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Chat 10-1-09

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This is a copy of tonight's chat. We had a good group tonight and a great subject.



The blank area's next to a person's name is a smiley. I hope I got it all, had trouble copying it.





(07:37 PM) Stephanie - Tonight's TOPIC...... How to form/create/put together a Survival Team in a time of Crisis!!



(07:38 PM) WormGuy - anyone here that don't want a copy of this posted?



(07:38 PM) Stephanie - Oh my !! Louis!! You were suppose to bring snacks...



(07:38 PM) Louis1 - Right. Now, what on earth is a Survival Team



(07:38 PM) Andrea - What's your address, Stephanie? I say we just all go to your house!



(07:38 PM) ol'momma - That would depend on how out of order I get, Wormy



(07:38 PM) Stephanie -



(07:38 PM) Louis1 - ??



(07:39 PM) Louis1 - what on earth is a Survival Team



(07:39 PM) Mother - hmmm thought it was about skills,


talents, knowledge, aptitudes and such needed for one???



(07:39 PM) Andrea - What? You are prepped and organized!



(07:39 PM) ol'momma - Yes...WHAT is a survial team?



(07:39 PM) Stephanie - I guarantee you one thing Andrea...you wouldn't go hungry!! and you wouldn't be bored....that's two things!!



(07:39 PM) ArmyOfFive4God - I'm here to learn tonight. I may have some input, but we were living in ATL before here & I've just now started to "blossom" as far as "coming out of my shell" as Hubba says



(07:40 PM) Andrea - LOL



(07:40 PM) Stephanie - A survival team is....



(07:40 PM) Louis1 - We are, Mother, but I'm not sure what one is?



(07:40 PM) ol'momma - I never contribute anything...useful.



(07:40 PM) Stephanie - a group of people that have banded together in order to survive!!



(07:41 PM) Andrea - a community



(07:41 PM) Mother - a survival team can be simply a family



(07:41 PM) Mother - but one thing I do know, it's a lot easier to survive in a SHTF situation if you have more than just one or two people. Watches alone could be devestating



(07:42 PM) ol'momma - Skills would be lacking in just 1 or 2, I would imagine



(07:43 PM) Mother - first question is how many people do you think would make a good number for raising the chances of survival



(07:43 PM) Louis1 - I've heard tell of "survivalist groups" and "militias", but I am assuming none here are on such??



(07:43 PM) Louis1 - So, are most here thinking in terms of family?



(07:43 PM) WormGuy - not me Louis



(07:43 PM) ol'momma - What say I show up at your door with no preps to share, but a headful of knowledge (yeah ...we're pretending remember!) . Would you take me in?



(07:43 PM) Mother - depends on your definition of survival group



(07:44 PM) Andrea - family and neighbors



(07:44 PM) ArmyOfFive4God - We have a couple that aren't family that we are planning on homesteading of sorts with



(07:44 PM) WormGuy - I'm thinking of family and friends



(07:44 PM) Louis1 - For me is 8 minimum to 16 maximum, depending on out-o-towners who may be here but is all family



(07:44 PM) arby - hi everyone



(07:45 PM) ol'momma -



(07:45 PM) Andrea - just make sure before hand that there are no pre-existing personality clashes



(07:45 PM) dogmom4 - Evening!



(07:45 PM) Mother - He arby



(07:45 PM) Andrea - just make sure before hand that there are no pre-existing personality clashes



(07:45 PM) dogmom4 - Evening!



(07:45 PM) Mother - He arby



(07:45 PM) WormGuy - hi Arby



(07:45 PM) Mother - Hi dogmom



(07:45 PM) ArmyOfFive4God - is your number adults only or does that incude children?



(07:45 PM) Andrea - welcome arby



(07:45 PM) Stephanie - If here , where we live now...no family



(07:45 PM) dogmom4 - Don't know if I could make it with some family members...hard to be around them for a few hours



(07:45 PM) ol'momma - Speaking from experience, that is not always possible, Andea



(07:46 PM) Stephanie - So proximity would be a major factor for me and my 'team'



(07:46 PM) arby - I am all by myself up here basically.



(07:46 PM) Mother - I tend to agree with louis that you can't get too big though if I were facing a large group of hungry hoards I might want more. Being able to feed them might be problematic



(07:46 PM) Louis1 - Steph's in house "family" constitutes a militia in and of itself



(07:46 PM) Andrea - so, you wouldn't want them on your team then, right?



(07:46 PM) ol'momma - I'm still voting for skills. I can put up with some nonsence for someone who could potentially save my hide



(07:46 PM) Stephanie -



(07:47 PM) Stephanie - That's true Louis, no doubt!



(07:47 PM) Louis1 - K., Somebody here want to tell us what/who they have & what skills?



(07:47 PM) Mother - Exactly ol'momma



(07:47 PM) Mother - skills, talents, knowledge and etc but what ones



(07:47 PM) Louis1 - I think everyone has a "group" even if totally informal?



