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Impromptu Tues. Chat on meds/BOB's/Communications/etc.

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Welcome! You have entered [The Lounge] at 8:05 pm

[] 8:08 pm: Someone wanted to chat about preps, and related subjects

[] 8:09 pm: will check and be right back

[] 8:10 pm: debbie, excedrin is a mix of acetaminophen, aspirin & caffeine. It's amazing stuff, LOL

[] 8:10 pm: wow.

[] 8:11 pm: I'm going to have to try that

[] 8:12 pm: DG & WM both make generics that are inexpensive

[] 8:15 pm: Do all have some giant bottles of pills for your BOBs

[] 8:15 pm: I do have quite a bit of meds in my BOB

[] 8:16 pm: Ummm....I will in a few days.

[] 8:17 pm: We really don't use many meds. I had thought of vitamins and tylenol.

[] 8:17 pm: we have travel bags and the like. with all this snow we have to have them

[] 8:17 pm: I have added some Betadine, Epsom salt, and Witch Hazel to my 2ond level bags

[] 8:17 pm: I have liqiud ben., pain reliever & cold stuff

[] 8:17 pm: Oh I have vits too

[] 8:18 pm: I really should have lots of vits but only have a few

[] 8:18 pm: benadryl , codine, tylenol , motrin., anti - diarehal (I know the spelling is wrong but dont care to change it LOL)

[] 8:18 pm: Oh I have AD too. I forget what all's in there

[] 8:18 pm: Haven't opened them in 4 mos.

[] 8:19 pm: vit's cold meds they are all in my huge first aid kit

[] 8:19 pm: 2 more & I need to revamp them

[] 8:19 pm: I buy BJ's store brand, both kids and adults, vit C and Calcium. I have the ones we are using and a full set of backups

[] 8:19 pm: I have a SMALL FAK, then a larger one

[] 8:19 pm: I go through them at the turn of any season to change out stuff

[] 8:20 pm: We keep BOBs in three "layers"

[] 8:20 pm: I made sure that everything in there lasted 6mos, so that's when I typically do it

[] 8:20 pm: I'd guess it doesn't count if you just have these in your house, right?

[] 8:20 pm: We sorta do that too wc

[] 8:20 pm: what are your layers 6?

[] 8:21 pm: Having them in house is OK if you can load them quickly

[] 8:21 pm: we have our on foot BOK's, then our car ones that we can pack in minutes & then another if we have even more time, like a mandatory evac kit, if that makes sense

[] 8:21 pm: we also have a plan for the maximum amount of time

[] 8:21 pm: Is that what you meant?

[] 8:22 pm: I have a car one and a stay in place one.

[] 8:22 pm: Ours are 3 day bags, three week bags/backpacks, and indefinate containers

[] 8:23 pm: we also keep a couple of plastic flip top containers so we can "sweep" our pantries. no sense leaving good stuff behind

[] 8:23 pm: OK, yeah sorta like ours. Our foot BOK's are 3 day, then each additional time frame set is an additional amount of needs/time

[] 8:23 pm: I have mini 3 day bags that we keep in the vehicles.. 4 week bags that stay next to the door and then I have my high tail it out kit that fills the back of the truck and can be loaded in 5 minutes

[] 8:23 pm: LOL, that is our plan 4- sweep the pantry!!! :roll:

[] 8:24 pm: What I REALLY want (and Hubba too) is a BOV. \:\(

[] 8:24 pm: I have a missle case that loads up really easy and fits nicely in the back of the truck \:\)

[] 8:25 pm: We have a couple of very large tarps so we can "build" a house with floor, walls, and top.

[The Lounge]: serendipity has entered at 8:25 pm

[] 8:25 pm: hey sere

[] 8:25 pm: hee hee I was out there talking to myself, lol!

[] 8:25 pm: Howdy all!

[] 8:25 pm: Hiya

[] 8:25 pm: We been getting alot of use out of this chat box this last week

[] 8:25 pm: that is what we use(missle cases) about 2X2X4 feet

[] 8:26 pm: I'll say..

