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Thursday Chats-updated

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Thursday chat are usually centered around a topic. Depending on the flow of discussion, the topic will occupy about 60 minutes of the session, with time for chit-chat both before and after. Each topic will be announced in a new thread and the formal, on-topic portion of the chat will be saved and posted to that thread.


If you participate in a saved chat, you should review the posted log and make sure you haven’t divulged any personal information. If you find something that you said that you would like edited, please PM me. If I do not reply in a timely manner, you may PM Darlene.


Thursday chat times are 8-9 am Pacific, 9-10 am Mountain, 10-11 am Central, and 11am - noon Eastern.


To use chat: Look about two or three inches from the top of your screen. There is bar that says, on the right-hand side, "Welcome Your User Name". Just beneath it, there is another bar with a few links. Click on "Chat". It will open another window and load. You can also click on the pretty script Chat up at the top of the screen, by the Mrs. Survival picture.


You'll know you're in when you have a big open screen that says near the top "Your User Name has entered the room." Then things that others are 'saying' (typing) will start popping up below that.


If you look to the right, it will show the names of the users currently in chat.


To 'say' something, type in the bar at the bottom of your screen. You can add smilies, too. Hit enter or click on send when done. You can also use that bar to change the color of your words. If there are only a few people in chat; it's easier to read if everyone is a different color.


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Just a bump here...I have updated the Thursday chat time to a one hour later start time.


Why? Because I cannot be here and be cheerful at 7am! lol


Early risers are welcome to chit-chat before the official start time. yaketyyak


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yaketyyak Sounds like fun, I'll be there, Lord willing! loveplace

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