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  1. lumabean

    Sent and Received

    I also received an ornament from midnightmom I mailed mine out this morning.
  2. lumabean

    Christmas Ornament Exchange for 2014

    Thank you so much for including me this year, I love the ornament exchanges. I'm also thankful for sassenach(arby) for being the intermediary for me while I couldn't access the site for (what seemed to be) ages.
  3. lumabean

    Happy Birthday Midnightmom

    Happy Birthday!
  4. lumabean

    I love this cookbook

    it looks like a good one, going to see if our library has a copy to check
  5. lumabean

    My Mother

    continued prayers
  6. lumabean

    My Mother

  7. lumabean

    Happy Birthday WormGuy

    Happy Birthday, WormGuy
  8. lumabean

    Christmas Ornaments Sent and Received 2013

    I forgot to take pictures before we put all the decorations away
  9. lumabean

    Turbulent Thursday

    That's scary, Ann, I hope that this was the last in the area. That has to be scary especially with it being #7
  10. lumabean

    Shop at Sams

    I like stocking up on non-perishables at Sam's, but the fresh stuff, I haven't had much luck with (esp. the produce, I've been tempted to use their refund option, but by the time we're back up that area, it'd be well beyond spoiled by then).
  11. Thanks, I was afraid of that, but better safe than sorry. I'll be more mindful next time we make a splurge (and well in general).
  12. We splurged on a fresh, organic turkey from one of the poultry farms in the area ... we bought it on the 23rd of December, and I didn't feel up to cooking it, so it has been in the bottom, back of the refrigerator since then. I was going to make it today, but then read on the poultry farm's suggestion that since it's fresh, you cook it within 3 days of picking it up. It's been about 7 days since we picked it up -- is it still safe to bake and eat? (I am hoping yes, because it was a smidge over $45 for the 15 pound turkey .... but then again I don't want to get my family sick over $45 ....)
  13. lumabean

    Happy Birthday Drumrunner

    Happy Birthday, Drumrunner
  14. lumabean

    Christmas Ornaments Sent and Received 2013

    I too received Snowmom's ornament I mailed mine out today, so hopefully you all will get them soon. I've got tracking for them all (except for Pixie's ... but there is a number on the top of the customs slip that may be of use) if any get side-tracked on the way with the holiday mail starting up.

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