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Chat 10-15-09

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(07:27 PM) Stephanie - hellllooooo



(07:27 PM) Stephanie - are we all starting to meander in??



(07:28 PM) Stephanie - No sign of our chief chat duck??



(07:31 PM) arby - hello



(07:32 PM) Stephanie -



(07:32 PM) Stephanie - I was beginning to think I was all alone.



(07:32 PM) Stephanie -



(07:32 PM) arby - awwww



(07:32 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - well I hope they shoot better then they show up on time?



(07:32 PM) Annarchy -



(07:33 PM) Stephanie - We're here



(07:33 PM) arby - hi Anarchy



(07:33 PM) Stephanie - The chat time was for just 3 minutes ago



(07:33 PM) Stephanie -



(07:33 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - 3 'A's and 1 S............... we win!



(07:34 PM) arby - lol



(07:34 PM) Stephanie - uhoh....I'm outnumbered!!



(07:34 PM) Annarchy - I was lurking on the board..... I arby, Stephanie and AH - Lori or Michael



(07:34 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - my shout box is so big tonight?



(07:34 PM) Stephanie - Mine is just normal size



(07:34 PM) arby - I was looking at the variety of deer scent. VT wants to make it illegal, but this was just in NY at Dicks. I will probably be getting some for my BOB or SIP sustenance needs.



(07:35 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Michael here ........................ Lori cooking Browine cookies for work



(07:35 PM) arby - I see it as normal



(07:35 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - And she is also Killing me as I can't even smell them with out passing out



(07:35 PM) Stephanie - I believe Louis, John and Jackie will be here in a moment



(07:35 PM) Stephanie - Aha!



(07:36 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - it is Boss Day on Friday



(07:36 PM) Louis1 -



(07:36 PM) Annarchy - Deer scent is 'ewwww' to me. Ummmm....cookies..



(07:36 PM) Annarchy - The boss is here!



(07:36 PM) Annarchy - Hi Louis1



(07:36 PM) arby - ah, theres dark duck



(07:36 PM) Stephanie - There he is, our fearless Chief Chat Duck!!



(07:36 PM) Annarchy - Today is international reconciliation day in several countries



(07:37 PM) Louis1 - hellooooo



(07:37 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - no cookies until Friday! LOL



(07:37 PM) Annarchy - Anyone smoke to preserve?



(07:37 PM) Stephanie - The other day I gave dh a bottle of Doe Urine.



(07:37 PM) Louis1 - The Ducks will nivvir reconcile with the Foxes, nivvir!



(07:37 PM) Stephanie - It was on clearance at Cabelos so I added it to my order



(07:37 PM) Stephanie -



(07:38 PM) arby - cool Steph, there sure is a variety of stuff like that and related to it.



(07:38 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I'm out.........................



(07:38 PM) Louis1 - Annarchy - have done before, a few times, more to see what was like than for practical purposes



(07:38 PM) Stephanie - Ann I would really like to learn more about smoking meats, do you use that method?



(07:39 PM) Annarchy - I have regularly. Makes a nice jerky - fish, beef, pork.



(07:39 PM) Stephanie - (((Necie))) Great to see you!



(07:40 PM) Stephanie - Wow, that's cool Ann



(07:40 PM) Annarchy - Hi Necie & farmgirlwannabe



(07:40 PM) farmgirlwannabe - Hi everyone!



(07:40 PM) Stephanie - Hi farmgirlwannabe!



(07:41 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hello



(07:41 PM) Necie - thought i'd pop in and see what was cookin' on the spit



(07:41 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - LOL



(07:41 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - LOL



(07:41 PM) arby - hi Necie and farmgirl



(07:42 PM) Louis1 - so, Stephanator, lead us into the TOPIC



(07:42 PM) Stephanie - Alrighty!



(07:42 PM) Stephanie - A lot of us hunt and rely on that meat to fill our freezers



(07:43 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - quite tonight and nobody posting on site as well..................



(07:43 PM) Stephanie - So tonight we'll be talking about how to prepare those wild game meats as well as preserve them



(07:43 PM) Stephanie - I guess we could start by listing what wild games we cook and eat on a regular basis?



(07:44 PM) Louis1 - I will be quiet, know nothing about recipes, just listening



(07:44 PM) Stephanie - Ack!! A quiet duck! That will never do.



(07:44 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - same with Michael



(07:45 PM) arby - I just have a wyoming cookbook , lol.



(07:45 PM) Stephanie - In my own experience I have mostly cooked venison but my grandma cooked squirrel on a regular basis and my step dad shoots wild turkeys



(07:46 PM) Necie - i've cooked duck ya got to put it on a rack first LOL



(07:46 PM) Stephanie - Who here has ever eaten or prepared venison?



(07:47 PM) Necie - rabbit, squirrel, turtle, fish, venison, duck/goose, turkey (good deep fried) ymmmmm



(07:47 PM) Louis1 - yes



(07:47 PM) arby - yeah. venison, duck , buffalo Ive eaten, just never had that much of it so nothing special.



