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    Jesus, family, homeshooling, sewing, herbs, camping
  1. homeschoolshe

    What Are You Grateful for Today?

    Grateful to take up a whole row at the Christmas Eve Service. There were 13 of us. It's a great joy to have the whole family worship the Savior together!
  2. These are the men I want standing up to protect our freedoms!
  3. homeschoolshe

    What if..... willing to eat it cold.

    Mr.Rider, your cold pork chops are making me hungry. Had a tooth pulled today and ice cream just isn't cutting it. Our family of five might get 10 or so meals right now as our supplies are seriously stretched right now. Cold cereal , powdered milk, canned fruit, lots of jellies and peanut butter, 5 or 6 loaves frozen bread, commercial canned chicken (not sure about the home canned meat.......I always cook it some first just to be safe.....same with home canned tomatoes...Lots of dehydrated corn, tomatoes, peaches. Yay know, maybe we have more meals than I originally thought, and I bet quick oats could be eaten after an overnight soak, adding a teeny bit of vinegar in the milk to soak might help too.
  4. homeschoolshe

    6 cases....

    Why a case of goldenseal? I was thinking antibiotic, but we rarely use them. Echinacea and vitamin C is our standby, but add Goldenseal if the other won't kick it, except strep throat needs grapefruit seed extract at the source.......really it is a toss up. Goldenseal and grapefruit seed extract are the higher priced.
  5. homeschoolshe

    6 cases....

    One case of the small propane tanks One case of mixed batteries One case of canned beef One case of canned chicken One case of milk chocolate chocolate chips (for mini treats) Edited to add number 6 One case of goldenseal
  6. homeschoolshe

    Update for Tuesday

    Librivox dot org free audiobooks
  7. homeschoolshe

    Weather, neighbors....and such

    Wow Mt Rider! You have had your share of trials this week. I do love how you take each situation as something to learn and file away for later use. As a person who is very cautious about dogs, I don't understand your neighbor at all. Even the little ankle-biters on chains keep my attention when I'm out walking. When I lived in town the neighbor had a Rottweiler. I always kept my eye on him when I was working in the garden. One day he got up from laying down where he normally was. His chain just dropped right off his collar; it couldn't have been secure. As long as I kept working he didn't bother me. When I would stop he would start over. Well he watched me seed lettuce (and pretend lettuce) all the way to my back door.......you just never know.
  8. homeschoolshe

    Happy Birthday homeschoolshe & Frugal Cook

    Thanks! Just popping in to say, "Hi!" Life has been crazy. Was blessed with our first Grandson last Saturday! He is pretty special! God is good everyday! Blessings to you all! ~ Sheila
  9. homeschoolshe

    Prayers answered

    Praising Jesus! Redeemed how I love to proclaim it; redeemed by the blood of the lamb!
  10. homeschoolshe

    The Bathing Suit

    I feel the pain. Staying out of the water, thanks.
  11. homeschoolshe

    With a Little Warning - MtR's computer

    Sent prayers in Jesus' name.
  12. homeschoolshe

    Prayers for Jonathan

    Keep us updated, so we can pray when he has surgery.
  13. homeschoolshe

    Happy Birthday, homeschoolshe!

  14. homeschoolshe

    Tuesday... sad things happening.

    Hugs to you. Great that you are seeing God's blessings during your pain.

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