(07:47 PM) dogmom4 - I find myself evaluating new people i meet...woould they be someone i'd be interested in teaming up with?



(07:48 PM) ol'momma - Well..I can burn a mean pizza



(07:48 PM) ol'momma - that should be considered a very marketable skill



(07:48 PM) ArmyOfFive4God - Nice trade ol'momma



(07:48 PM) Mother - If I were chosing I'd chose those with skills that would offset my weaknesses



(07:48 PM) Louis1 - K



(07:48 PM) Stephanie - I am focusing on #1 Training up my children (they are my small army after all) and #2 Keeping my out of state family informed as that is our bug out location



(07:49 PM) Louis1 - Basic list - Must be willing to work as part of a group. No loners



(07:49 PM) Louis1 - that iss firstest thing, MHO



(07:50 PM) dogmom4 - must be willing to work hard...no whiners



(07:50 PM) ol'momma - Uh...Louis? No Loners...??



(07:50 PM) Louis1 - No "hoarders"



(07:50 PM) ol'momma - Ok. #1. Must carry own weight



(07:50 PM) Stephanie - So, all resources are combined??



(07:50 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Michael here -just came in for a bit to listen and see what going on.



(07:50 PM) ol'momma - we're all hoarders, Louis...



(07:51 PM) Louis1 - So, list of "what we don' want" = loners, hoarders, lazy, whiners



(07:51 PM) ol'momma -



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - Hi Michael!!



(07:51 PM) Andrea - LOL



(07:51 PM) ol'momma - No Dead weight.



(07:51 PM) dogmom4 - hi michael



(07:51 PM) Louis1 - Yes, ol'm, but we don' want hoarders who hoard from us!!



(07:51 PM) Louis1 -



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - NO ZOMBIES allowed in my survival team!!!



(07:52 PM) Mother - AH



(07:52 PM) WormGuy - I think there would be different issues depending on who's place everyone is. If I own the place or if I am at someone else's place.



(07:52 PM) dogmom4 - we're not hoarders...hoarders keep stuff and never use it...we rotate!



(07:52 PM) Andrea -



(07:52 PM) Mother - What exactly do you mean by carrying your weight



(07:52 PM) Stephanie - I know that skills are important....but.....I think character would be more important to me....these have to be people I can trust around my children, no matter how savvy they may be.



(07:53 PM) Louis1 - Say, a group that can do OK for a period of several weeks to matbe months / years?



(07:53 PM) ol'momma - I, persanally, would consider honesty a must.



(07:53 PM) dogmom4 - Mother...I think you must be willing to do what you can...it may not always be physical...it might be giving knowledge



(07:53 PM) Louis1 - Carry weight, IMO, means contribute your fair share to best of your ability



(07:53 PM) Louis1 - MHO



(07:54 PM) Mother - My mom is 87 and not as able to do something physical but I'd have her in my team in a heartbeat simply because she has a huge knowledge base



(07:55 PM) ol'momma - Knowledge is defianately hugely valuable



(07:55 PM) Louis1 - Back to question above, we are looking at group that can sustain for long period, right? not short term?



(07:55 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Hi back



(07:55 PM) WormGuy - I would say long term



(07:55 PM) arby - I can certainly help with kids, garden, do know some canning so far, cook, clean, sew, am mechanical and can assist, and if I walked all the way somewhere, like the south, then I would be strong enough Im sure to do alot of things. I am learning knitting, and can work with animals if shown specifics once IM there. I did own horses for a few years. I am good at analyzing. I take directions from calm sorts well.



(07:56 PM) Stephanie - If we are talking long term....then I'm talking Arkansas, that would be a necessity in our case, no question about it.



(07:56 PM) ArmyOfFive4God - LT because you want to make sure you have the right ppl. If they can withstand LT, they can def. do shortterm



(07:56 PM) Andrea - Then we are doomed. We are on the edge of town. Everyone in my neighborhood has 1/4 acre lot



(07:56 PM) arby - I used to be a good shot, lol. willing to help hunt and defend.



(07:56 PM) Andrea - But we are one block over from ag land.



(07:56 PM) Louis1 - Cuz, short term, it doesn't matter so much about everyone having solid skill set / knowledge base



(07:57 PM) arby - Lol Andrea I have heavy winters that I might have to travel through and alot of mountains between me and probably TX



(07:57 PM) arby - and lots of predators out there. of all sorts.



(07:57 PM) ol'momma - Hmmmm... a good stealth operator might be valuable...



(07:57 PM) Andrea - ((Arby))



(07:58 PM) ol'momma - Or does that contradict my need for honesty??/



(07:58 PM) arby - am safe in how I do things.



(07:58 PM) Mother - andrea, I'm pretty sure that survival is going to be attempted in all sorts of situations and neighbors might well just band together to survive as well there as in the country



(07:58 PM) Louis1 - OK, what are Top Three most important skill sets or areas of knowledge???



