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  1. Got TT loaded with clothes & food...ready to hitch up tomorrow afternoon. On our way home from getting truck fueled up, hubby dropped me off and was headed to the garage to put the inside cover on the a/c on the van. When I walked in the back door and in to the kitchen I hear the sound of water...oh no...water heater control valve is leaking! Call hubby and say turn around quick, we gots a problemo...big time. Turn off water heater. It'll just have to wait until we get back home from our camp trip! Cost of new heater? Around 400$...oh oh...I see a credit card bill until I get my inheritance check in June. Fiddlesticks!
  2. Last night was a wonderful welcome home party for our friend that spent the last 3 months in Spain. She put on a power point slide show that was so interesting! I had to "insert" a picture of one our friends because she was taking the picture with us in it. We took two, one without me (I took pic) and then one without her (she took pic) then I "fixed" it. Not the best, but we're all there! Our traveler is the one in the blue sweater/blonde hair.
  3. I have a gallon one that sits on top of one of my book cases in the livingroom...inside of it is stuffed Alvin the chipmunk and his gal! A friend knows I love to watch the chipmunk movies so she got them for me one Christmas many years ago. Busted!!!!
  4. Hubby worked a bit putting the Apoxy mix on the under cover of the van's a/c. It will take til tomorrow to dry. Then we made a short run to Aldi's to pick up the extra's for our camp trip next week. Things that I don't have in the pantry(s)...chips, queso, bananas etc. Then we took all the dry foods over to the TT. While he checked the air in TT tires and truck tires, I watered my "garden babies" and put the dry goods away in the TT. All my garden babies are peeping up very nicely. I had moved them in under the covered front porch to keep them away from the freeze. They're doing great. Moved them back to their sunny spots before I left. I'll give them a good watering before we leave. Also spotted the pretty white blooms of the chickweed so gathered up a few of their roots and planted them in a pot. That's the only place we've seen them anywhere on any of our properties. Where were they? Around my Egyptian walking onions! If we were going to be home next week I would have gathered all I could get to put in our breakfast eggs. May still gather some tomorrow (if they're still there) and put them in a zip lock baggie in the frig to take with me! LOL
  5. Chicken Fajitas (had some left over bell pepper and onion mix that was open & in freezer), seasoned rice and refried beans.
  6. I keep a nail brush at the bathroom sink as well as at the kitchen sink. When I've been handling anything with soil, I not only wash my hands but I take the nail brush and rub soap on it and give my fingernails (under neath too) and cuticles a thorough scrubbing.
  7. Lovely herb garden Ann...there's no doubt you've put some work into it.
  8. Seasoned Burgers, buttered corn, fried potatoes & onions, Italian bread, and some of my home made jams on a half piece of Italian bread.
  9. Looks like MERSA to me...which can be deadly. Lots of people catch it from (of all places) hospitals! We know of two different fella's that fought it and it was horrible. The one got it on one of his legs, from what he thought was a rash beginning. The other picked it up after a surgery and nearly lost both of his legs before they were able to get it under control. Neither caught it from soil because neither were gardeners. Here's a link that pretty well tells what MERSA is. https://www.healthline.com/health/mrsa#risk-factors
  10. I use the tall, half gallons. And no, they are not for canning. I don't think Ball even refers to them as "canning" jars...only jars. I use them only for dry good storage and vacuum seal. They're wonderful for pasta's, beans, rice, flour, corn meal, saltine crackers, cookies...they do a great job IF you vacuum seal them.
  11. Made a run to Aldis to pick up some specialty bread for our friends return home party. I'm to bring some of my home made jams too. So I picked up some of my raspberries, some pears and some strawberries that I preserved a couple of years ago, and turned them into jams. One pint of Raspberry, one pint of Pear/Raisin Concerve (? spell) and one half pint of Strawberry. Had just a bit left over of the pear and raspberry so we had some on some toasted buttered bread. I had the pear and he chose the raspberry. Oh my...
  12. Be sure to drill the holes on the side rather than the bottom. Our first ones we drilled in the bottom...and we fought constantly try to keep the soil moist and the weeds from growing up...even though we had weed mat at the bottoms.
  13. Sat everything under the porch except the hanging baskets...I am thinking they'll be okay since the new buds are set deep into their pot.
  14. Did take a quick look at the finished a/c shroud on my van. Looks so nice...almost looks new! It's in place too. Now for some super glue repairs on the inside cover (plastic...yucky...so it broke in a couple places). Has a little bit of dust on the top but that will blow off when we get it out of the garage.
  15. Was a VERY long day for us. Went this morning to $Tree to pick up more dish mats. I needed a couple in the travel trailer so I took the ones I had here. Also picked up a couple extra for Miss B. They are just so handy when cooking...and washable. I keep the heavy one for when I'm canning and am able to sit hot jars on and protect my kitchen counter. THEN...after lunch we tackled the homestead....hubby mowing the garden area (leaving the wild violets) and Abby-girl's area while I pulled out more of the "lambs quarter" forest and added it to the pile we have for it to go to the rubbish dump. And if that wasn't enough...hubby cut down those dreaded mulberry trees...before they could leaf out for this year. Then we had to drag all that stuff to the other side of the house & sort it into 3 different piles. Rubbish to the dump, small limbs for our rocket stove and larger limbs for fire wood when camping. Finally quit about 4:30 and then home for a quick goulash supper and nice hot shower with Dr. Woods liquid peppermint soap...just as a refresher but also ticks don't like peppermint (just in case there were any crawling about). (Pay no attention to Abby-girl's butt...she had to come see what I was taking a picture of!)
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