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  1. HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MONEY SAVING SYSTEM for Home / Boat / Caravan / Shed

    1.Add up the hours that each light will be on for to get the Total of Energy Consumed.

    2.From that you can Calculate everything you need IE: Solar Panel / Battery / Regulator


    My Calculations

    3 Zones

    1 X LED SPOT @ 10W + 2 x LED FLOOD @ 15W

  2. Greyson

    Simpler Life

    My wife and I are soon joining the Mennonites. We recently purchased a 130 year old farmhouse that needs complete restoration. We are hoping to live partially off grid one small step at a time. We plant our own food, can most of them and hydrate the rest. We hang dry our clothes on lines in the 2nd story balcony and in the cellar. We have a cistern that needs cleaning and next spring we plan on getting rain barrels and using our floor pump. We bought this house because we wanted a quieter life after years of renting. It hasn't been easy as we find many things that need repairs. But I wouldn't trade this for anything. I am thankful to God for His blessings. All of this prompted me to create a website chronicling my journey to becoming a Mennonite and the owner of an old farmhouse. Please check it out. www.quiettimes.webs.com

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