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  1. Sorry...we ate our supper before I knew this post was here! We had Beer battered Cod bites, fries and pork & beans. No pic...
  2. The WE2's


    Met the lady to pick up the half pint jars...it was a case of really old ones in their original box...and 16 not 12! $3 ... not sure if I want to use them. Hubby worked on the bathroom this afternoon and I got most of laundry done today. Beer battered Cod bites, fries and pork & beans for din-din. We buy the Cod bites at the Amish/Mennonite store and they are absolutely delish! I pull out the Fry Daddy when we have them and fries. Abby-girl is enjoying her "mush" that we add to her kibbles. In my blender I put sweet potatoes, some veggies, and some meat and blend it into a mush. Keeps in the frig and we just give her 4 tablespoons over her 1 cup of kibbles at supper time.
  3. The WE2's


    I don't use Silver Script etc., my thyroid pills are on the WM list, and cost me $10 for 3 months. Hubby's...most of his are too. One is expensive so we got a "card" thing that we took to WM and they discount that one.
  4. The WE2's


    Another cold day but there was quite a bit of sun. Days like this one will fool you, thinking it's warmer than it is. Put an ad in our local internet service (we only pay $10 a year for it...just for the ads...no surfing) for used half pint canning jars. A lady from another town will be in tomorrow morning with some half pint and pint jars...$3 a dozen. I'll take what I can get! That will leave my "stash" of canning jars safe. Hubby finished up the widow's project and is waiting for her son to come inspect the work and pay him the balance of what he's due. He's been billing in part to keep from getting ahead of the clients wallet. Then hopefully we'll be back on to our homestead's bathroom and my kitchen cleaning.
  5. The WE2's

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Kappy, had to chuckle a bit...we bought a grow light as well as the mat. I told hubby, better be careful, the neighbors might call the law about strange lights upstairs at the homestead! We'll keep them white and dim...no blue or green ones!
  6. The WE2's

    Possible RA

    Safe in His hands...you have a lot of people around here praying.
  7. The WE2's

    9 incisions, Ouch

    Have something warm to drink and take things easy for a bit.
  8. The WE2's


    Yesterday we took Abby-girl to her favorite vets for her Christmas picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus. She was quite nervous not knowing who all the people and dogs were, and we were a bit out of her sight. But we got a good one! She's 7 this month. Wanna see?
  9. The WE2's


    Both of us worked at the homestead! Yes...the homestead Hubby got the flooring down so we can walk around in it now. The shower has been in for some time. By removing everything and going with a walk-in 36" shower, vanity & toilet all on one side the bathroom seems to have almost doubled in size. While we worked on that project I did some organization in the big pantry as well as labeling some of the goodies we had just set on the table & counter. Got all that put away as well. Since the bathroom is a somewhat a "Jack & Jill" bathroom (each bedroom has a door into the bathroom) and we turned the one bedroom into a pantry, we have decided to remove the door (we'll store it upstairs) and put in a "false wall" so that we can add some shelves on the bathroom side instead of having a door we have to worry about someone opening (even though we had a lock on the bedroom/pantry side) that door. We'll resume work sometime this next week. I need to wipe everything down and get things ready so I can do some turkey cooking and then canning there, I'll have a lot more room and the turkeys are in the freezer there. Going to be moving the major part of my canning equipment over there. That will free up a lot of space in the small pantry I have here. Abby-girl just lays down the rug I put down and watches me work...I'm in the kitchen and we have long canvas drapes covering the door to keep the dust etc. down while he's working in the bathroom etc. She's able to just nose her way through the drapes but still prefers to be where I'm at. "She's a momma's dog"...as I'm reminded quite often
  10. The WE2's

    Overprotection: help or hurt our survival?

    Parenting today not only damages the children but also the parents...in my humble opinion. I never got a spanking from either of my parents but my siblings did. Guess I took note? Anyway, none of us (and there were 6) ever got into any serious trouble and respected our parents. Your aunts and uncles and neighbors could also give you a paddling if you got out of line. We answered to everybody!
  11. The WE2's

    medical testing - ugh

    Good wishes for your surgery Kappy. My sis has stenosis (?) and she fought it much too long, to the point where they told her surgery or a wheelchair. It was quite an ordeal with months of recovery, but now she's back on the dance floor and thankful she's walking and not humped over and twisted to one side anymore. "Father God, guide the hands of these surgeons as they mend these damaged parts of Kappy's neck and spine...in Jesus' name...amen".
  12. The WE2's

    No TP required

    Yep...that's the trick isn't it! I've heard you're not supposed to look at the clock...yes? Good luck with that one! I have come to the conclusion that if I wake up and can't go back to sleep right away...no bother...I'm retired. I usually get up around 3 anyway to visit the bathroom and take a thyroid pill. If it's earlier, I'll get up read and maybe drink a cup of relaxing tea and go back to bed when I'm ready. Hubby never comes to bed much before 2 anyway and he usually wakes me when he crawls in the bed feeling like an ice cube! So I also get up when I want to (revenge? ) and turn on the tv to listen to my Bible verses or whatever...he's usually up by 8 anyway. He also takes short naps at lunch and again after supper...in his chair
  13. The WE2's


    Cold and had some sleet this morning, so I stayed put until hubby came in from lunch. Then we took our vacuum sealed bootie over to the homestead freezer. I still have a large package of sliced cheese that I need to re-package into smaller bags. I don't vacuum seal them because they get mashed and then I can't get them to come apart once they've been frozen. Lots of the local "warming centers" have been open this past week for anyone who has a cold home. I know there are people of poverty in our city but they live in really shabby homes and ya best just leave 'em alone. It's good that they can voluntarily go someplace for the night (or day) to stay warm and get a hot meal.
  14. The WE2's

    No TP required

    Saw a video of a couple that had those in their hallway and in their bathroom. Looked like they did a great job. At one time we had a couple on both sides of our homestead garage, but got tired of putting in batteries and finally ??? who knows where they ended up. Hubby bought a couple of solar powered motion activated and plans to put them up this next year probably.
  15. The WE2's

    Canning Pinto Beans

    I've canned beans both ways...dry, pre-soaked, pre-cooked. Like mentioned by Twilight, when I can dry beans I never go past the 1/3rd and use vegetable stock for the rest of the way. I don't can Lima's because we don't like them. They take up a lot more liquid and space anyway. I usually only can pinto's, northern's, reds and black beans. Haven't yet canned up lentils though. I know they're supposed to be very good when one adds rice to them.

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