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    Still haven't heard yet from the mechanic that's re-building the tranny on my van. Last time Mr talked to him, he had all the parts...were hoping he'd have it done in a couple weeks. BUT the weather has turned off so bad I'm sure he didn't want to get outside and push the van back into his workshop :-( I'll be so glad to have Miss B back home where she belongs and where we have a backup vehicle.

    Did the "straddle and clip toenails" on Abby while Mr. held her collar :-) She doesn't like it so it takes us both. I've tried it myself and sometimes I'll get two toes...IF I'm lucky! LOL

    Other than doing our weekly volunteer work, we've stayed inside...literally. Only opening the back doo to let Abby out to do her job. Even she gets down to biz and comes right back. Last night with wind chill, it was -20. Today we had 9. Last time Mr. looked it was 4 :-( I do believe this is one of the coldest winters we've seen for a LONG, LONG time! With the snow on the ground it just makes it feel even more frigid. They've been opening the food kitchen in our area for those needing shelter from the cold. They provide cots and as many blankets and pillows as they can collect from the city, plus a warm meal. So far it's my understanding that they average about 10 each night. I don't know if that means there are that many that are homeless or if they just don't have heat systems in their homes...either way, glad it's there for them. They've even started opening during the day this past week. So glad there are people in our city that volunteer to stay there at night as over-seerers, otherwise they probably wouldn't be able to keep it open. I've even noticed that my knees ache when I first get in bed at night, until they warm up. We're not really warm ourselves. Thermo is at 68 and we turn on the EdenPur in the livingroom to supplement the heat while we're in there during the day. Gives this furnace some relief if we keep it turned down and run the EdenPur. No work done at the homestead. Maybe tomorrow?

    Our forecast for tonight..."Bundle up tomorrow morning. Wind chills like those expected (-20) may cause frostbite in as little as 15-30 minutes. Wind chill values will improve by the late morning, though will stay below zero throughout the day." We have about 3 inches of snow on the ground.

    Take care Homesteader!

    Started snowing this morning and has been intermittent all day and supposed to all night. But, it's VERY cold so it's must little tiny bits and not really accumulating. Supposed to stop some time in the morning, early. Not sure if the pantry where we volunteer will be open since it's a MLK holiday, but we'll call before we get out.
  7. Flu 2018

    Watched her video too. I heard the IV bags were also being depleted because flu victims were needing a lot too. People in our area are "dropping like flies". Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE WON'T STAY HOME! Employers should tell their people stay home and get sick pay, but many won't. Remember...wash, wash, wash your hands. I keep a bar of pine tar soap on our bathroom sink soap holder and that's what we use (NO to sanitizers!) to wash our hands. We don't shake hands and we don't hug other people. Sorry...love ya, BUT :-) Glad we got all of our shopping done. We haven't been around anybody for about 2 weeks. Mr. did go help a friend move some stuff (he's having to move into an assised living apartment) but stayed at arms length...because he was "stuffy". I really regretted that they called Mr to help...but whatcha gonna do? I stayed home. There were several others to help also.
  8. Flu 2018

    For that lingering cough...remember...dry/suppress it, wet/expel it. We found that the old "honey, lemon and whiskey" was an excellent help, in addition to our home brew of Elderberry syrup.
  9. K-Mart And Sears Closing

    The KM in our city started closing about 1 month ago.

    Yucky Mt_R...we haven't had that happen with Abby-girl but twice/upchuck, and I'm tellin' ya...kitty litter is a must! I keep a small bag "just in case" whether it's upchuck or the other. Sprinkle it on and grabbed the plastic gloves a roll of paper towels and a WM bag (or maybe two!) and Mr takes it to the ally to our dumpster. Also, many of you may not know (I only do because 1st hubby had a colostomy) that peroxide is an almost immediate deodorizer for "messes". I kept a spray bottle always handy. Probably should again for just in case events :-(

    Did the "dust attack" yesterday while Mr worked on the bathroom at the homestead. Dusted ceiling fans :-)

    Father God took her home Wednesday evening...I just needed some time to re-group. Her family is "circling the wagons" around their father, and I know he's got quite a battle still ahead of him. You can't be married to someone for 40 years and see this type of end...been there done that...but not by the C giant. They're a deeply spiritual family and it's the answer she was able to see these past several years. They tell me that her last hours were spent whispering "Jesus"...gotta go.

    I have a dear friend who is losing her battle with breast cancer. I've never known a sweeter woman of God than she and it seems so "unfair" to see this. She saw her husband through alcholism to get saved and serve God, she saw two sons through drug addiction/abuse to give their lives to God...just seems so unfair that at a time when she could be celebrating such spiritual victories that this "goliath" should come her way. Just venting...
  14. Storm a’Comin

    We had the 60's yesterday then COLD rain/ice today and this evening. Right now everything that was wet is froze...dry ice! Tomorrow some of it "might" thaw, but it's doubtful since the high will only be in the low 20's. If there's some sun, it may melt some of it?

    No goals...just these "intended accomplishments" : 1) Finish bathroom remodel at homestead 2) move to homestead and 3) sell this place. I did get the refrigerator cleaned out, shelves washed and lined with Glad Press and Seal ...makes cleaning shelves EZ. Just remove foods, pull out press and seal liner, wipe off with vinegar water, dry, replace with new press and seal, put food back in and the job's done!

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