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Chat 5/29 - Grains - Archive Added

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This week, we'll discuss the grains we store, prepare & eat. Come exchange tips and recipes!


Times and directions are in the "Thursday Chats" thread stickied at the top of this forum.



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[HSmom] 5:06 am: Today's topic is Grains.

[huronscoot] 5:07 am: I have always read about storing grains but have no

knowledge of what to store or how to store it.

[HSmom] 5:07 am: Buying them, storing them, preparing them, eating them.

[] 5:07 am: Ok I'll start DON'T buy whole oats.... grr

[HSmom] 5:07 am: Why not?

[] 5:09 am: pita to get the hulls off oh man!

[] 5:09 am: unless you're getting it for livestock its too much aggravation for food

[HSmom] 5:10 am: So one should buy "oat groats".

[] 5:10 am: Yes oat groats or rolled oats

[] 5:10 am: I think the oat groats keep longer than the rolled oats though

[dogmom4] 5:10 am: I have a question. How can you tell if wheat has gone bad? I thought I read somewhere it can look green (?) and it can be toxic then. Some of the fresh wheat I have purchased looked a little green around the edges

[HSmom] 5:10 am: The hulls are removed, but groats are more storage stable than rolled.

[huronscoot] 5:11 am: can you cook up groats the same as rolled?

[HSmom] 5:11 am: Lemme see what I can find on that DM4.

[HSmom] 5:12 am: I think I have it, but it's opening very slowly.

[huronscoot] 5:12 am: mylar bags, o2 absorbers, 5 gallon pails. this sounds expensive

[HSmom] 5:13 am: The groats are steamed and flattened to create rolled oats.

[] 5:13 am: Well I found o2 absorbers $8 for 100 at www.honeyvillegrain.com so I didn't think that was a bad price

[dogmom4] 5:13 am: get the pails for free from bakeries

[HSmom] 5:13 am: The groats will require a lot more cooking time.

[] 5:13 am: The cheapest mylar bags I found were at www.sorbentsystems.com

[] 5:13 am: I've gotten the pails for free or $1 ea at bakeries

[HSmom] 5:14 am: I know you can make flour from groats. I wonder if you could sprout them.

[HSmom] 5:16 am: Sorry, DM4...the page about green wheat berries failed to open. I know that sometimes, some of my brown rice grains appear green. We've eaten them without any problem.

[HSmom] 5:16 am: Is it green, as in picked too early.... or green, as in fuzzy and moldy?

[] 5:17 am: One thing I thought about doing was instead of using individual buckets I would use an old fridge

[huronscoot] 5:17 am: any suggestions on getting your family to eat grains

[HSmom] 5:17 am: That's a good idea. The mylar provides the seal... The bucket is just to protect it from tearing.

[] 5:18 am: Sure "eat this or starve" :P

[dogmom4] 5:18 am: no mold....guess I am paranoid because I find myself sifting through these large amounts of grains looking for something to be wrong:red:

[] 5:18 am: Thats what I was thinking: seal in mylar with o2 absorbers and then stack in an old fridge.

[] 5:18 am: You can get them for free or very cheap a lot of times

[HSmom] 5:19 am: My family are carbohydrate hounds...I try to get them to eat LESS (refined) grain products.

[] 5:19 am: Okay really? I use wheat for bread products and oats for oatmeal not a problem in my family. I don't know

[] 5:19 am: Eat less bread? Are you crazy?!

[dogmom4] 5:20 am: try different recipes with the whole grains? Maybe one or two each week?

[HSmom] 5:20 am: When using whole grains, such as brown rice, I experimented around until I found a recipe they liked.

[HSmom] 5:20 am: Or throw a small handful into soup.

[] 5:20 am: I just change and add into the diet slowly when giving something new

[] 5:21 am: Or my favorite don't tell them what it is until they've ate it

[dogmom4] 5:21 am: brown rice...added it to chili at first or mixed half and half with white rice at first

[HSmom] 5:21 am: Don't cook brown rice with white! It takes twice as long. Cook separately, then mix.

[] 5:22 am: Thats what I did when starting wheat pasta... some in with white pasta until it was all wheat

[HSmom] 5:22 am: (Mmmm, spaghetti sounds good) :red:

[] 5:23 am: I just don't tell dh what he's eating and when he says dinner was good that's when I confess

[HSmom] 5:23 am: So what grains do most of us already have in our diets?

[HSmom] 5:23 am: Wheat in various forms.

[HSmom] 5:23 am: Rice (brown or white)

[HSmom] 5:23 am: Oats.

