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  1. Well. It's time again. For the third time I got my good-bye call from my son. He leaves monday for Iraq again. It really hurts so much to hear him say, I'm going to be safe this time mom, I'll be in the SE part of Iraq helping to build a hospital. I can't help it I worry- my mind goes to those places of what if every minute he is gone. His first tour he told me that they were building schools and such. An Iraqi made it through the fence while he was on guard duty. My son walked around one courner of a building as the Iraqi walked around the opposite courner facing him, my son was so shocked and scared he emptied his clip into the man, saving his own life but now having the stain on his soul that he had killed. It was not to be his last kill. His second tour the convoy he worked as a gunner to protect was attacked and the three armed hummers- he was in the 3rd one were blown up. Thankfully they had put their duffle bags full of gear in the rear and that's where they were hit. Their supplies were destroyed by taking in the schrapnel that would have killed them all. Yes, I believe that God is watching over my son. I just can't make my mind stop playing taps. So for 7 more months I'm going back to the basket case I've been twice before. This time when he comes home, he's transferring to a training job where he'll be stationed in Texas and no longer elligable to have to go back to Iraq. Lord, I pray so hard for that day to come.
  2. madamkitty

    help for hemorrhoids

    Once again, the knowledge on this site has amazed me. I have looked on so many health and medical boards I'd almost given up. Thank you so much for all the suggestions- all are to be tried by me. The birch bark tea depends on if my husband knows where a tree is. I only have one more question. I have never been able to understand what people are talking about when they say fiber. What foods is it in? I only usually eat one time a day, and up until the last 3 months or so nothing I eat is fried. I've started eating dinner with my MIL because everyone wants us to get out and have company. I enjoy the company, but lately the food is killing me. I don't know if it's just heartburn or if I've finally got that ulcer a doctor told me years ago I was headed for- I have a nervous stomach. Right now my nerves are shot and stress level is through the roof so if I eat- I hurt all the way up into my neck. I think I'm gonna go back to eating my bowl of cheerios at night and say the heck with it.
  3. madamkitty

    help for hemorrhoids

    This is an embarassing subject to talk about but I need help. I have horrible hemmorieds inside and out. Prepration H, suppositories and tucks no longer help. I read several years ago about putting winter green on a cotton ball and tucking it in, when first used it several flair ups ago it burned like**** but reduced the swelling, not this time. Yes, I'm bleeding, daily now. Yes, I know I need to go to the doctor but have joined the ranks of so many others- husband lost job, no insurance, and only just received 1st unemployment check after 6 weeks. Anything you ladies can think of to help will be wonderful. My "butt" pillow is even painful to sit on.
  4. madamkitty

    What Makes Life Worth Living

    The people in my life that make it all worthwhile....
  5. madamkitty

    Here's a SHTF scenario for you

    Hi. I'm probably gonna get some feedback on this one. My hubby and I raised Chow's for 7 years until sombody poisoned our babies over the fence. My male was named Wickett and was totally black except for his teeth, a true baby but highly protective of his family, human and animals. He would get at least 3 hot spots a year, in the SE with temps up to 106 it seemed inevititable. We started keeping the burnt motor oil from oil changes from your vehicles. It can be strained but it takes awhile to do so. Pour the cooled oil directly on the hot spot, no rubbing into the wound, this is after you have clipped the hair back. Don't ask how or why this works, I don't know. An old man told my husband how to do this after seeing Wickett with a hot spot and it works. It taste so nasty they don't lick the oil after one lick. The wound is covered and sealed in oil and heals within a week. It southes the skin so no more itch. Oh, and it's free. We also keep Chinaberry trees in our yard to repel fleas and ticks. Started out with one tree in 1993 we just replanted sproutlings as I call them, in the last three years. The 3 yr old in my front yard is over 10 ft high. I have 32 cats and until recently 3 large dogs. Not one has fleas or are bothered by ticks. Take small limbs covered with leaves off trees, put on floor in front of inside/outside doors- makes a barier no inside fleas. Put the small limbs where any fleas show up and they leave. Anyone bothered by flies or gnats? take basil and catnip, place in small cloth or net bag and hang in corner or where ever you want- they're gone.

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