(07:58 PM) Louis1 - Throw out 3, ya'll, see what is consensus ........



(07:58 PM) Stephanie - Here's a thought....if you had a person of character, couldn't you train and share your knowledge??



(07:58 PM) Andrea - Medical



(07:59 PM) Andrea - food



(07:59 PM) Andrea - shelter



(07:59 PM) Mother - I'm not sure that JUST three would do it



(07:59 PM) arby - definitely medical. I am not afraid to sew someone up or clean wounds out. Ive also dealt with dead people.



(07:59 PM) Louis1 - LOL, Mother, just trying for TOP three for starters



(07:59 PM) Mother - defense would be one area needed



(08:00 PM) Louis1 - MEDICAL .................. and ................



(08:00 PM) Andrea - 2 of my neighbors are doctors. I've stored extra food for them



(08:00 PM) dogmom4 - ability to stay in all situations



(08:00 PM) arby - medical, defense and being able to feed folks and keep things smoothly running and clean.



(08:00 PM) Louis1 - Medical ........... Defense ....................



(08:00 PM) arby - good idea Andrea !



(08:00 PM) Andrea - they just don't know that they're on my team yet . . .



(08:00 PM) Mother - nourishment and water



(08:00 PM) ol'momma - Hunting/foraging skills



(08:00 PM) dogmom4 - oops...abiltiy to stay CALM in all situations



(08:00 PM) arby - medical, defense and being able to feed folks and keep things smoothly running and clean.



(08:00 PM) Louis1 - Medical ........... Defense ....................



(08:00 PM) Mother - nourishment and water



(08:00 PM) Stephanie - FOOD - hunting/trapping/processing/preserving



DEFENSE - weapons/handling/training



(08:01 PM) Louis1 - medical (area lacking here!!), defender, food-grower / hunter / obtainer



(08:01 PM) Andrea - leadership?



(08:01 PM) arby - Livestock care too Stephanie



(08:01 PM) Mother - long term ...production of necessities



(08:01 PM) arby - yes, leadership is important, keeping a cool head and being able to think out stuff



(08:01 PM) Stephanie - and MEDICAL human and animals alike (good thinking arby)



(08:01 PM) Louis1 - So, Feeder, Healer, Defender ........... in broad terms, need these 3 roles?



(08:02 PM) Mother - leadership would be inportant but not dictatorship,



(08:02 PM) Andrea - leader, too



(08:02 PM) Stephanie - That sums it up for my top three Louis



(08:02 PM) Andrea - mine too



(08:03 PM) Louis1 - Leader is difficult, might have to be a "as it develops" thing, maybe council / vote



(08:03 PM) Andrea - leadership tends to develop naturally though not always without strife!



(08:03 PM) arby - humor and entertainment sometimes. like musical skills, knowing songs to sing .



(08:03 PM) arby - right, Louis



(08:03 PM) Stephanie - I'm assuming, that since these are 'our' teams...we are the leaders...may be a wrong assumption however



(08:04 PM) Andrea - Think of Alas, Babylon everyone was organized in family units until larger units were necessary



(08:04 PM) Mother - instead of leadership then perhaps organizational skills and people handling skills



(08:04 PM) Andrea - YES



(08:05 PM) ol'momma - Rats. Kid crisis here. Gotta boogy.



(08:05 PM) Louis1 - Gardening, hunting, knowledgeable about "wild" plants/herbs, knowledgeable about ALL type food preservation, able to handle domestic animals - Is that a suitable skill set for "Feeder/Provider?



(08:05 PM) dogmom4 - people handling skills are very important



(08:05 PM) Mother - have you noticed how strange it is that here we have a group of knowledgable preppers and we can't agree on exactly what we'd need in a survival group



(08:05 PM) arby - oh yea, definitely herbal knowledge.



(08:06 PM) arby - I think we are still brainstorming, Mother.



(08:06 PM) Andrea - I think that's right, Louis1



(08:06 PM) Stephanie - Well, I was just thinking the opposite Mother....seemed like we all went the same general direction



(08:06 PM) dogmom4 - probably because we come from such different siuations



(08:06 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Goodbye all - need to get back to working on a few projects



(08:06 PM) Mother - I like it louis



(08:06 PM) Mother - night AH



(08:06 PM) Andrea - I think we all have different concepts of "survival group"



(08:06 PM) Stephanie - We all want to be able to EAT and be SAFE and be WELL



(08:06 PM) arby - bye AH



(08:06 PM) Andrea - Bye, AH



(08:07 PM) Louis1 - Mother - I think we all have definite ideas, just aren't trying to throw 'em out all at once ...............



(08:07 PM) Stephanie - Night Michael!



(08:08 PM) Louis1 - Medical is tougher. A good vet or LPN might be better than an MD



(08:08 PM) Andrea - So, would all of us here fit into the Feeder/Provider category?