[dogmom4] 5:23 am: yes to what hs said. Cook separately first. Different cook times.

[dogmom4] 5:24 am: eating oatmeal as we speak

[HSmom] 5:24 am: What about corn? As in cornmeal.

[] 5:24 am: I have wheat, oats, rice, corn

[dogmom4] 5:24 am: we eat rice probably 4 to 5 times a week

[huronscoot] 5:25 am: I can't make a cornbread that isn't dry and crumbly. What is the secret

[HSmom] 5:25 am: Barley.

[dogmom4] 5:25 am: farina is another breakfast favorite

[HSmom] 5:25 am: I use the Cornbread recipe from the Fannie Farmer cookbook...it's cake-like.

[dogmom4] 5:25 am: add melted butter...will make your cornbread very moist

[HSmom] 5:25 am: What is farina? Wheat?

[dogmom4] 5:25 am: have never used barley

[dogmom4] 5:26 am: think Cream of Wheat. I just get it in bulk for much cheapr

[HSmom] 5:26 am: Buy a small bag (of barley) at the grocery store, about $1 for a pound. Throw a Tbsp or two into a pot of soup that is going to simmer for 90 minutes or so. It's good.

[HSmom] 5:27 am: So can you make farina from wheat berries?

[dogmom4] 5:27 am: what consistency is barley when cooked...like rice?

[dogmom4] 5:27 am: I would think so...would have to be ground very fine

[dogmom4] 5:28 am: haven't tried it because I have two 5 gallon pails of it

[HSmom] 5:28 am: Umm...like brown rice, a bit firm and nutty. Goes well with beef.

[huronscoot] 5:28 am: any input on the corona grain mills I see on e-bay?

[HSmom] 5:28 am: Could probably slip a bit of barley into a rice pilaf.

[HSmom] 5:28 am: Haven't heard of it.

[] 5:29 am: I've heard those are suppose to be good mills

[HSmom] 5:30 am: Other grains to consider: Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet, Quinoa, Rye, Sorghum, and Triticale... according to Alan Hagen: http://www.survival-center.com/foodfaq/index.htm

[HSmom] 5:31 am: Here's a mill comparison...the corona is not favorable: http://waltonfeed.com/self/grind5.html

[The Lounge]: westbrook has entered at 5:32 am

[] 5:32 am: hi westie

[HSmom] 5:32 am: Westie!!!!

[HSmom] 5:32 am: Good morning! smile

[westbrook] 5:32 am: hello!

[HSmom] 5:32 am: We're talking about grains, today.

[westbrook] 5:33 am: trying to eat food before tomorrow... then it is back to hospital food

[westbrook] 5:33 am: I am a believer in wheat... I will sit back and read..

[dogmom4] 5:33 am: Hi westie!

[] 5:33 am: has anyone ordered from walton feed lately?

[HSmom] 5:35 am: I once bought some rolled amaranth and slipped it into granola with the oats. They look the same, and even I didn't notice a difference. I think in a dire situation, where diets are limited, a variety of grains will provide more micro-nutrients. For that same reason, I also keep on hand a variety of beans. Each offers a little something different.

[westbrook] 5:35 am: ok ladies... you are all too slow!

[dogmom4] 5:35 am: Hey...maybe you know the answer to my question. I'm trying to find out how you can tell if wheat has gone bad. i read something about it being green meaning it can be toxic. Some fresh stuff I have bought was green around the edges...

[] 5:36 am: Well I have a variety of beans but for grains I still haven't started stocking the ones we haven't tried yet

[] 5:36 am: I really need to get started testing some new grains

[HSmom] 5:36 am: Right before you came in, I posted a couple of links: one was Waltons grain mill comparison. The other was Alan Hagens food storage FAQs.

[HSmom] 5:36 am: Do you have a health food store?

[] 5:36 am: Me?

[HSmom] 5:36 am: That's where I go when I want to try a cup of a new grain...purchased from the bulk bins.

[HSmom] 5:37 am: Oh, and I've never ordered from Walton, so no help there.

[] 5:37 am: No where near here... at least 1 1/2 hrs away

[] 5:37 am: I will have one near when we move in 2 weeks

[HSmom] 5:37 am: Oh there you go! Go buy a cup of this and a cup of that to experiment with.

[The Lounge]: westbrook has left at 5:37 am

[] 5:38 am: Right now I'm stuck in mainstream h*** in south mississippi

[] 5:38 am: No health food, organic, green anything, nothing

[] 5:38 am: Just mcd's and walmart here

[huronscoot] 5:42 am: Well I have to confess I have many small bags of grain in my pantry that I purchased a long time ago and never used. Aramanth, quinoa, millet come to mind. Found them at the health food store and wanted to try them but just never got around to it.

