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  1. gofish

    State of emergency

    Warmer temperatures melting the heavy snow we recently had along with 3 days of heavy rain and my little city is under water, Parks in the flood zone are the first line of defense for flooding and are totally under water. There are a few stores across the road form the park that if it's flooding bad their parking lot will flood. They are underwater. Homes and restaurants near the parks are flooded. Roads and walkways are collapsing. A friend was woken up by the fire department in the middle of the night and told to get out. Gas and electric has been cut off. Basements are damaged. The first shelter has been opened, Flooding is wide spread in the area. Many towns and city's are in the same boat. I'm fine. My home is far enough form the rivers that are flooding, When we were buying our home that was one of our concerns. Safety and prayers for everyone impacted by the flooding.
  2. They are also in Facebook ,and reenactors or living history interviews are very interesting. I'm going to try the Fried Chicken
  3. gofish

    H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Some friends were on a cruise. the ship pushed hard to get back to Florida and made it 3 hours ahead of schedule. Another friend found them a rental car as they were planing to stay a few days in Florida before flying home. They should have been home by now but with all the traffic they are just outside of Atlanta. They said finding food and fuel is spotty at best and they were only doing 31 mph with all the traffic. For everyone.
  4. I've been watching a YouTube channel about a young couple starting their debt free Homestead. Sometimes they get a little yappy but they do show a lot of of the work they are doing on the systems they are putting in before the build their home and the reasons why they picked they way they developing their property. I'm finding most of the information very interesting. You should check them out sometime. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhBsM9K_Bc9a_YTK7UUlnQ
  5. gofish

    Arlo the puppy

    Arlo. He's about 8 pounds now.
  6. gofish

    Arlo the puppy

    When my youngest child brought home her puppy Arlo he was a very wormy malnourished skin and bone. bloated belly, low energy mutt. Three weeks with healthy food and being wormed twice he's lost his bloated belly and low energy. He's a very small dog and doesn't move fast but he's now all over, getting into everything ball of fur .Nothing is safe from him. You can still see his little ribs but he now has a glow of health and will sit on command does down most of the time and will come to his name. Pretty good for a 10 week old puppy. Now if he would just get potty training down.
  7. gofish

    Farm Dust

    Found it direct from the manufacturer and changed the link I think you'll find this price bit better.
  8. Something to put into your preps. Yummy. https://www.weavers-dutch-country-seasonings.com/online-store/#!/Seasonings/c/8506037/offset=4&sort=normal
  9. My Son and GF moved in with 2 cats and a puppy. I could not take all the animals in the house. I'm trying to do some remolding so she took her cats to her mothers house for now. The puppy Harley is a untrained 13 week old Blue Heeler. She is learning basic commands. Son is doing a lot of outside work for me and GF is on crutches for the next 3 weeks so until she get mobile again most of the dog care seems to be falling to me. After my Sadie died, I'm sure I made it clear I didn't want to care for another pet, My youngest without asking brought home a 8 weeks old very malnourished mutt.I asked her why she got this dog and she said her sister got a dog and moved home with dog, her brother got a dog and moved home with dog and GF, she just removed a step. They know I'm a sucker for dogs. Harley is a very energetic, everyone loves me because I love everyone kind of dog. Arlo is a low energy standoffish with most people kind of dog, I don't think that will change much as his health improves. He has learn to sit in the past week. I think Arlo would, like my Sadie, sit on the sofa and watch disaster movies with me. Harley would be causing some disaster. Both dogs are failing at potty training or should I say the adult children are not doing their part in making sure the dogs go out often enough. Adult children are in the dog house and they know it. I'm not putting up with poorly trained dogs. Son and GF went away for the weekend taking Harley with them. Youngest DD is on a date. Arlo in biting my toes trying to get me to play. He seems lost with out Harley. Why is he so darn cute?
  10. gofish

    duck egg problem

    We also have 12 chickens. The ducks and chickens are DH's pets. I think ducks are messy and if it were up to me we'd only have up to 3-4 chickens. Although duck eggs make wonderful noodles and I use them a lot in baking, for me they have a texture I don't like when I fry them. Right now we are getting 5 dozen eggs a week and that's a lot of eggs for the 3 people still in the house and DD2 will be done with high school in a month and she will be leaving the nest next. I share eggs with a friend that has 6 kids. Her guys love boiled duck eggs as a snack.
  11. gofish

    duck egg problem

    WE have two female ducks. One is a Khaki Campbell and the other a White Pekin. The Pekin is a great layer with solid eggs but the Khaki at least once a week will produce an egg with a thin poorly formed shell. While this can be common at the start of the egg laying season it's still continuing weeks later. Anyone have some advice about this problem?
  12. gofish

    Rhubarbs Ready.....

    Yay, it's a it;s a low FODMAP food. Although I'm trying to stay away from sugar. I wonder if it would be good with maple syrup? I can sweeten with that. Honey would be a no go. I ate something that made me suffer for a full five days with nausea and felling like my intestines were trying to rip themselves out, I haven't looked at my tiny little patch yet.
  13. Early yesterday morning, there was an explosion and fire at a landfill in my county. Big fire with lots of smoke. The landfill is between my big town and the next bigger town but they both kinda of run together. I live miles away form the fire. Emergency Management put out a shelter in place notice telling everyone to stay indoors and turn off ventilation systems near the fire, DD wanted to go prom dress shopping and yesterday was the only day both of us had free so we headed over to that side of town, after all the wind was blowing all the smoke towards the bigger town. Well the landfill was a lot closer to the mall than I thought and the wind kept shifting directions, ugh very stinky smoke. We found the prom dress. The fire is 40% contained but can smolder for months. I'm staying away from that side of town,

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