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  1. Hi from Northern Ireland

    Hello glad you are here!
  2. Christianity and Preparedness

    Thank you for the post I am now getting back into preparedness.
  3. Reintroducing myself!

    Thank you for support I really appreciate them.
  4. Reintroducing myself!

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful welcome.
  5. Reintroducing myself!

    Thank you for your words of kindness.
  6. It has been awhile since I have been here and would like to reintroduce myself. The past couple of a years I have been going through a lot like in September of 2009 I was laid off due to the economy as well as in 2012 my youngest grandson was born then his parents got married in 2013. When they got married they could not get anyone to marry them so I went online and became a minister in order to marry them. I know a lot of people disagree with doing this but I felt that it was the right thing to do. The site I went on encouraged the people who became ministers to use the credentials to further the kingdom of God and find out what their ministry is which I have since then have been trying to do. If I have offended anyone I am sorry for that. Thank you for listening to what I had to say, Luzianne.
  7. Surname roll call

    The surname I'm looking for is DeVoe(Deveau).
  8. Christianity and Preparedness

    Thank you for this post!
  9. The Rainbow Bridge

    I am sorry for your loss you will be in my prayers.
  10. Thrift Stores!

    I love going to thrift stores for clothes, household goods, and holiday decorations. Does anyone else do the same thing?

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