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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. It's nice to be remembered.
  2. don't trust postal money orders

    LOL! Well Mt_Rider the really sad thing was it did involve something for Christmas.
  3. don't trust postal money orders

    We had this happen as well. Only when we didn't get the merchandise, I was able to get the money refunded from the postal service. Then someone actually cashed it and we had to repay the postal service even though the person it was sent to did not cash it. The post office didn't care who it was actually made out to and that someone else had cashed it.
  4. Probable Asperger's

    Will definitely be praying for you. My 22 yr. old is an Aspie, but has other issues. My 10.5 yr. old son has classic autism.
  5. You May Now Address Me as "Dr"

  6. Decisions Made

    I've been following your posts and will keep your family in my prayers. Just a note: I wonder how far away you are from me? I'm in south central IL as well.
  7. Here we go.....gas is up, up, up

    Saturday it was 3.04. Monday 3.09 Wednesday morning 3.17 Wednesday afternoon 3.24 My friend emailed me when she went to lunch today and she said it was 3.34 I have to go out tomorrow and I'm already dreading what I'll see.
  8. Beware of sheeples in the family

    If I remember correctly, you have to ask to be allowed into the Ladies' Forum since it's for Ladies Only.
  9. Beware of sheeples in the family

    My understanding is that everything was neatly boxed in the garage. She used money she made from her job to purchase the items. They just decided that she had mental problems because of the prepping. I just can't understand a husband having so little respect for his wife. In one day, they have manged to throw away any trust she had in any of them especially her husband.
  10. Praying for both you and your husband.
  11. Thanks for posting this link. I'm always looking for more recipes using what I have in my pantry.
  12. Very Ovewhelmed!!

    I'm not the OP but to have been feeling overwhelmed. Thanks to everyone for their posts. They've helped me become more focused.
  13. I'm not the OP but thanks for all the links and great info in this thread. It's definately helped me have more focus.
  14. Son in wreck-ICU-Rapid City SD

    Sending prayers for all involved.

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