(08:08 PM) Stephanie - Last summer (year ago) we actually changed churches because of this very kind of thinking, I wanted to connect with my community



(08:08 PM) Louis1 - This is my major weakness ................. might have to consider kidnapping a Doctor, lol



(08:09 PM) dogmom4 - I think we will have to think differently while living in a small city of 60,000 as opposed to someone who lives on acres out in the country



(08:09 PM) arby - LOL



(08:09 PM) Andrea - I agree, Louis. But you've got to take what you can get



(08:09 PM) Stephanie - good point dogmom4



(08:09 PM) Louis1 - About all in my "family survival unit" do, some better in specific areas, but all have some of the "Feeder Skills"



(08:10 PM) dogmom4 - I can garden...would like to get better at foraging



(08:10 PM) WormGuy - I got ya covered Louis, wifey is a nurse



(08:10 PM) Stephanie - Of the three major areas...medical is my weakest, but I've really improved in my animal husbandry skills.



(08:10 PM) arby - I live in tiny town.... pretty much on my own. The only preppers I know I dont know where they live, except one .... and I dont think I could stay with them. I have to go from point A to Point B , try and get to where my son would be.



(08:10 PM) Louis1 - Hmmmm .............. then make sure you can get an hour south, John!



(08:10 PM) Stephanie - There you go Louis!! go kidnap John and his wife...



(08:11 PM) Andrea - Do all of us have an herbal reference in our libraries for medical needs?



(08:11 PM) Louis1 - arby probably has the most difficult situation, I probably have (accidentally) a very good overall one



(08:11 PM) Mother - We wouldn't be able to handle major medical here but have a good grasp of first aid and natural cures



(08:11 PM) Louis1 - Andrea - we do



(08:11 PM) Stephanie - Yes Andrea, I do



(08:12 PM) Andrea - Arby, have you gotten close with your neighbors?



(08:12 PM) Mother - I believe we have a very good over all situation here as well



(08:12 PM) WormGuy - I need one



(08:12 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I am back.......



(08:12 PM) arby - If he starts to prep.... hes really working on his cooking skills... and is curious about baking . used that as an intro and the chaos and climbing theft these days due to the hard times.... so will see if I can turn him into a prepper or maybe he can network in their church and with their marine buddies.



(08:12 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - anybody see my cup of tea?


(08:13 PM) Mother - our weak area is defense



(08:13 PM) arby - no Andrea, they are all useless sorts.



(08:13 PM) Andrea - I've gotten off of my prescriptions and have gone to herbal supplements. The only problem is that I can't grow all of them.



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I had it when I was here but now I can't seam to find it?



(08:13 PM) Louis1 - Father was Army medic, one of my cousins is a pharmacist, also have an EMT, that is about the extent of our "proffessional" medical



(08:13 PM) Mother - It's setting next to Louis AH



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - OOPS there it is.............



(08:13 PM) Andrea - Wormie - that needs to be next on your list



(08:13 PM) arby - no....... I just had chocolate milk!



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - goodnight again



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - :-)



(08:13 PM) Stephanie - Michael



(08:13 PM) arby - will they come to you Louis if possible?



(08:13 PM) Louis1 - K, what is skill set for "Defender"?



(08:14 PM) Andrea - sit and sip awhile. AH



(08:14 PM) arby - you all might think this is weird or evil but its not, reiki. I do reiki and it can do amazing things for healing. its just 'eastern' medicine.



(08:14 PM) Mother - tactics?



(08:15 PM) Louis1 - First is prolly a good idea of when NOT to be violent



(08:15 PM) snapshotmiki - Hi All!!!



(08:15 PM) Andrea - This is our weak area



(08:15 PM) Mother - I do reiki too Arby



(08:15 PM) Andrea - hi



(08:15 PM) Stephanie - Defender - I would think military training would be a plus for one thing



(08:15 PM) arby - yep, discernment is crucial Louis.



(08:15 PM) Louis1 - Hi, Mik



(08:15 PM) Mother - only first atunement rieki though



(08:15 PM) Andrea - what do you mean, Louis



(08:15 PM) arby - oh, cool Mother. some folks on the site freak out if i mention it .



(08:16 PM) arby - oh, Im a master. but I have never attuned anyone due to my short attention span I think!



(08:16 PM) Stephanie - Hi Mik!!



(08:16 PM) Louis1 - maybe, Stephanie, but I am unsure of that ................



(08:16 PM) arby - If I ever get to wear I am focusing better Mother I can attune you further.



(08:17 PM) Stephanie - I guess it could have it's good points and bad points eh? Louis?



(08:17 PM) arby - remind me sometime to start preparing and I can help you out.



(08:17 PM) snapshotmiki - I always thought of it like acupuncture--Reiki that is



(08:17 PM) dogmom4 - got to get off. See ya'll later!



(08:17 PM) arby - it goes any distance.



(08:17 PM) Louis1 - Andrea - that any kind of defense requiring violence needs to be absolutely last ditch type thing, mostly



(08:17 PM) Stephanie - byeee!!!



