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  1. The WE2's

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Tonight was spaghetti from the pantry and in the electric "hot pot" and dessert was sliced apples with peanut butter. EZ on the cook since we were out most of the day.
  2. The WE2's

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Been years since I was pregnant but I had a package of saltines and a can of 7-up beside my bed and I ate a few and drank a little of the soda before I ever got out of bed. Didn't have any nausea with my 2nd child.
  3. The WE2's

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    High today was 27 but no bad stuff. Do have another storm front that's supposed to move in tomorrow night so we took advantage of the lull and got out. There's still a lot of snow on the ground so we had to be careful coming and going into our driveways.
  4. The WE2's


    Seemed like a heat wave here...high was 27! But...not much wind, no sleet, no ice, no snow...but another "biggie" is expected to come in Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. We took advantage of the little bit of sunshine and checked both homestead and the Roost. I stood outside the truck every chance I got to get some of those rays that were peeking through the clouds and we took our time walking into the various stores etc. Picked up some half pint jars from homestead so I can jar up some of my frozen mixed veggies. A half pint works great for a pot of soup for two. Stopped at Sav-A-Lot and picked up some hot chocolate (they didn't have any boxes of spiced cider), some apples, some bananas, some oranges and a loaf of bread. Had to go to Aldi's to get celery and carrots for stews etc. Don't want to get into the stew starters that I jarred up. Sooo...I guess we're ready for another round. Hubby says he may try to work on the bathroom project sometime in the morning before the bad weather sets in. I'll keep an eye on the weather and give him a call if it starts before he comes back here. Our Abby-girl had a romping good time in her big yard at the homestead, jumping and sticking her nose in the snow. Then she danced across her back seat all the way around town and all the way to the Roost. So...she's happily snuggled in her bed...until I get through here and she knows it's "snack time".
  5. The WE2's

    Reminiscing Wagons Ho!

    Even though we didn't plant a 2018 garden, we did for 2017. I pulled out "saved seeds" from several years ago and put them on a wet paper towel, folded it in half and then put them in a plastic baggy (not closed). I do this with all my plants when I'm ready to start gardening. The ones that sprouted I put in dixie cups with soil and let them come on up. I also did this with some seeds from a speghetti squash and yes, they grew and produced...until the squash bugs got it! I sliced a tomato and put it in a container of soil, and got lots of little sprouts that I was able to plant. So yes...I think saving seeds of all kinds is a must. Even if you only get 10 plants from a package of ??? you'll still have produce and more seeds to save. Who cares if they produce "true". If you're hungry you'll eat it...in my opinion.
  6. The WE2's

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Still cold and wintery. Had some light "bits" floating around this morning but nothing staying. Calling for 2-4" more inches Tuesday. Really learning the importance of being able to shelter in place...for over a week now...and having plenty of food to feel normal. Will try to get out tomorrow to check on properties and maybe pick up a few more staples from the homestead. I'm sure glad we picked up five cartons of shelf stable milk from $Tree last time we shopped!
  7. The WE2's


    Another cooped up day...this is sure getting interesting. Supposed to have another storm moving in Tuesday that will be as heavy as the one last week...so we'll try to get out tomorrow to check on the homestead house and the Roost. If we get 2-4 more inches on top of what's already here it's going to be even more interesting. Just did some laundry so I'll have half of it done that I usually do on Monday's so I won't have to mess with it tomorrow. Still very cold and not much sun so nothing is melting. We both took a big dose of Magnesium tonight after supper but hoping we'll also get some sunshine tomorrow.
  8. The WE2's


    Stayed put again today. Supposed to have more bad stuff moving in before long...according to the weather. So far we're not getting anything even though the map says we are! LOL Vacuum sealed some shredded chicken from the hen I put in the crock pot. Kept it in frig until today. Ended up with 7 bags with just enough for us to have one meal in each bag, be it soup or ??? Also fixed a potato-corn-pea chowder (with some bacon bits) for our lunch. Glad we brought the case of potatoes here from the homestead for our breakfast hashbrowns as well as soups. Supper tonight was beef tenderloin with plenty of homemade gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. Didn't take a pic...dived in before I knew it! I was HONGRIE!
  9. The WE2's

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Snowed again yesterday...so again, hunkered down. Supposed to get more tonight. So we won't be trying to get out...again.

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