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  1. The WE2's

    Others assessing "preppers"

    We're bug in-ers! LOL
  2. The WE2's

    Happy Birthday To Jeepers!

    Sorry I've been absent and missed your birthday! Hugs and hope you found a nice sweet cake to enjoy!
  3. The WE2's


    Don't overlook making Zoodles...
  4. The WE2's


    We buy our drawing salve from the Mennonite store a couple of towns away from us. Also found it at a store that sells Native American stuff. I checked on line some time ago about making your own, and the main ingredient is pine tar...which is usually available at farm stores like Tractor Supply.
  5. The WE2's

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Both of us have a pair of "Mucks" ...just the shoe and they're wonderful for anything wet or dirty. Just a quick rinse and you can dry them with a towel.
  6. The WE2's

    Water alerts and panic

    We own two Berkey's...one smaller one that travels with us and a large one that sits in our kitchen. We also own two Berkey Sport Bottles and a couple of Sawyer life straws. i put a Berkey Sport Bottle to a test...filled it full of water that I knew had lots of iron in it. Let it set for about 6 months. Pulled it out, gave it a shake and turned the spout up and took a drink. A bit flat and a not cool, but definitely drinkable.
  7. The WE2's


    Got a bit of a "start" over the weekend. Went into one of our local McD's and the women's restroom had a sign that said "single occupancy only" and when you enter, you push in and then you have to turn a lock on the inside...no handle....and when you leave, you turn to unlock and push the door outward. There were only two "stalls"...one regular and one handicap...neither had doors. You were the only person in there. Guess it's to keep some of those "confused" men from entering the women's facilities...LOL Guess it don't matter where you stand in line?
  8. The WE2's

    DIY TV Hack

    We don't have the fancy phones, tablets etc. so we use streams from news channels and Amazon Prime as well as YouTube. Don't miss cable much at all! We get our weather alerts from our NOAA radio that we have set form a distance of about 80 miles so we can "see it coming".
  9. The WE2's

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    What wonderful looking food!
  10. The WE2's


    Only letting the "wild garden" do it's thing. Did find a variety of Comfrey so I split the roots and put them in there. The Wooly Lambs Ear (? i think?) that I picked up from "a certain place" seems to be doing pretty good. The wild asparagus is doing great and I'm just letting it go. The Yarrow, Mullein, Echinacea etc., are deciding on what they want to do. The potatoes have some blooms so we probably have a few new 'taters...but I'll wait til the green dies out and then we'll dig them and see what we've got. Had about 6 volunteer Kale come up...figured God planted them so pressure canned some of it as well as a some Lambs Quarter. Got a patch of Lambs Quarter that I can probably jar up a real nice bunch. We did find a new way to rid ourselves of weeds along the front ditch, the driveway etc....it's a propane weed burner torch...we got ours from Harbor Freight for about twenty bucks. Weed eaters are good but sometimes you want something to stay dead for longer than a week!
  11. The WE2's

    About Nuke Survival

    Unable to access...says "forbidden"...??
  12. The WE2's

    Water alerts and panic

    We've been Berkey people for many years....and have bottled water that we keep in the frig for a cold drink in the mornings. We try to avoid drinking any water from any place unless it's filtered "somewhat". Even friends, if they don't have a frig with a filtered water spout we don't drink their water. Just too risky! And boy can we taste a difference when in a restaurant and they bring us even filtered water!
  13. The WE2's

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    When we started arranging things at the homestead house, we turned one of the bedrooms into a pantry because it's just off the kitchen area. No steps! We had previously thought we'd put the pantry in the upstairs bedroom...NOT! A few trips up those steep steps to turn the kitchen into my new spice/herb/essential oil room made me change my mind real quick!
  14. The WE2's

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Several years ago we were able to buy several of those square buckets from our local WM bakery. A;bby-girl even has one for her very own doggie food! LOL
  15. The WE2's


    Boy do I know how those falls hurt! Done that several times. I've started looking on the ground in front of me more now...even little irregularities can pitch me off balance. Skinned my chin just a couple of months or so ago coming in from the garden area. Been having issues with my left knee and hip, so I've been "hanging upside down" on our inversion table as well as using my tins. Sure makes a difference for me!

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