(08:17 PM) Andrea - Okay, I agree with that



(08:18 PM) Mother - thanks arby



(08:18 PM) arby - Sometimes that has to be determined rapidly if playing nice isnt going to work.... thats a hard thing to decide too.



(08:18 PM) Louis1 - hiding, running away - also valid options falling under, I'd guess, Mother's definition of tactics



(08:18 PM) Andrea - Bye, dogmom. Let me know when you're ready for the malabar spinach!



(08:18 PM) Mother - night dogmom



(08:18 PM) arby - brb



(08:19 PM) Andrea - I don't have much experience with that



(08:19 PM) snapshotmiki - Andrea- I will pm you in a few days about Jerusalem artichokes



(08:19 PM) Louis1 - If level of violence - looters, gangs, rioters, zombies - reaches the level of happening weekly / daily / or even monthly, might be time to pack up and move out!



(08:19 PM) Andrea - okay. No hurry, mine won't be ready til Thanksgivingish



(08:20 PM) Andrea - That's exactly what I'm worried about, Louis



(08:20 PM) Stephanie - This part makes me think about the Patriots book...I didn't understand most of the tactical jargon in it



(08:20 PM) arby - yep Louis, if it keeps you alive, thats the point!



(08:20 PM) Louis1 - Because ............. a small group's options for long term defense become all bad ........... long term is, MHO, an unwinnable situation



(08:20 PM) Andrea - It's just that the family's cabin in the middle of nowhere is a 7 hour drive and unreachable during the winter



(08:20 PM) Mother - I believe that way too but you'd have to have the ability to get out alive and a place to go and with a group that could be difficult



(08:21 PM) Stephanie - Louis...my biggest concern would be KNOWING when it is time to pack up and leave....



(08:21 PM) snapshotmiki - Thank you-



(08:21 PM) Stephanie - surely not wanting to jump the gun, so to speak and certainly not wanting to wait a moment too late.



(08:21 PM) Louis1 - Again, MHO, I think "violent defense" needs to be centered around something fast, harsh, quick - over quickly.



(08:22 PM) Andrea - So what should we consider when meeting our defense needs?



(08:22 PM) Louis1 - Whilst a primary tactic should be constant vigilance, someone ALWAYS on overwatch ...... try to avoid the surprise hit/attack



(08:22 PM) snapshotmiki - Our plans are always up in the air because of our traveling and not having a regular home base. I don't like when we are in the desert in the winters



(08:22 PM) Louis1 - Hi, Princess!!



(08:23 PM) Louis1 - is here



(08:23 PM) Mother - Evening Darlene



(08:23 PM) Darlene - Hey there...just enjoying the discussion



(08:23 PM) Andrea - Shhh, everyone behave!



(08:23 PM) WormGuy - hi Darlene



(08:23 PM) Andrea - Hi Darlene!



(08:23 PM) Stephanie -



(08:24 PM) snapshotmiki - Hey there Darlene



(08:24 PM) Darlene - hello everyone...



(08:24 PM) Andrea - So is it better to be mobile or staying in place when considering Defense, Louis?



(08:25 PM) Darlene - I need to reboot the computer, so y'all continue and I'll be back shortly



(08:25 PM) Andrea - Bye, Darlene



(08:25 PM) Stephanie - see you in a bit



(08:26 PM) Louis1 - Steph, is too much, I can't resist ................. "How on earth would I know, Andrea?"



(08:26 PM) Stephanie - Andrea, I think you need to always have options when it comes to defense



(08:26 PM) Louis1 - sorry ...........



(08:26 PM) Stephanie -



(08:27 PM) snapshotmiki - We just try to stay vigilant of our surroundings and stay in small towns and get to know our neighbors



(08:27 PM) Andrea - Well, just askin', cause I sure as heck don't know either!



(08:27 PM) Stephanie - Here's one thing I want to add about defense



(08:28 PM) Stephanie - You know everyone talks about where to invest your money in these crazy times



(08:28 PM) snapshotmiki - Unless we change our lifestyle that is about all we can do



(08:28 PM) Andrea - I think that's all you can do, snapshotmiki



(08:28 PM) Stephanie - I say invest in some good weapons and ammo



(08:28 PM) Louis1 - My opinion ............. if at all possible, someone always is designated watchstander, more than one if possible ................... and always concealed ....... even though that takes away valuable time they could be doing something more overtly "worthwhile"



(08:28 PM) Stephanie - as well as training



(08:28 PM) Andrea - develop community wherever you are



(08:29 PM) snapshotmiki - yep, thats our plan



(08:29 PM) Andrea - sigh, I know Stephanie. Training. Haven't had any since I was a Girl Scout!



