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    Hello Hello

    Hiya, Thanks! Well if anything I am glad for my time as an army cadet in the uk. I learn a lot of good skills, such as how to have a proper fight! That was the unofficial training! but the good thing is that I know I am much more of a feisty fighter than a flee-er. But all the same just avoiding risky situations. It is pretty worrying. There have been much fewer people out celebrating Karneval this year. It is such a shame really. I think now I have a daughter, my feistyness is much higher. I am very much ready to defend the rights and privacy of my family.
  2. Jazzbexter

    Hello Hello

    Shout out to any expat Brits. I am near Cologne in Germany. Big thanks to Christy for adding me. I am getting prepped. In Germany we have a focus on self defense ad self reliance. Hopefully getting some solar panels I'm the not do distant future.

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