[dogmom4] 5:43 am: well...how about picking one to try and then report back in the Kitchen how it went?

[HSmom] 5:43 am: Well, you have a new goal now, lol. Try one every other week. You'll get through them in no time.

[dogmom4] 5:44 am: might motivate some of us to try something new

[huronscoot] 5:44 am: I can do that!!

[] 5:44 am: i'm back

[] 5:45 am: I'm going to start testing some new grains once we move and I have access to them

[] 5:45 am: Are there some good recipes and info on them in the kitchen?

[HSmom] 5:45 am: I think some of them would be good in cold salads, nice in the summertime.

[HSmom] 5:46 am: I haven't run a search ... do you know to run one?

[] 5:47 am: yes I'll look later on to see what I can find

[HSmom] 5:47 am: Post your results if you find anything good...or just bump up a couple of old threads.

[] 5:48 am: alright

[dogmom4] 5:48 am: I've got to go ladies. Need to start getting ready for work. Have a nice day!

[HSmom] 5:49 am: One earlier comment I wanted to reply to: Yes, mylar bags and O2 absorbers cost money...

[HSmom] 5:49 am: But!

[HSmom] 5:49 am: It's insurance. It's probably way cheaper than buying flour and keeping it in an operating freezer.

[HSmom] 5:49 am: And they last darn near forever when properly stored.

[The Lounge]: dogmom4 has left at 5:50 am

[HSmom] 5:50 am: Whenever I start to fret about a prep item, I remember that I pay about $1 a day for homeowners insurance that I've NEVER filed a claim on. *shrug*

[The Lounge]: lissalue has entered at 5:50 am

[HSmom] 5:50 am: Each person/family has to decide financial priorities for themselves.

[lissalue] 5:50 am: did i miss it all?

[HSmom] 5:50 am: Good morning! smile

[] 5:51 am: Well for me it wasn't so bad... I bought o2 and mylar for about $60 but its going to pack 50 bags so that works for me

[] 5:51 am: hi lissa

[lissalue] 5:51 am: morning!

[HSmom] 5:51 am: Pretty much, but I'll post the archive in the Chat forum.

[] 5:51 am: Well it is expensive thats why I'm cutting the buckets out

[HSmom] 5:51 am: Yeah, I never pay for buckets either - I get them free from the in-store bakeries.

[] 5:51 am: I have a few buckets to use with gamma seals for what is open everything else will be sealed and stacked in an old fridge or freezer

[lissalue] 5:52 am: I got my buckets from our local sub shop, they are the ones the pickles come in

[lissalue] 5:52 am: I got 10 for $20

[MtRider] 5:52 am: I heard you were serving breakfast here...oatmeal, wheat berries???

[] 5:53 am: cool I haven't had much luck getting buckets here just one or two on occassion

[] 5:53 am: I'm hoping when we move I'll be able to get a lot more up there

[lissalue] 5:53 am: our bakerites don't have any, but the sub shops do

[The Lounge]: Mother has entered at 5:53 am

[] 5:53 am: hi mother

[MtRider] 5:53 am: Mooooother.....I just got here tooo....where's my oatmeal?

[Mother] 5:54 am: Hi everyone.

[Mother] 5:54 am: I ate it

[lissalue] 5:54 am: hey Mother and MtR

[] 5:54 am: i'll fix you some mtrider

[HSmom] 5:54 am: back.

[MtRider] 5:54 am: I had thermos-cooked wheat berries this morning ...mmmm

[Mother] 5:54 am: Sorry we're late, could someone fill us in quickly

[HSmom] 5:54 am: Good mornign Mother.

[] 5:54 am: grains

[Mother] 5:54 am: morning HS

[] 5:54 am: thats about it... grains: how to store, how to use, etc

[Mother] 5:54 am: what did we miss

[The Lounge]: NYDebbie has entered at 5:55 am

[] 5:55 am: hi deb

[NYDebbie] 5:55 am: hi all

[lissalue] 5:55 am: well, i just got here too, so I haven't heard much, we were

discussing buckets

[HSmom] 5:55 am: Welcome Debbie.

[HSmom] 5:55 am: Those of you who arrived late will have to read the archive. wink



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 [brittneyscott06] 6:05 am: haha I found it: Wheat conversions:

1 cup uncooked wheat = 2 cups cooked wheat

2 cups whole wheat = 3 cups ground flour

1 lb whole wheat = 2 1/4 cups wheat berries

4 cups whole wheat flour = 1 lb

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