(08:29 PM) Louis1 - I will say, IMO, knives/bows/pepper spray/clubs/hands and feet are all poor subs for firearms



(08:29 PM) Stephanie - FOR instance..... MN's , low cost and does the job



(08:30 PM) Mother - I believe if it came to survival, someone would always have to be on alert, that's why it's so important to have more than one or two to survive



(08:30 PM) Andrea - handgun or rifle?



(08:30 PM) Louis1 - Also need to plan beforehand .............. Who does what, who goes where, who takes care of kids, animals ............. who fights



(08:31 PM) Louis1 - A rifle is about 1,000 times better than a handgun in this type situation.



(08:31 PM) Mother - sorry, my computer is SO slow tonight... Firearms might be more effective long range weapons but, those others could mean your life in a close up encounter



(08:31 PM) Stephanie - For the situation we're discussing tonight, I think a rifle Andrea



(08:31 PM) snapshotmiki - Mostly older folks wherever we are- like us - so we usually seem to be on the same page. Unlike if one is in a bigger city.



(08:31 PM) Louis1 - That statement is one I definitely think I can defend.



(08:32 PM) Andrea - What kind of rifle? I mean, a shotgun would be useless, right?



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - The way to look at it Andrea is this...



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - you want to 'confront' the bad guys before they get to your house



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - that would mean a rifle



(08:32 PM) Louis1 - Mother, at close quarters, I don't see how anything beats a firearm, but will listen if you will elaborate



(08:32 PM) snapshotmiki - Probably mostly well armed also.



(08:33 PM) Stephanie - Shotgun has it's uses, but long range, you need a rifle



(08:33 PM) Mother - I don't doubt it a bit Loius, just trying to point out that something is better than nothing when it comes to defense.



(08:33 PM) Louis1 - NO, a shotgun definitely NOT useless, and is better than a pistol, MMHO



(08:33 PM) arby - at times yes, Mother I agree, sometimes you want something that is quiet too.



(08:33 PM) Louis1 - Oh, I agree completely then.



(08:33 PM) Mother - I would choose a fire arm if possible FIRST



(08:33 PM) Louis1 - Arby - if you are "defending", I don't think silence is going to be an issue?



(08:34 PM) Stephanie - Then you can always pull out the cast iron as a last resort...



(08:34 PM) Louis1 - hello, pailine/ncnewbie



(08:34 PM) Louis1 - John! Wake up and speak up!



(08:35 PM) Louis1 - Andrea - shotguns are great!



(08:35 PM) Andrea - Maybe he's off to Amazon to order his herb book!



(08:35 PM) Mother - so we have determined that defense skills/training/aptitude is a must for at least a few of the team members?



(08:35 PM) snapshotmiki - Just to hear a shotgun being chambered would head me the other direction



(08:35 PM) Louis1 - Why not post that specific question in thread so we can give it attention it deserves??



(08:35 PM) arby - it might be at times. if you have to sneak by them to get to a certain place and they are in the way and many more than you are and you have no gun



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosin-Nagant



(08:35 PM) WormGuy - too busy make a copy



(08:35 PM) pauline - hi louis



(08:36 PM) Louis1 - I would say is like other skills, Mother - expect everyone to do the best their ability level allows



(08:36 PM) Stephanie - That is the rifle I was referring to Andrea



(08:37 PM) Stephanie - There are much fancier ones, but this one is low in cost and usually available, that's why I mentioned it



(08:37 PM) Louis1 - Now ................. is gonna be VERY hard to garden, mechanic, can, cook, skin animal, milk goat - whilst carrying a rifle!



(08:37 PM) Stephanie - Sometimes, people think they can't buy a firearm for less than $500 , and that's not the case



(08:37 PM) WormGuy - Firearms will be invaluable, being able to be mobile at a moments notice would be a must



(08:37 PM) Stephanie - They did it in Nehemiah (sword in one hand and tools in the other)



(08:37 PM) Andrea - Steph, does that only hold one round?



(08:38 PM) Louis1 - But can be done easily whilst carrying a pistol.



(08:38 PM) Louis1 - 5 rounds or 6, Andrea



(08:38 PM) Stephanie - I defer the MN questions to Louis and John....go boys!!



(08:38 PM) Andrea - 'cause I'll be nervous and my first shot would probably go wide!



(08:38 PM) Andrea - which is bad, and gives away my location . . .



(08:39 PM) Louis1 - And that particular rifle is also a great CLUB and a great SPEAR!! No joking



(08:39 PM) Andrea - Oh, 5 or 6 is good



(08:39 PM) Stephanie - That's why you get it now and PRACTICE until you are comfortable!!



(08:39 PM) WormGuy - it is a heavy weapon for sure



(08:40 PM) Stephanie - Andrea....the bayonet on the thing looks like a skewer....and when on the rifle...the whole thing is way taller than me.



(08:40 PM) Andrea - yes mom



(08:40 PM) Louis1 - Back to Mother's person always on guard - that person, I would think, should be armed with accurate Long Range rifle and be a capable marksman ......



