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  1. gofish

    9 incisions, Ouch

    Tuesday I had my hernia fixed. Before surgery the doctor told me I'd have 1 larger incision and 2 very small incision fairly close together to fix the hernia. When I woke up I had the one larger incision and 8 small ones all over my stomach. When the started to fix me hernia they found 3 more spots starting to develop so they repaired them all leaving me with 9 incisions. I hurt but I'm slowly getting better.
  2. gofish

    Revamping the car kit.

    Ski gloves with zipper pockets for hand warmers. Bring it on winter.
  3. gofish

    sickness bags

    Two things happened this week that I made me recognize a gap in my flu box. First my youngest got the stomach flu and was sick for 2 days second I had surgery and was sick from the Anesthesia. The hospital sent me home with some barf bags. I really liked the ease of use and disposal of these bags so I found some on the internet I'm going to order. https://www.ebay.com/i/123358334595?chn=ps
  4. gofish

    A space blanket worth having

    He does recommend a brand but that's not the focus of the video. It's more the best ways to use the space blanket.
  5. gofish

    A space blanket worth having

    Hair bands would work better
  6. gofish

    No TP required

    This is the best I can come up with...
  7. gofish

    No TP required

  8. gofish

    Revamping the car kit.

    Biggest thing is keeping your eye on weather conditions. The time I was angriest, as an adult at my sister, was when she had her second child. My mother and I followed her husband to the hospital on the day they were to be discharged. It was rainy with the temperature dropping fast. At pretty much the last minute she decided she was going to take a nap before she want home. I tried to tell them about the bad weather. BIL also know as condescending Jacka** by my husband and my self ,laugh at me. I wanted to take her oldest child and my mom back to their place but she had a dream of them going home as a family. My mom, to keep the peace, said it wasn't that bad yet so we had to go shopping until sister was done with her nap. I told them to hurry up as soon as we got back to the hospital. The weather was getting as bad as I told them it would be and it was getting dark. Another hour and a half later sister was ready to go and the roads were glass and it was very dark. My mom and I were almost in a multi car pileup. BIL switched cars with me so I could drive the car with better traction. So for the next 3 hours I had to drive unfamiliar roads, during an ice storm, in the dark, with 2 babies, trying to calm down a woman who had just given birth, crying she has killed us all on a trip that would have only taken twenty minutes if everyone would have listened to me in the first place.
  9. gofish

    Deceptive Site

    I'm having this problem now on my phone. If I use the laptop I can get in without a problem.
  10. gofish

    Revamping the car kit.

    We had freezing fog this morning. Yucky.
  11. gofish

    Revamping the car kit.

    I gave half of the box of the peanut butter to my husband to stash at work and I need to get some pretzels or crackers. Maybe some jelly packets.
  12. gofish

    Barocook flameless system.

    Walmart online has them for the best price I can find. I think they have hydroheat too.

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