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  1. Yeah, getting food for free is great but.....please be aware that once ANY grain is ground into flour it starts to lose nutritional value due to oxidation. In fact, it will lose 50% of its nutritional value ever 24 hours!!! Grinding your own whole grains is the only way to go if you want the nutritional benefits.
  2. Thanks Cat! We believe that the second most important priority to actually having a "food store" in your home is knowing how to prepare it! That is why we are so excited to be a part of this forum and be able to learn and share with everyone. Using food storage for every day meals is not difficult. We are so dedicated to education on preparation and nutrition that we hold free classes once a week to teach cooking with the basics. Feel free to view our recipes: http://www.foodwisestorage.com/recipes. I don't want to sound like we are advertising and I will refrain from talking about the store it is just so exciting to see so many people who have wanted this type of resource for so long. We are happy to tell our customers about this forum and we have placed a link on our site pointing to mrssurvival. Looking forward to being a part of this community.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Brent. My wife, Kristi, and I have been very involved in personal preparedness for quite some time. We live in the greater Phoenix metro area and were quite surprised to find the lack of resources for food storage and emergency preparedness here after having lived in Utah. So......we decided to open our own store here in Gilbert, AZ. WOW! Has it taken off! We have a different approach than the traditional food in #10 cans. We have found through research that individuals are extremely reluctant to open a large can and use the contents. The mentality is "I have my stash, I'm not going to open it". Since January we have been processing freeze dried and dehydrated food as well as rice, beans, spices and grains in #1 PETE containers. We have found that food stored in PETE will last just as long as food in a #10 can with none of the drawbacks. You can open the jars, use the amount of food you want and re-seal it without effort, there is no "tin taste", here in the desert if cans are exposed to much temperature change they tend to "sweat" hence canned sugar gets hard and clumpy due to condensation. Also, you can't see what is in a can. We are also finding that not only is freeze dried and dehydrated food more nutritious than produce in the grocery store but people are saving 20% - 50% on their grocery bill by using our food. I just wanted to introduce ourselves and share what we do. This seems like the appropriate forum. We would love to hear what individuals are interested in and what would make planning, preparation and purchasing simpler and more convenient for those who are concerned and wish to be provident like we do. Looking forward to your input and feedback. -------------------------- 854 E Williams Field Rd # 105 Gilbert, AZ 85295 480-370-8618 info@foodwisestore.com
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