(08:40 PM) Louis1 - And always concealed



(08:40 PM) Andrea - (count me out)



(08:40 PM) Louis1 - hello, HSmom



(08:41 PM) Louis1 - 'ello homemaker101



(08:41 PM) Stephanie - HSmom and homemaker101 and anyone else I overlooked



(08:41 PM) homemaker101 - hello!!



(08:41 PM) snapshotmiki - Happy Bday Homemaker



(08:42 PM) WormGuy - remember, cover is one thing...concelment is another



(08:42 PM) snapshotmiki - Hi Lele



(08:42 PM) homemaker101 - This is my first time here



(08:42 PM) homemaker101 - Thank you-



(08:42 PM) WormGuy - hi homemaker



(08:42 PM) Andrea - Welcome all



(08:42 PM) Louis1 - It is going to be, i think, virtually impossible to maintain a sustained presence in a hostil (defense required) environment for a group of less than 8 ........... and difficult for a group of 20!



(08:43 PM) homemaker101 - It has been a very goo Birthday!!



(08:43 PM) Stephanie - Welcome and Happy Birthday !!



(08:43 PM) Lele - hi hi



(08:43 PM) Stephanie - And you are counting 'able bodied adults' in that number Louis?



(08:43 PM) Louis1 - good point, yes



(08:44 PM) Andrea - So for those of us who are townies, we need to find a way to defend our street or neighborhood.



(08:44 PM) pauline - homemaker jump on in to the discussion most of us don't bite and happy birthday



(08:44 PM) Louis1 - 20 if 6 are toddlers is 15 is 13 because 2 have to be assigned to the kids.



(08:44 PM) Mother - I believe so too but feeding, housing, hiding, a lot of people could be more dangerous in the long run.???



(08:44 PM) Lele - happy b day H 101



(08:45 PM) Louis1 - I think so, Andrea ............ you have to have some working relationship amongst neighbors.



(08:45 PM) homemaker101 - ok- I just got here and am not sure what the discussion is about yet- Just catching up a bit...



(08:45 PM) Andrea - I think I'd better make friends with the CHP family that just moved in down the street . . .



(08:45 PM) Louis1 -



(08:46 PM) Stephanie - I think Andrea's question brings up a good point



(08:46 PM) Lele - gene pool for a valid group to survive long term in needed.. think I read somewhere it would need 25+ not related.



(08:46 PM) Stephanie - You need to connect with whoever is around you



(08:47 PM) Mother - Necessary skills, knowledge, talents, aptitudes, and etc.to build a cohesive survival team



(08:47 PM) Stephanie - You can know a really great doctor in the next state...but that might not do you any good



(08:47 PM) Stephanie - It's who is around you, in close proximity that you need to be able to rely on



(08:48 PM) snapshotmiki - My t-shirt says"Mess with me and you mess with the whole trailer park" That is the attitude where we are headed.



(08:48 PM) Mother - I believe so far we've come up with defense, feeder/producer?, medical



(08:48 PM) Andrea - LOL



(08:49 PM) Lele - good allitude, it will take a small village to sucessfully survive.



(08:49 PM) Andrea - So, I think Stephanie is right, we need to connect with those around us. But, do we expose ourselves as preppers, or do we just quietly prep for them?



(08:49 PM) homemaker101 - I agree Lele



(08:50 PM) Louis1 - Best is your small group, allied with/working with a larger community group, mho



(08:50 PM) homemaker101 - Speak quietly but carry a big stick?



(08:50 PM) Lele - both Andera



(08:50 PM) Louis1 - Expose?? Never!!



(08:50 PM) Stephanie - Wasn't that Arby that mentioned "STEALTH MENTORING" one time? That might work Andrea



(08:51 PM) Andrea - For instance, I've got way more rice and beans than my family will ever eat, but not so much if it has to be stretched for 20 people.



(08:51 PM) Andrea - Stealth mentoring? Love it!



(08:51 PM) Louis1 - Who considers themselves to be in a good situation geographically for long term survival??



(08:51 PM) Lele - expose only in the since of setting up your trade barter partners, helping each other before TSHTF



(08:51 PM) snapshotmiki - My park is so small, no way for others not to know your business. Evening bonfires when we got to know a bit about each other



(08:51 PM) WormGuy - use it for barter Andrea



(08:52 PM) Louis1 - Like, who likes their chances where they are?



(08:52 PM) snapshotmiki - I definitely do NOT think we are good geographically but are more mobile than most



(08:52 PM) WormGuy - not me



(08:53 PM) Stephanie - I'd have to answer yes and no to that question Louis



(08:53 PM) Andrea - Great climate, I can grow stuff 12 months out of the year and we even have water, but there are TOO many people



(08:53 PM) Mother - If we don't have to include defense, we are pretty well set up for non electric, more primative living right here



(08:53 PM) Andrea - so, no



(08:53 PM) Louis1 - Steph - why am I not surprised .............



