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Container Gardening

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You don't have to use grow lights, flourescent lights work just fine. But I just found something that said that using lights instead of sunlight will produce less and will extend the time it takes to produce by 2 to 4 times.


edit: I just found an article about growing under lights. I didn't read the whole thing, but skimming over it, it looks good.

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I found some inexpensive mounted grow lights at wallyworld. I hope to pick some up early in August.

They were about 3 ft. long I think, for only 8 bucks apiece. And if they were not bright enough, I can use them as spare lighting in the kitchen since those ceiling lights ( flourescents) are getting pretty worn out in these old apartments.

Well, I learned a few things about grow light systems. You want to have them quite close to the leaves of the plants,and I want to rig a frame I can adjust the height of the lights and basic positions I figure I would need.

It would be better than nothing!

The other thing I need to do is outwit my cat when it comes to potting soil! . I think clear plastic on top of the soil with a spot for the plant to grow out of will work if I pin it all down.


and...... I just brought home two spider plant babies and this can help clean the air inside my place.

I think the grow lights have a broader UV spectrum than regular flourescent lights.

One reason I liked these lights I saw was that the mounts were pretty solid looking and thats important when I am jockeying around a crowded, small apartment space.

Also I may be able to cut down on the total wattage used.

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My dad potted a "crown of thorns" plant and put it in our living room when my cat started using houseplants as a litterbox.


The cat stopped going near plants after that. :-D

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Our cats didn't ever "go" in our potted living room tree, but they did just want to pull the dirt out and play with it. So we just stuck bamboo skewers in the pot, sticking up out of the soil. They never go near it now. Of course, when we have company,they think we're kind of weird. Katmom

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Bumping this thread up because I am doing only container gardening this year. If you haven’t ever done it before there is a bit of a learning curve. I’m using mostly growbags but have some black pots. So far what I’ve learned....

1. You need to get a good potting soil and add compost (not necessarily cheap the first year you start up)

2.  You also need to fertilize regularly because the root systems are limited to the grow bags. I use a liquid fertilizer and also add crushed eggshells, banana peels, etc to the bags.

3.  If you get hot summers you need to water often...sometimes daily for me.

4.  The plants I’ve put in the bags don’t look as ‘full’ to me as ones I’ve grown in the ground. 


Here are are some new links...but also check out the information in the thread from years ago. It has some good ideas.



www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET4wee-jvQ8  (look up Larry Hall on YouTube....he has a lot of good gardening videos)




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