(07:47 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - nope



(07:48 PM) Necie - ooooh....elk....my bil went to wy or some such and got one YUM



(07:48 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - sorry I can't get this thing topost right?



(07:48 PM) Stephanie - I tried some moose one time, didn't care for it, but I was much younger and probably didn't cook it correctly



(07:48 PM) Annarchy - I make a brine solution, soak for 8+ hours, and use a bbq/smoker, temps to each meat requirements. Soak my wood chips (hickory or mesquite) in water for a day or two and add them after the meat is on the racks for smoky goodness.




(07:49 PM) Stephanie - 'tis okay Michael, it has quirks.



(07:49 PM) Necie - mom tried to grill moose steaks once....as usual...shoe leather <rolleyes>



(07:49 PM) Annarchy - lol



(07:49 PM) WormGuy - I'm late



(07:49 PM) Stephanie - Ann, after you smoked the meat, how do you store it?



(07:49 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hey worm-



(07:49 PM) Stephanie - (((John))) glad you made it



(07:50 PM) Annarchy - My brother made deer sausages and forgot to add fat....very dry....poor baby.



(07:50 PM) Annarchy - Hi John and Granny!



(07:50 PM) Necie - howdy wormie and granny



(07:50 PM) Stephanie - When dealing with wild game, most people who say they don't like it, haven't eaten it cooked properly



(07:50 PM) Granny - Is moose similar to elk? Et that, good stuff.



(07:50 PM) Stephanie - (((Granny)))



(07:50 PM) Annarchy - Setphanie, usually use ziploc or food saver.



(07:50 PM) Louis1 - 'lo



(07:50 PM) WormGuy - hey everyone



(07:51 PM) arby - hi WG



(07:51 PM) Necie - i have a yummy venison salami recipe...takes forever to make and not long for dbf to eat hehe



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - No refrigeration required after the smoking process Ann?



(07:51 PM) Annarchy - Absolutely Stephanie, a good recipe makes a world of difference.



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - Necie, I would love to have that recipe!



(07:52 PM) Annarchy - Usually, no, however I don't trust pork and always freeze or refrigerate it.



(07:52 PM) Necie - steph...i would refrigerate or freeze all smoked meats...unless they're canned



(07:52 PM) Stephanie - The first and most important step is to be sure the game has been cleaned and dressed properly.



(07:53 PM) Necie - except maybe jerky



(07:53 PM) Stephanie - A couple of weeks ago John and Louis and I were talking about the old time smoke houses and I was asking about the refrigeration, wondering if power weren't available, if that would me a good method of preservation



(07:54 PM) Necie - i think that recipe is posted somewhere....will have to look



(07:54 PM) Stephanie - okay thanks Necie



(07:55 PM) Annarchy - Looking at the possibility of no electricity was the reason I learned to smoke to preserve game.



(07:55 PM) Stephanie - Louis? John? someone? do we have a rule of thumb about the time frame on dressing the game? to reduce spoilage



(07:55 PM) Stephanie - Yes, Ann, that was the cause of my interest as well. An alternate form of meat preservation.



(07:56 PM) WormGuy - depends on the temp. It should be done as soon as possible



(07:56 PM) Cat - Are we eating bugs yet???



(07:56 PM) Louis1 - well, Steph, some like theirs to, ah, "ripen" before preparation



(07:57 PM) Stephanie - This is a really good pamphlet I found about venison and field dressing






(07:57 PM) Necie - junebugs



(07:57 PM) Stephanie - Hi ya' Cat, nope, no bugs so far, thankfully!



(07:57 PM) Granny - Sugar cure meat http://sugarmountainhome.com/livestock/curingmeat.html



(07:58 PM) Louis1 - is Cat!



(07:58 PM) Stephanie - Thanks Granny!! That looks like a great article!



(07:59 PM) Stephanie - One of the most important parts of preparing wild game is the marinade IMHO



(08:00 PM) Stephanie - Louis has a special marinade that he uses and also suggested to me once to just soak in milk, it did a great job.



(08:00 PM) Cat - (Hmmm.. why are there huge block of "nothing" in the shout box?)



(08:00 PM) Louis1 - lol



(08:00 PM) Stephanie - Here is a link to some Wild Game Marinades and I'd like to hear what kinds of marinades that y'all use??





(08:00 PM) Louis1 - Steph struck again?



(08:01 PM) WormGuy - that happens sometimes Cat



(08:01 PM) Cat - I was daydreaming about buying my grandparent's far a while back. They had and used a smokehouse. I would LOVE to learn how to do that.



(08:01 PM) Annarchy - Hi Cat!



(08:01 PM) WormGuy - so would I Cat



(08:01 PM) Stephanie - I didn't do nuthin' Louis!



(08:01 PM) Granny - Soaking deer meat in water, then rinse several times til clear removes the blood and gamey flavor.