(08:53 PM) snapshotmiki - Do have a few ideas where to go if travel is permitted



(08:53 PM) Stephanie - Yes... in that we have a homestead, some livestock, some skills and ability to defend those...however



(08:54 PM) Louis1 - 3 no's, 1 sorta, 1 yes/no ..........



(08:54 PM) Stephanie - Too far removed from the rest of my team ( extended family ) if a very long term situation



(08:54 PM) Mother - IS there a perfect place to be?



(08:54 PM) Louis1 - welcome AMarthaByHeart



(08:54 PM) Andrea - Darlene's house!



(08:55 PM) Stephanie - Maybe not a perfect place Mother...but a BEST place I think



(08:55 PM) WormGuy - hi Martha



(08:55 PM) Lele - area is good here, but most near me are like me, too old for viability. the young just keep moving to the big city.



(08:55 PM) Andrea - Or, we could all go and live with Steph



(08:55 PM) Louis1 - Not perfect, but some much better than others and some, just mho, totally unsurvivable .........



(08:55 PM) homemaker101 - Hello Martha



(08:55 PM) Andrea - Welcome, martha



(08:55 PM) Louis1 - .to answer Mother's question



(08:56 PM) AMarthaByHeart - Thanks--I am late but this is my first time in the shoutbox. Hi everyone.



(08:56 PM) Stephanie - We're glad you are here!!



(08:56 PM) Andrea - .to answer Mother's question



(08:56 PM) Louis1 - I think I am in a better than average situation, and John knows how to get here if'n he needs to!



(08:56 PM) Lele - hi hi and welcomme to shoutbox for all those new here



(08:56 PM) Andrea - Darlene's



(08:57 PM) WormGuy - that's okay, Louis was late also



(08:57 PM) homemaker101 - Thats ok- I'm a newbie here too!! LOL!!



(08:57 PM) snapshotmiki - Gotta go for a while--I will come back and read later. DH needs the computer for a while. Bye all!



(08:58 PM) Louis1 - by, Mik



(08:58 PM) WormGuy - bye Mik



(08:58 PM) Stephanie - So, what we're saying is that Louis should open a commune and we'll all move there?? right??



(08:58 PM) Andrea - Ooops, did Louis get booted?



(08:58 PM) homemaker101 - Bye!! MIK



(08:58 PM) snapshotmiki - Byeee!



(08:58 PM) Stephanie -



(08:58 PM) Louis1 - Yah, methinks D has good setup ............ who's gonna tell her we're all coming over??



(08:58 PM) Andrea - Sounds good, unless of course it snows there!



(08:58 PM) Stephanie - ttyl Mik



(08:58 PM) Andrea - Bye miki



(08:59 PM) Andrea - Well, you have the rifle . . .



(08:59 PM) Stephanie - Snow is not an issue in the Deep South....but mosquitoes are!



(09:00 PM) Stephanie - And how do you think I learned about that rifle Andrea???



(09:00 PM) Andrea - LOL



(09:00 PM) Stephanie - John let me shoot his at Darlene's!!



(09:00 PM) Louis1 - Anyone live in an actual City?? Like, one with over 60,000 or so population?



(09:00 PM) WormGuy - I got directions to both places



(09:00 PM) Stephanie - And OMB sent me articles (very nice ones)



(09:00 PM) Stephanie - and Louis helped me locate the ammo



(09:00 PM) Stephanie - and Vic loves 'em too!



(09:01 PM) Stephanie - (and on it goes).....



(09:01 PM) Andrea - 68,000



(09:01 PM) Mother - Let's not tell her ahead of time, Okay



(09:01 PM) Louis1 - I think we are about "on topic chatted out" for tonite??



(09:01 PM) AMarthaByHeart - Amen to the mosquitoes and snakes. The weather is unpredictable. I lived in a small city of over 100,000 very close to an Air Force Base



(09:01 PM) Louis1 - Andrea, is a lot of peoples!!



(09:02 PM) Louis1 - AMBH - Is a whole lotta peoples!



(09:02 PM) Andrea - Just a stones throw or a day's walk from a town of 200,000 which is another 2 days walk from a metro area of millions. I'm toast



(09:02 PM) Stephanie - It was a great subject and I enjoyed it so much



(09:02 PM) Louis1 - Is official, on-topic chat over?? I am topiced out, lol



(09:02 PM) Stephanie - (((Andrea))) you aren't toast because you are thinking ahead and planning and preparing and networking and learning



(09:03 PM) AMarthaByHeart - Too many. I will read the archive. Enjoyed what little I saw.



(09:03 PM) Lele - 2 mil about 80 miles away



(09:03 PM) Louis1 - even tho we only got through 3 skill-sets, and not even details on them



(09:03 PM) Andrea - Thanks all. Don't be surprised if a few of you get pm's about a certain topic!



(09:03 PM) Stephanie - OFFICIAL CHAT ADJOURNED.....



(09:03 PM) Stephanie - Feel free to chat freely!!!








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