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  1. The WE2's

    The Kids in our Neighborhood

    Kids...when the neighbors boys reached their teens...not so peaceful. During the day they're in school but home evenings and weekends. One ended up in some sort of "home" and has been gone almost a year now. The one left is much easier on the neighborhood. Probably took note of what happened to his younger brother. The baby sister is a TOTAL SNOT! She can out scream and out cuss her momma any day of the week...and she's not even started grade school yet!
  2. The WE2's


    Today was a bit of an "off day"...unfortunately that sometimes comes with thyroid issues. So, hubby and I went to $Tree to pick up a sympathy card (a friend's mom passed) and then to WM so he could get another work watch. He goes through them quite often in his line of work. Stopped by the homestead and rotated out a few things from the pantry, including 2 jars of chili beans from 2015 that I put up using Tattler lids. Also some yogurt (we buy in bulk and store it in the frig there) since we eat it daily with our granola. Then baked a loaf of bread since we're just about out. Going to take a pasta type salad to my friend's house that's hosting for the immediate grieving family's meal after the funeral.
  3. The WE2's


    I have been using hubby's arm or a cane to balance myself, but have "graduated" to just walking on my own. I do use his arm or my cane when I know I'll be on uneven ground. Line dancing ... you can be very choosy, and use a cane! LOL One of my favorites would be "Electric Slide" . It's EZ and you could do it with a cane in the privacy of your home...with computer music etc. ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pF9PN8UpqI
  4. The WE2's


    Thank you so much for this post! So much uneasiness beforehand, but watched a video on removal of the cataract only and was encouraged...and your post really was important for me! Again...thanks!
  5. The WE2's


    Took things EZ today. We did our "picnic gig" ... we pack a picnic cooler with lunch and off we go...where? Who knows!? Yesterday went for the cataract evaluation. Surgeon said my eyes were very healthy other than the cataracts and being severely nearsighted. So...he's only going to remove the cataract's and not do a lens implant. Said "if you don't mind wearing glasses..." My reply? I've worn them since I was 9 years old! Even with a lens implant, it would be single vision (Medicare :-(...) so I'd still need glasses with bifocals and my pay amount would be much more. Also said I didn't need to be taking vitamins for macular degeneration because my eyes were in pretty good shape there. So...the 28th for the left eye and 9/5 for the right eye. He said "this will open up a whole new world for you"...wonderful! But my eyes are very tender today. So many drops in them, all kinds of lights being shined into them....yuck! Been putting artificial tears in to help...which it does. But...this screen isn't helping.
  6. The WE2's


    I was able to buy a used French Press at a garage sale for $2 and it makes the tastiest coffee I've ever drank. I have coffee beans that were given to me from a Batista (?) so I won't mention the brand, but I was able to stock up on LOTS of it. Also picked up some coffee straws from one of our Mennonite stores (frees dried) and it's very tasty...when in a hurry. Because of thyroid, I've limited my coffee to one cup in the mornings, after I've drank my morning glass of ice water, breakfast...then coffee.
  7. The WE2's

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    We're fortunate in that we have made many friends via our local Moose Lodge, my Christian friends and become "our" friends, and my remaining siblings are within driving distance if I needed them. We have made many friends and camping friends that we've met through our dancing also. We've even made very special attempts to reach out to our neighbors. We just gave one neighbor 9 bags of dog food for her dogs and I've usually always got "something" I can share with someone. Both of us have learned that we all have warts and too look for people that we can be friendly with..."acts of kindness" work well for us. If they are "friendlies" then we try to further that relationship, as long as we're not being used. Son turned his life over to the Lord and boy has it made a difference for us. He just recently found a "significant other" (hopefully will marry?) and she seems to be a sweetie. She's very handicapped because she has no forearms ... but they adore each other and that makes me happy. When we divest ourselves of two pieces of real estate and get moved (finally!) I'll feel more like we're where we supposed to be. We still want to find 5 acres or so with timber and a water source for some camping...a place to escape "noise pollution".
  8. No they do not ping. After a reasonable amount of time, just lay the blade of a butter knife across the top...it should lay flat...that's my method.
  9. The WE2's


    Voted, finished the regular laundry (had to use the dryer because of rain...which we needed badly!) and played lazy with my "red head" called Abby-girl!
  10. The WE2's

    Need to Prep Water

    In a life changing event, I'd be boiling my water "before" I even put it in my Berkey. We have two Berkey's ... a smaller one that we can take traveling and a bigger one that we use for our drinking water etc. Our bottled water we keep on wood flooring and away from sunlight and heat/cold.
  11. The WE2's

    Container Gardening

    Love container gardening...although we sort of "mix it up" with raised beds and a deep mulch patch.
  12. Yes, I love Tattler's. However, I have collected a good supply of them to "set back" for life changing events and use the 2-piece systems for regular jarring up. Went to buy some more pint and half pint jars etc., last week and they are scarce as hens teeth (we buy Mennonite). All you can find are the Ball etc., at WalMart and other places that carry only the major brands. But I've used Tattler's on other projects and some are 3 years old and still holding their seals just find. Just follow the directions to a T and you'll be fine with Tattler's. AND...if one is spewing...leave it alone!!! It will calm down and seal or not seal, but just let it do it's thing. Sometimes people don't "back the ring off" enough and there's no expansion room...or they forget to tighten them down when lifted from the canner.
  13. The WE2's


    Took a day trip today through the national forest area...what a beautiful place! When we get the van home we plan to do some serious exploring of that whole areal, which will involve some serious camping! The weather in this area is still hot and muggy. We've had some rain but not near enough. Studied a bit more on our Lambs Quarter patch...collecting the seeds as a grain. Ours is about 8 foot tall and should flower and seed before too much longer. Tomorrow hubby resumes work on the new bathroom at the homestead place. Seems like everything takes a step forward and then two back! Oh well...he'll "get 'er done". Joined some friends Friday evening for a potluck dinner and some dancing at a community center not far from us. I think the dancing (especially the line dancing) has helped the vertigo. Perhaps learning to adjust? When you're over 70 ya gotta adjust!
  14. The WE2's


    Jeepers...no the van is still in the shop. September it will be a year! The "mechanic" says that it was a hodge-podge of parts from previous repairs and that nothing matched up like it should have. So...still waiting. He's got it under the van now so probably (???) shouldn't take too much longer. As for the eyes...I'll find out this week what the surgeon says....still antsy. Took our Abby-girl in for her annuals and she's doing wonderful...but has several fatty tumors (very small) that have developed. Vet said it's just age...he took biopsies of each. Can you believe she's 6 1/2? She still acts (and thinks) like she's a puppy! LOL
  15. The WE2's


    "And hello there Ms.Twilight! It sure is good seeing you post again. Stick around girl." Broken hip...WOW! Hope you get your energy back.

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