down with stuff...
  4. Wychwood

    Mental Exercise: Limited Resources I

    You could always spin this to your advantage Sassenach. Now you know you have holes in this area of your prep, it could be a great way to mitigate the problem and get you thinking about plugging the holes. If you have a vehicle how about making up a small ultralight camping kit to keep in it? What can you do to improve your chances by stashing a bit more kit somewhere else or having a good walk round your neighbourhood for things to possibly scavenge en route. This could give you some ideas what to carry. Just a thought I've given this a bit more thought, and have decided that I will stick to being vehicless as this is what I would actually have to do. So, firstly, I would sort out the ultralight camping stuff all of this is stored in waterproof tubs in the shed. A couple of tarps, paracord, bungees, trangia stove and a bottle of fuel, compact sleeping bag a few mylar blankets and a wool blanket. I also have a pocket version of the SAS Survival Guide and Food for Free. My fire starting kit, one of the knives, small hatchet and a dinky little folding trowel. FAK, I keep a set of clothes vac packed in my camping kit so that will go in. I'd then bung in some seeds, my shorthandled hand tools and mini tool kit. A good folding saw would go in too. Compact wash kit, water prurification tablets and filter. a couple of folding water bottles and 5 litre folding water carrier. couple of litres of water. Metal mug and set of nesting billy cans. map and compass a hanful of rags from the rag bag some rubbish bags a box of candles Food is very basic out there. It's mostly staples stored in airtight drums. So I'd help myself to Milk flour sugar salt oil cornmeal I'd dig up the money stash too. Fishing gear is also out there, so I'd probably snag some line, hooks and lures. Souds a lot, but I know all of that will fit in my backpack, and I could carry it. I wouldn't just use my backpack, I'd get out one of my wheeled suitcases and make a start filling that with useful, but non essentials. more garden tools, a few carpentry tools, some nails and screws. Staplegun and staples more water more food en route I would keep my eyes open for anything useful like empty plastic bottles, tins, pine cones, Defence for me would have to be a few homemade booby traps to secure the camp once I got there. Firearms are more strictly controlled over here. For the moment I think I'd be happy with that. Speaking of stashes elsewhere...Just rememeed I have a few bits stored at the allotment too! Including a couple of packets of Hobnobs. It's actually got me thinking that maybe I should make and store some hardtack and jerky in the shed too.hmmm much to think about.
  5. Wychwood

    Weather Reports For Winter 2014-2015

    More cold and rain...*sigh* Lights are on during the day now.
  6. Wychwood

    Mental Exercise: Limited Resources I

    Well, apart from the fact I don't drive I might fare better than most. All my camping gear, some of my food stores, heaters, paraffin(kerosene?) tools and other necessary stuff is stored in the shed as I have limited inside storage. My camping gear is all lightweight backpacking type that I carry when I go on holiday. I might have to cheat and put the Cats Box on wheels though. Is that allowed?
  7. Wychwood

    Removing label 'glue'

    I find that wetting a pan scourer then rubbing well with household soap and then sprinkling on a good amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and some elbow grease works very well. You may have to go at it a couple of times. Have the jars in really hot water to help soften the glue and expect to bin the scourer when you've done.
  8. Wychwood

    Hiding money

    I'd split a sum up into smaller lots too. Some in a pocket, purse stuffed down your sock tucked inside a hat, taped to the inside of a belt one or two hidden pockets in your coat. At home, I like Canning jars
  9. Wychwood

    Something to consider

    Ya know, the more I read of this Obama don't care, the more I'm glad of the NHS. It may not be perfect, but at least everyone, from the vagrant on the street corner to HM The Queen has access to first rate medical care. I can't get my head round what you folks have to pay for healthcare.
  10. Wychwood

    Gift suggestions for a two and a half year old?

    One of the best presents I've ever seen a couple of little girls enjoy was a box full of 'dress up' stuff. They were kept amused for hours on the day of giving and went back to it on a regular basis. Things were added to freshen it up and things were removed as they wore out and looked tired.
  11. Wychwood

    Christmas Thread!

    It's just me, my grown up son and a hooligan Cat now, so we just have a tree, although whether that will survive the Cat is debatable. I no longer give presents to any adults expept my son, just the kids and I haven't sent cards for several years, I donate the money to charity instead. We celebrate quietly eat too much and generally slob out.
  12. Wychwood

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Have 12 pints of Chilli on the go today. I think that will be about it for a while. No more room in storage until we eat some of it!
  13. Wychwood

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Canned 8 pints of Spaghetti sauce with meat. Great to have on standby when I don't feel much like cooking.
  14. Wychwood

    Weather Reports For Winter 2014-2015

    It's still cold, wet and miserable over this side of the pond. Had some foggy days too. Typical November weather in England.
  15. Wychwood

    Canning Failure Help.

    I think it may have been insufficient headspace. And yes, I've made a note to self also about tipping jars! Thanks for the replies.

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