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Owner / Admin
Moderator - Where the Heart Is
, MrsSurvival Chat Archive, Preserving the Harvest, 2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, a Dollar!, The Edge, So Wadda Ya Think?


Darlene is the owner of Her background includes many years in the management of a family law firm in Miami, Florida.  Her vision and commitment to the women at is to provide a place where women may freely exchange thoughts, feelings and knowledge so that that all may further realize the potential that lies within.

Cathy (Cat)
Moderator - The Sunporch, Streams in the Desert, Where The Heart Is, The Flu Clinic, In The Kitchen – The Heart Of Our Home


Cat is one of the first people that new members meet at MrsSurvival. Her warmth, graciousness and hospitality bring a special touch to the site. Cathy lives in northern Indiana with her husband of many years and three children. She loves cooking and baking, writing, crafts, sewing, needlework, and has experience in gardening and raising poultry. Having traveled to Brazil several times, she has a lifetime interest in that country. Cathy and her family are active in their church, and she enjoys helping people online.

Admin / Webmaster
Moderator - Announcements & Help


MountainMommy is our talented and giving webmaster. Thanks to her knowledge and hard work, we enjoy a beautiful, well-run place with lots of wonderful extras. From her home in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, she is a professional author of women's fiction, plays with graphic design, tears apart and builds computers, reads, and pursues her love of fly-fishing. MountainMommy shares her life with her husband, two teenaged children, two Siamese cats and her Shih Tsu dog. She will graciously answer our calls for help in “Announcements & Help.”

Moderator - Preserving the Harvest, Country Homesteading, Homemade Memories


Come get to know our own "jack-of-all-trades" at Mrs Survival. Whether it's butchering animals or sewing a prom dress, Westie does it with a great sense of humor and her own passionate flair. She's 21... and that's the story she's sticking to!


Moderator - The Sunporch

Becca Anne

Becca_Anne is a wife and a mother to four, as well as a full-time college student. She currently lives in beautiful Southern Oregon. She enjoys reading, crochet, photography, researching her family genealogy, as well as learning to be more prepared for the adventures life throws her way. Becca_Anne’s life experience and cheerful ability to persevere make her an ideal moderator on “The Sunporch”.

Moderator - The Homeschooling Haven


Dawn (Buttercup) and her husband of many years live on a small 10-acre farm in Central Illinois. They have 3 children and one grandchild. She homeschools her children, and loves all aspects of living close to the land. Being deemed *eccentric* by her more urban friends, her hobbies include cooking on her wood cookstove, animal husbandry, reading, gardening, canning, prepping, and of course the computer. But mostly she loves gleaning all the information she can from her friends on this board! Buttercup’s zest for life and learning make her an excellent moderator for “The Homeschooling Haven”.

Cookie Jar
Moderator - Humor Me!


Cookie lives in the suburbs of Miami, and has spent over 40 years honing her wild sense of humor and deep appreciation of the absurd. She found Mrs. Survival while beginning to prepare for Florida’s hurricane season, and then, of course, the addiction took hold. She has a veritable herd of extended family, and dotes on her nieces and nephews. She has traveled extensively and loves history, reading, art, and learning new things. Cookie shares her fun and witty side as moderator of “Humor Me”, and her more serious side in “Urban Homesteading”.

Moderator - Daily Diary, The Orchard, Within These Pages


Dee and her husband live on a farm in the Midwest. They have 2 grown children and one perfect grandchild, who lives close enough for Grandma to enjoy watching him grow. They still farm the land and raise a few animals, but enjoy retirement from the “rat race”. Her hobbies include geocaching, gardening, reading, and bridge. Dee’s vast experience and generous attitude make her a wonderful moderator for “Within These Pages”, “The Orchard”, and “Daily Diary”.

Ginger (OnEagleWings)
Moderator - Streams In The Desert, The Orchard


Ginger is a wonderful Christian wife and mother of 2. Her Midwest rural lifestyle creates a lovely setting for this dedicated herbal gardener, where she is working at creating a mini-farm on her property. Ginger enjoys the pleasure of bringing the scriptures alive, and being an example for younger women and mothers. When not working hard to help provide for the family, Ginger gives of her heart and her spirit in “Streams In The Desert” and her practical knowledge in “The Orchard.”

