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  1. Busy beavers around here. Hubby's still working on the bathroom...found one upper ceiling wall had no insulation...so he's going to blow some in. That's the only way he can get to it. Also been keeping us busy mowing yards. With all the rain we can't always get in to the yards (3 of them) to get the mowing done and then it's so dense it takes a long time to get it done. Got my first blackberry today from the homestead! Yummy! This is a bush we pulled 2 years ago and re-planted in the area we wanted to transplant all our berry bushes. It's loaded. Hubby put some pvc hoops over the piping it's tied up to and then put very fine bird netting over the whole plant. Can't spray with Neem oil (we use the organic) because the rain would keep washing it away (and it's pretty expensive), so we're hoping the japanese beetles won't come until we can spray the ground underneath the bushes as well as on the netting etc. My friend is closing up her store...gradually. She lives upstairs and just can't afford the utilities any more. She has her mom's house (she bought) and we'll help her move into the basement until she can get the main house finished (remodeled). Once she's moved she'll gradually sell everything in the store and then the building. She'll have to rent a U-haul trailer so we can help her move. She has nobody with a truck...that she feels she can trust. She's truly going through some emotional, spiritual and financial battles. BUT...she'll get through all of it! Our Lord is faithful to do exceedingly good for us!
  2. Many full time RV'ers say that they leave the hoods up on their vehicles to keep rodents from making a home under the hood. They also put a "solar" light under the hood...perhaps using one of those that one can buy for their walkways would work...switch them out on a regular basis so they are always charged and can light up under the hood?
  3. Been a busy week around here. So many things to get taken care of. I sorted and vacuum sealed winter clothes and unsealed my summer ones. Still need to do some serious de-cluttering of shoes. Right now they're in a pile waiting for "the verdict"...which for many of them is the trash bin. I don't give away shoes...because I don't buy used unless they're really nearly new shoes. I don't think it's a safe practice...and I never buy used undies no matter how cheap. Went through the travel trailer for two days, de-cluttering it. Some of the things (cookware mostly) I seldom use, so I asked hubby to carry the boxes (3) upstairs at the homestead and I'll get them when and if I know we'll want them when camping. Did some laundry today and got it hung to dry. Hubby got the a/c put in the window several days ago so we're really enjoying sleeping in the cool. It was getting so hot and humid one just couldn't get comfy enough to really rest. and it was a constant battle using our battery operated fly swatter and sticky sticks to keep flies "done in". And the neighbors across the street here decided to fued with each other and the language was so bad we had to close the door regardless of the heat. Still having issues with the single mom across the street at the homestead. Her two teen boys have decided it's fun to park on their side of the street but directly in front of our driveway...which makes it very hard for us to back out with either of our vehicles. One of us has to stand behind and make sure we don't back into one of their cars (or their friends) or into the ditch. So...we contact the city traffic advisory board (maybe I'm repeating myself?) and have asked them to make it a "no parking street" for our block. We're on for this coming Wednesday, so pray for us "to have favor"? Thanks! Also still haven't received our homestead refund yet, and little bro hasn't mailed my semi-annual inheritance check. Gripe...gripe...gripe? Have to do a lot of repenting this month. A close prayer friend is going through some serious issues herself, so I've been spending some prayer time with her...which I'm getting ready to call her shortly. Sorry about Grrr...I just know how your whole family must miss him. These fur-babies snuggle their way into our hearts and their memories stay there forever. Mr. Slugger is still in his misery. She comes only long enough to let him out, feed him and water him and off she goes. Sadly, even if we could take him, she's ruined him as far as manners. From puppy-hood on he's been a digger and she refused to put anything substantial around the bottom of the fence to stop him. She never taught him any leash training and without social skills (usually learned from dog parks or professional trainer) he hasn't learned to get a long with other larger male dogs. He's never had any real vet care other than telling us "he doesn't have worms...I've checked his p... and there's none in it". Said she couldn't afford ear treatment meds so we gave her some when his ears were so bad. He probably is infesting with ??? and I fully expect to see mange start soon with all this heat and humidity. I'd "make the call" but I know he'd probably end up being put down. He would be a lot of responsibility for anybody to take on. Medically and socially. So sad. Later my friends...we safe and dry.
  4. As far as we're concerned...just a lot milder. We love them!
  5. Picked our first batches of Egyptian Walking onions, Lambs Quarter and Garlic Chives from the homestead this morning. The raspberry "transplant" that we did 2 years ago (was hidden under the Lambs Quarter forest last year) is loaded with berries. We'll have to start spraying with Neem and hanging some VCR tapes to keep the bugs and birds at bay. The older ones on the back fence have a few, and so far no black berries. We have one cluster of blooms on our Elderberry plant, and it's grown two new starts from the original. It's my understanding that Elderberries grow abundant berries every other year, and that if you want more you need to cut them back every fall. We didn't do that. The Mullein's are growing huge. The Comfrey has beautiful purple flowers that will go to seed and hopefully spread also. The tomato plants are doing great in their own little baskets. When they get tall enough I'll train them to grow down over the edge of their pot. They're the smaller garden variety tomatoes so they should do well??? The mint starts are doing okay. Next time I'll start them in water and let them grow their "legs" and then put them into soil. I want to plant mint across the entire front easement at the homestead. It will help keep mosquito activity down? And just think how wonderful it will smell when mowed! There's a sidewalk between the easement and our front yard (Abby-girl's yard) so we'll be able to keep it contained. If it grows into the ditch? Oh well...LOL This afternoon hubby worked on the passenger side mirror to get it to stabilize. So far, the driver's side is holding up pretty good. That's wonderful! Was such a safety issue to have to roll down the window and adjust his side mirror before he could merge or turn left, and I had to keep my eye on the passenger side if he needed to do the same on that side. Slowly but surely Miss B is truly becoming road worthy.
