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-->Rate this thread!<-- SEED SUPPLIERS

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Cast your vote on this nice collection! (Please don't cast a vote on the individual threads.)



These threads together make a monster list of seed suppliers:


From the Nature's Bounty forum - SEEDS: suppliers





Here's a nice collection of non-hybrid (Heirloom) seeds:







Rate this link!


3 stars .......If you think it is really great


2 stars .......If you think it is good


1 star ....... if you think it has great potential with more updates or added content



After thirty or more stars are voted by members, the thread nominator will submit the link to this thread containing all the votes to:


"Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival":




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I think this thread has some wonderful information all in one place; I give it *** (three stars)




I can see this thread having to be updated from time to time if elected to the Hall of Fame. The links went bad from its original posting; I can see that continuing to happen.



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Good points!


I wonder if we could do like the monster link lists do: put up a note requesting that any dead links be reported (in this case, posted in that thread)?


Maybe that, and a periodic sweep of resource links might be just the ticket?


If the various link lists get to be more than I can handle timewise, I just might holler for volunteers for a few minutes work. A number of us, checking just a few links could do this job very quickly. On the other hand, one or two peeps would probably suffer a bit...


What do ya'll think? Other ideas?

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Seems there should be some way to "automate" it as much as possible...don't know enough (actually nothing, lol) about the behind the scenes workings of message boards and forums to know what that might be...


If that's not possible maybe keep some kind of list of the threads that have links for the volunteers to check out on a set schedule...


Maybe if what you're linking to is a photo, maybe inserting the image directly into the post rather than linking...no maintenance required; no slow download times for the dialup folks...that would cut down on the maintenance some.


Be glad to help if you need it.



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What a great resource!

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