Moderator - In The Kitchen – The Heart Of Our Home


Moderator - Daily Diary, Nature’s Prescriptions, The Flu Clinic


Lois has been married for 49 years, has two living children, 6 grandchildren aged from 11 to 30, and 7 great-grandchildren, including a set of twins. She lives in the Finger Lakes region of NY, in a rural area, and loves the serenity of summer nights. She has studied natural healing and herbs for about 10 years, and loves the challenge of learning new things. Lois’ wisdom and her 65 years experience at living through both good times and bad places her in an honored position in Mrs. Survival’s circle of friends. Lois moderates “Daily Diary”, “Nature's Prescriptions”, and “The Flu Clinic”.

Moderator - Where The Heart Is, The Spa, Pinching Pennies


Momo lives on a mini-farm in northern Alabama with her DH and a lot of critters. She helps her hubby with the chores needed for the animals and the gardening, and knows how to live frugally. Her hobbies are fishing, knitting, sewing, genealogy and cooking (and eating, which leads to her other hobby of perpetual dieting . ). Momo enjoys the antics of her "Princess" granddaughters and shares the giggles so we can join in! Find Momo in “Where the Heart Is,” “The Spa,” and “Pinching Pennies.”

Moderator - Nature's Prescriptions


Mother is a retired director of an historical museum village. Her interests include early American life and skills, native plants and wildlife, medicinal and kitchen herbs, gardening, writing, and much more. She and her family make their home in Illinois. Mother’s natural curiosity and Midwest practicality show up in every post, and she freely shares her wisdom in “Nature's Prescriptions.”

MotherEarth (Candy)
Moderator - Country Homesteading


Motherearth lives in the West and is a true homesteader. Candy and her family live on a farm and raise cows, goats, sheep, hogs, turkeys, chickens, geese, horses, and countless small critters. She is an avid gardener and raises the majority of the food for her large family, “putting up” as well as teaching her family her preservation skills. She enjoys the rhythm of country life with animal husbandry, woodstove cooking, sewing, making soaps, and the many other tasks of a simpler life. Our longest-term moderator, motherearth shares reliable, down-to-earth information in “Country Homesteading.”

Nana (Karla)
Moderator - Are You Really Ready?, Holiday and Gift Central


Originally calling herself “The Cowardly Canner”, Nana eventually learned she had a real talent for food preservation. She gained confidence and ventured out into other areas of self-sufficiency in her life. Karla lives in the Northwest with her husband and family, and enjoys cooking, reading, music, and exploring new ideas. She owns her own business and is very gifted in creative art. She has lived in, or visited, nearly every state in the country, and is a great resource for all of us. Though extremely busy, Nana moderates “Are You Really Ready?” and “Holiday and Gift Central.”

Moderator - Handywomen at Home, WWW


Moderator - Reporting for Duty, So Wadda Ya Think?

PoGo lives in Wyoming, is married and has two children. Her interests include cooking, camping, reading and the internet. PoGo's caring heart, practical attitude, and common sense make her a wonderful moderator for "So Wadda Ya Think?"

Moderator - 2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, a Dollar!

Rita is originally from Rochester, NY, but now lives in Texas. She is studying to be a certified herbalist while pursuing her newest interests, sewing and quilting. Other treasured hobbies are ceramics, crafts and gardening. Rita has 2 boys, ages 32 and 17, and has been married to her hubby, Gary for 20 years. Rita is perfectly suited to moderate our forum “2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits a Dollar!” (forum available only by request).

Moderator - Urban Homesteading


Moderator - The Family Tree, The Spa, Homemade Memories


Carol lives with her husband in the upper Midwest. Having raised her children, she has spent many years reaching into the past in her genealogy research. She’s found many distant relatives in her research, and creatively authors a family newsletter for the present generations. Carol is an excellent quilter, and has won many ribbons at county fairs for her sewing. She also worked in a Christian school for several years, and has generously volunteered many years with the Girl Scouts.
You’ll quickly see that Snowmom is our most prolific poster, and loves to decorate posts with colorful icons. We’re honored to benefit from her knowledge and experience in “The Family Tree,” “The Spa,” and “Homemade Memories.”