  6. Took in some nice weather...when it occurred...and got some mowing done. I mowed the garden area while hubby took care of the rest of the homestead...took us about 5 hours. With all the rain, the grass etc. had gotten very tall. Then he finished here and then went to the Roost and mowed there. Humidity right now? 81% so without a/co we're done doing anything except having cool showers and resting! There's storms all around us so that's why the humidity is so high. Not sure if we'll get any rain or not. Lots of friends who are facing serious flooding issues since they love around lakes etc. Did make a day trip to a favorite swap meat (about 40 miles away) and we really found a couple of good deals. I picked up two dozen Ball canning jars for 4$, an electric hedge trimmer (which was on our hunt list) for 13$, a Olympian (sp?) Catalytic propane heater for 12$, two small canvass 3 legged chairs for 3$ (they're light and we can carry them when we're out and about and need a place to just rest for a minute or two, and stopped by a Mennonite store and picked up 3 flats of green beans (We share them with Abby-girl) and two cases of frozen yogurt for 4$ a case. One was chocolate mint and the other caramel pretzel. Won't need to run to McD's when I have an "ice cream yearn"! We get two servings out of a pint so it's really a savings for us.
  7. We're just fine. Got a bit of rain but no wind, nor sleet, no tornadoes. Thank You Lord!
  8. My 6' long dresser and my 5' high wardrobe are made of oak. Both of them went through a fire that destroyed my mom's mobile home many, many, many years ago...like 35?...and she let me salvage them. I went to work scrubbing them down, sanding away all the burn and scorch marks and re-stained them. They will never leave my home! When we move to the homestead they'll have to be in our dining room "looking like" furniture because they're so big and heavy. Hubby knows...LOL
  9. I now "play my game"...I ask "who are you?" (like I'm hard of hearing) and then I blow my whistle just as loud as I can after they tell me...and then hang up! Rude? Yep. Belligerant? Yep. Hateful? Yep. All of the above!
  10. I used ours this morning...for tater tots! Also made s small batch (4) of biscuits in it earlier, and then some homemade gravy from my gravy mix to go over them. An egg each and a sausage patty each. Then tonight used it for our fries to go with our battered cod. Love them dar things!
  11. While working around the homestead today I opened up the small chest freezer and found a huge bag of sausage links! How did they get by us! Brought them home and I'll get them re-packaged as soon as I can. Also have a large block of sliced cheese that I need to repackage and freeze some.
  12. Today was a long and hot day for both of us...but...my van is home! Hubby is working now on the side mirrors. They won't stay put and we can't find replacements, so he's trying to make new screw holes with some sort of stuff Ace Hardware techy suggested. It's supposed to set up in 24 hours...praying it works! If so, he'll do the passenger side also. While he was working on the mirror (we were at the homestead most of the day) I worked pulling up more poison ivy starts, then transplanted 3 of my new tomato starts (they're looking wonderful!) into separate pots that hang on my "sort of like" green stalk thing. I still have about 5 more in the original pot and they're looking great also. The radishes are looking good, the carrots looking good, and the petunia's, begonia and impatence are looking mighty pretty. Refilled my hummy feeders and hung a "dangle" on one of the porch hooks. It's a swirling thing that when the wind blows it swivels and "looks like" it's changing shapes. Carried the table we bought for the van (in between the front seats) down from upstairs (what a chore!) and put it in the van. Fits perfectly. Has a nice decorative rail around the edges so when we set things on it, they don't slide off very easily. Hubby will build some cup holders that will fit on top for us to sit our drinks on. There's only two on the console. Sprinkled Abby-girls soft bed with lavender, put it in the dryer on fluff, and put it in the van for her to lay on (if she wants) when we're travelling. Tomorrow we're planning to make a day trip to put out some flowers for our loved ones that have passed on. Hopefully the weather will leave us alone until we get home.
  13. Dontcha know you can never "retire" a carpenter! You're right about retiring. I work harder now than I ever did when I worked in a real estate office. Hubby....he's always worked hard. Like I said, carpenters just never really retire.
  14. We both can almost immediately tell the difference between home cooked meals and restaurant meals. We seldom eat out but when we do we try not to eat fast foods, even though most restaurants run a pretty close 2nd to fast food!
  15. Mullein Leaf tea is wonderful for coughing episodes...dried and shredded. I use about 2 tablespoons in a large coffee cup and add a bit of Stevia.
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