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  1. Turmeric Soft Chews

    We take the Tumeric capsules but heavily pepper our eggs at breakfast. I have some in containers for another time and can cap them myself using fine ground pepper...AND using gloves! LOL

    Spent the day satisfying my "spring fever"...LOL Hubby worked in bathroom remodel and I set up my little green house rack and he cut me some nice plastic to put over the old, cracked plastic that was with it (we got it $5 because of that). I carried all my clay pots etc., onto the front porch and started arranging them on their racks...except I put my aloe plants, and a couple of herbs that survived the upstairs winter into the green house. When I unclipped the front a nice big rush of warm air swooped out at me. It's on the west side of the wrap around porch so it only gets the afternoon sun. I may try to get some potatoes in the ground tomorrow. Yesterday was supposed to be our last front date. Told hubby...just think, when we're moved here we'll probably be even busier because he's still got his garage/barn to wire, insulate and set up his shop. It will be good though because he'll be able to just step out the back door. We're arranged most of our buildings to be within 100' walking distance. Ya know when you're 67 and 71 ya just don't wanna trapse all over a country hill side to do chores! LOL
  3. What are you canning today? Part 8

    Funny...I pulled a quart jar of sweet garlic pickles that I jarred up 2 years ago and have truly been enjoying them...ALL BY MY LITTLE OLE SELF! (hubby doesn't like pickles unless I chop these up into relish-type thing for tartar sauce).
  4. What are you canning today? Part 8

    I will do some canning, but we'll buy from Amish this year. We plan to do some camping and traveling and I'll can when we're at home base.

    Jeepers...like I said...must be the weather!
  6. prayers

    What a story to share! Yep...blessed yee R!
  7. Christy's Soaps!

    Not in English...but display looks lovely.

    Don't know about where you live, but in our state, every time you run a credit report it actually lowers your credit rating. They seem to think you're getting turned down and are searching...might want to check out how it is for your state.

    Just going to leave them in the box with the paper grocery bags over them and their little "heads" peeping out...weather is to be nice this week and maybe the soil will be dry enough to trench and tuck them puppies in and just see what happens.

    Our usual...Abby and I go with Hubby to homestead and I pittle around inside while he works on bath remodel. Then he changed out the disc on our security camera. Would you believe the only "incident" we caught of the backwards driver was a big dust "poof" behind our truck? He was absolutely traveling fast. No wonder he lost control. We really thought we'd catch him when he first ran into the ditch...but he surpassed all expectations! Started raining a bit ago and temp was barely at 50. Still can't put in potatoes because it's supposed to rain tomorrow too. I may have to pinch off the runners and see if I can still save them for seed...? Guess that would be a real experiment!
  11. Breads

    I have made my breads following his various methods for years and am seldom disappointed. Made some "crusty bread" this afternoon using the turbo method, and using my cast iron pie pan. We each had two pieces...for dessert! LOL https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrE190KxNJaRxEA9C1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=artisan+bread+with+steve&fr=yfp-t-s#id=3&vid=ad9f2c1f99a35faf5a2c50e8b839476c&action=view

    My seed potatoes have sprouted big time...just haven't been able to get them in the ground with all the crazy back and forth weather...either freezing, snowing or raining! Thought I'd get them in this weekend...nope, winter weather is supposed to come back. I can't plant them in mud, they'd just rot. Guess it's a lesson learned ... how many old timers may have lost crops due to increment weather etc. and the Irish Potato Famine.

    Weather forecast was for warm weather early, then stormy then cold for the weekend so we did some Mennonite shopping. They had Land O Lakes butter on sale, two for $5 and lots of other stuff. We're planning an R&R in the travel trailer the 27th so wanted to get all the shopping done that I want to take. We're being joined by friends, and as usual we cook one evening and they cook one evening etc. I'm fixing Fajita's for our share meal and can buy big bags of bell peppers and onions. It rained off and on during the morning in their towns but didn't get much here. All the serious storms went around us (as usual) so we just hung around here the rest of the afternoon. I did go online to fill out the census....because of their threats. When they ask for a name (they said it was voluntary and I could enter a nick name) I entered "illegal to ask" and gave the the bare essentials ...did we have a bathroom, did we have a sink & faucet...then I skipped all the rest. Done! No phone number either. FYI for those of you who might be wondering about their scare tactics.
  14. Read and see if it is enlightening...

    Sometimes they just need the Saul experience...get knocked off their donkey and become a Paul. Then they'll know for sure who HE is!

    Yesterday morning we were at the homestead, in the kitchen sorting books etc. and I heard a "bam!" and said "what was that?" Hubby said probably the front door swinging back because we left it open? So we continued. Not long after our Abby-girl started cussing something out through the screen door. I always go look, and there were police cars on the road just east of us. I gave hubby a yelp to come see and investigate. As it turns out...some guy and his girlfriend were trying to "avoid an altercation" up the road, so he jammed his SUV in reverse and floored the accelerator...backwards! Lost control, slipped into the ditch in front of our place, took out both driveway posts continued downward and tipped upward, slammed into one of our big cedar trees before coming to a stop...that was the BAM I heard! Neighbors heard both times, when he took out the driveway posts and then hit the tree. So....today we had to pick up broken and shattered safety glass, plastics and tree bark for about 50 feet...grrrr! That's how we spent the afternoon...on our knees with gloves (that found it hard to pick up tiny shards of glass) and putting the shards in plastic bags (4 of them!) and boxed for the trash. Never knew vehicles could throw that much glass! Anyway...we took pictures for ourselves and for our insurance. We'll not turn it in on ours but they'll turn it in on his. He's so lucky he didn't turn it over and throw one or both of them out! And we had pulled the truck far enough into the drive that he missed the back end of it by about 20 feet. All this...DRIVING BACKWARDS!

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