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    I am Mom. Christian, Bible student, goatherd and milkmaid, chicken wrangler, grandma, wife of 27 years.
  1. growerotl

    Prayer request for my son

    Thank you all for your prayers. Ds came back the next morning, but he's been kind of quiet. Maybe he is worried about how he reacted to us, I don't know. He won't talk about his emotional explosions, or what's going on in his mind when he does that. He's the only one of my 4 kids that has no relationship to the Lord, and he lacks that spiritual strength and God's input to guide him through this. I appreciate any prayer y'all might offer on his behalf.
  2. growerotl

    Prayer request for my son

    My son just got out of the Army. He spent a year in Afghanistan. He's been staying with us for the past 2 months, while he gets situated. Tonight dh and I had an argument, and ds blew up in a rage and stormed out of the house. We could not stop him. Please lift him up in prayer. He has rage issues since he got back to the states.

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