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  1. The WE2's


    Time to hit the sack...typing on this little notebook is tiring! Be glad when the big laptop gets fixed and is home and hooked up. The other pc is in our livingroom and hooked to a large Visio for tv etc., so we don't use it to handle business.
  2. The WE2's

    Winterizing An Air Conditioner

    We replaced our central air with a window unit and set the a/c's fan to a similar temp and it's kept us cool for 2 years now. Would you believe it lowered our electric bill by about $80 a month in the summer!
  3. The WE2's

    Multipurpose for common items

    Perhaps a bit costly but one of the best "emergency" RV things we've found is Eterna-Bond tape. They even seal skylights with it. Once it's on it's on! Lots of RV'ers use it to seal leaky roof's etc. There's lots of RV repair items that work great for home repairs.
  4. The WE2's

    Winter 2018...Persimmon Report...uh, what?

    Heehee...persimmons and caterpillars. Lots of things the old timers talked about! One thing is for sure...the Farmer's Almanac was about as far off as it could be this year for our area.
  5. The WE2's

    And now H.Michael?

    Believe it or not we knew nothing about it until we returned from our vacation....nothing was mentioned...??? We don't have "fancy phones" and most of the family was busy visiting and no tv....they don't watch much tv any time. Sure did terrible damages to Florida and Georgia! We had rain all the way home, and the flooding throughout Texas and Oklahoma was astounding! Guess northern Missouri got dumped on too!
  6. The WE2's


    Unloaded the rest of the RV and got things put away this evening. We only bought $15 worth of food the whole ten days we were out. I shopped from our pantry before we left and then this evening we shopped from our pantry again. Love our pantry!
  7. The WE2's


    The 2nd pc that we use for most of our business crashed...we took it to Staples and they'll be getting it fixed. Guess when we got home it and turned it on it started loading updates and something went wrong. We just bought it in February...and only HP honors their pc's...maybe. If you don't have backup disk's your truly out in the cold. Well...they don't give you install disk's anymore when you buy a pc so you have to create your own.
  8. The WE2's


    Got home last night, ate supper and crashed! But...what a lovely 10 day trip throughout Texas visiting hubby's cousins. Some are aging and it was good to get to visit all of them even though it took a lot of driving. His 50th high school reunion was "ok" as he put it. They spent a lot of time just going over different alumni groups...cheer leaders etc. Our Miss B drove like a trooper and we averaged 15.9 mpg with is super-duper for RV's! The first part of our trip had very warm weather but it got much cooler (even cold at night) the further northwest and then northeast we drove. We paid for camping 2 nights but over nighted in Walmart's the other 8 days. Abby'girl was a trooper too! While staying at one cousins home (sort of in a country setting) she accidently got out of their house (we had walked across the road to another cousins home) because they forgot she was inside. They nearly panicked but had to laugh because all she did was run around our motorhome trying to figure how to get in! We all found that quite funny after picturing her in our minds! Now...she's glued to my hip every time I move! "You're not leaving me no place if I have any choice"! LOL
  9. The WE2's

    Is this true....pet grooming deaths?

    And adores her human daddy giving her a good brushing on a regular basis!
  10. The WE2's


    Forgot to mention...took Miss B (our camper van) out for a day trip through the national forest last weekend. Lovely trip. Got 17 mpg...good! Hubby's checked out stove to make sure I can cook. Also changed all the fluids including filters etc. The new front seats are so comfy, and the passenger seat swivels around to have seating towards the galley-way and we are able to store our 5-day cooler under the bed (which we choose to leave down rather than up in a dinette) and can be pulled out for a table with 4 drink cubbies while one of us sits on the edge of the bed. Works for us! Abby-girl finds a spot and stays put! Big dog living little
  11. The WE2's


    Hubby's been sprucing up our rig for an extended trip to his home state...his 50th high school reunion (he's younger than me) and to touch base with several of his surviving cousins. Some of them are 15+ years older than he is. I've nudged him ever since we married about getting in touch with some of his kin. Both of his parents are passed on and he was an only child, so cousins etc. (I felt) were very important. Hopefully we'll be heading out in a few days...Texas bound.
  12. The WE2's


    Went in today for my final exam after the cataract surgery. Just tickled pink! Left eye 20/25 and right eye 20/20. Just need readers or...can pay high dollar for clear lens glasses with bifocals. Will opt for the readers for the time being. I've prayed all my life for healing of my eyesight...and had to wait 71+ years to see without having to wear glasses. Figure? Anyway...PTL!
  13. The WE2's


    We're fans of using our Netti Pots. Gotta know how to use them or you'll think you're drowning! But it sure flushes those nasal passages out and relieves pressure. Then some deep inhale's from our bottle of Oregano Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil and we're usually over the hump. Still have our Elderberry Syrup in the frig just in case. We've been doing fine this year...even during allergy seasons.
  14. The WE2's


    We've seen some travelers using bottled O2...they bought at WalMart...so they said. We asked in our city and they've never heard of them. Are they at Sams or ??? Just seems like a good prep to us....even if it's only a couple of bottles a year.
  15. The WE2's

    presidential alert

    How can one turn off the amber alerts? I never get them but hubby get them all hours of the day and night.

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