[] 8:26 pm: Hello ladybugs

[] 8:26 pm: Hi seren!

[] 8:27 pm: I have a rather large one its about one foot by 4 by 5

[] 8:27 pm: Hi Kayla, NYDebbie, 06, jelwz!

[] 8:27 pm: Tarps in level 1, tents in level 2-3

[] 8:28 pm: I have the tent thing going

[] 8:28 pm: a 3 day kit is easy. Staying at home I can work on fairly easily too. Its the longer length evacuation that hurts my head.

[] 8:28 pm: which is really nice

[] 8:30 pm: NYDebbie, I agree with you about the evac planning...so much to think about

[] 8:32 pm: Ok. I cant sit here its killing me you have a good evening

[] 8:32 pm: I am a big "bug in-er" but can get out very quickly if need be. Our farm is eight miles away with plenty of space,water, and soon permanent shelter of a hard kind

[The Lounge]: has left at 8:33 pm

[] 8:33 pm: Poor Jewlz \:\(

[] 8:33 pm: 3 days is a change of clothes and sleeping bags and a tent. Throw the box of MRE's in. Go!

[] 8:33 pm: Bye jules

[] 8:33 pm: sounds like you have a great set up, 06

[] 8:33 pm: for a long time? eep

[] 8:33 pm: she left quick...must really be hurting poor girl

[] 8:34 pm: a good friend just had her "behind" length hair cut so her headache would stop. Have you ever heard of such

[] 8:35 pm: air can get heavy, yes

[] 8:35 pm: I always feel so much lighter after a haircut

[] 8:35 pm: **Hair

[] 8:45 pm: back to preps--dullsville I know. Do you have comunication

[] 8:45 pm: I have a crank/rechargable/double A radio

[] 8:46 pm: lovely little gadget.

[] 8:46 pm: We have cell & I have been pricing 2-ways

[] 8:46 pm: cells count?

[] 8:46 pm: Oh did you mean not as in with eahc other?

[] 8:46 pm: Because we also have a HC radio

[] 8:46 pm: seriously, we have a hand crank radio

[] 8:46 pm: depends on what the emerg is

[] 8:46 pm: Short wave

[] 8:47 pm: ah, would love one but don't know about it at all

[] 8:47 pm: short wave=ham radio?

[] 8:47 pm: correct?

[] 8:47 pm: we have windup/solars in the packs

[] 8:47 pm: http://www.amazon.com/Grundig-FR200-Emer.....7635&sr=8-4

[] 8:48 pm: I picked up a used ham rig with lots of extras for a song. Can run on battery power or ac

[] 8:48 pm: this one wasn't too expensive and seemed to cover the basics

[] 8:48 pm: very cool, 06

[] 8:49 pm: In an emergecy cell phones are nearly useless due to overload

[] 8:49 pm: good point

[] 8:50 pm: 06, do you have your operators license?

[] 8:50 pm: Hmmm have to go digging for our vacation 2 ways. thanks -06

[] 8:50 pm: Occasionally we get "all circuits are busy" during peak times--can you imagine how it would be in an emergency

[] 8:51 pm: I've also been looking at HAM's on craigslist

[] 8:51 pm: I don't know much about them though.

[] 8:51 pm: do not have my operators license but in a jam who is going to be checking

[] 8:51 pm: yep, that's true

[] 8:51 pm: I would need to learn how to do it first though

[] 8:52 pm: check the link I posted? verify it shows a radio, not mu account for me?

[] 8:52 pm: yep, shows teh radio

[] 8:52 pm: There are "jam fests" somewhere all the time-check them out

[] 8:52 pm: thanks

[] 8:53 pm: just the radio shows, hon

[] 8:53 pm: thanks, 06

[] 8:53 pm: I need to run too, nice chatting with yall. I promise to behave better next time, lol

[] 8:53 pm: better be good stuff!

[] 8:53 pm: my pleasure but will be "gone" for nearly a week

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