(08:01 PM) Louis1 - Ya'll culinary experts should chime in, my game cooking is pretty basic



(08:01 PM) Cat - Steph, one of our favorites is just plain 'ole Teriyaki sauce.



(08:02 PM) Stephanie - We were just talking about smoking Cat, Ann has been doing some.



(08:02 PM) Louis1 - Right after butchering, I soaks in salt and ice water for 20-30 hours



(08:02 PM) Cat - Louis1, have you ever been to the Smoking website?



(08:02 PM) Louis1 - Smoking Cat? Is that legal???



(08:02 PM) Cat - (Yup, I skimmed the conversation above.)



(08:02 PM) Stephanie - Yes, Granny, just soaking will help and also like Ann said earlier, soaking it in a brine water is great as well



(08:02 PM) Necie - if venison is bloody, i soak in a light salt water brine for a bit



(08:02 PM) Louis1 - No, I have not



(08:03 PM) Cat - MEAT smoking, doofus!



(08:04 PM) Granny - You could talk about cutting up the meat Louis. My DH always does ours and must be across the grain (?) to be tender.



(08:04 PM) Cat - http://www.smoking-meat.com/



(08:04 PM) Stephanie - This is a great link for Wild Game Recipes http://www.cookwildgame.com/



(08:04 PM) Annarchy - I love to smoke hams & turkeys for Christmas presents.



(08:04 PM) Louis1 - I am not a good butcher, Granny



(08:04 PM) Louis1 - lol



(08:05 PM) Louis1 - But I do know where to find the tenderloin in a deer, most people throw them away!



(08:05 PM) Stephanie - I bought a smoker...but I've never used it....



(08:05 PM) Cat - Pa in the original "Little House" books smoked meat in a hollowed-out tree stump... a tall one.



(08:06 PM) Annarchy - Here's another good one...http://www.recipegoldmine.com/meatwild/meatwild.html



(08:06 PM) WormGuy - I helped butcher a cow once, took four of us all day. All we had was a book to go by.



(08:06 PM) Stephanie - Great links Cat and Ann, thanks



(08:07 PM) Necie - dbf smokes a turkey every year for thanksgiving....DELISH!!



(08:07 PM) Stephanie - We grind a fair portion of our venison and use it in any recipe that calls for ground meat (chili, spaghetti, etc)



(08:08 PM) Cat - The smoking meat site has a great discussion forum and great newsletter.



(08:09 PM) Stephanie - http://www.smoker-cooking.com/smoking-meat.html



(08:09 PM) Louis1 - venison - I fry it, grill it, stew it, bbq it, also grind and use in burgers, chili, spaghetti, and make some sausage



(08:09 PM) Stephanie - QUOTE


Cooking meat with smoke preserves in two ways; by dehydration, and by the curing properties of the chemicals in the smoke. Each prevent bacterial growth, making it possible to store the meat for extended periods without refrigeration. Smoke curing and drying meat were the only preservation methods besides salting that were available before refrigeration.



(08:10 PM) Annarchy - Sweet site, Cat.



(08:11 PM) Necie - found it steph http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...=venison+salami



(08:11 PM) Stephanie - I've been canning a good amount of meats, and that is a great way to make your meat shelf stable



(08:11 PM) Stephanie - Great! Thanks Necie and now that link will be in this thread when John posts it!



(08:12 PM) Necie - there



(08:12 PM) Annarchy - Thanks Necie.



(08:12 PM) Cat - **Today's useless but interesting tip** - During the worst of the Civil war, people in the south who had no access to seawater for salt would actually "wash" the dirt in their smokehouses to dehydrate the salt back out.



(08:13 PM) Necie - pooh! there's a ton of info on the site...search venison lots of goodies... could do the same with rabbit, squirrel, etc.



(08:13 PM) Annarchy - Ummm... I love cayanne



(08:14 PM) Stephanie - One tip about venison is that you need to realize there is NO FAT and you do have to consider that when cooking it



(08:14 PM) Cat - We have some very interesting odd stuff on the site, like raccoon and possum.



(08:14 PM) Necie - it's not real *spicy* though



(08:15 PM) Stephanie - All the health rage, you'd think folks would have caught on to the health benefits of wild game



(08:15 PM) Cat - OOPS sorry for the double...



(08:15 PM) Stephanie - not doubled to us Cat, just looks doubled to the poster



(08:15 PM) Cat - I have added pork sausage to ground venison to add fat. But I haven't really had venison much.



(08:16 PM) Granny - Cat what you drinkin to see double?



(08:16 PM) Necie - read in a book ?? that the native americans would collect the *crust* from their fires in the morning and crumble and use for salt



(08:16 PM) Stephanie - After a good brine or water soak, a lot of people soak venison in buttermilk, it is a great marinade



(08:17 PM) Cat - Most people can't get past the "ugh" factor to wild game. They want their meat in little plastic-wrapped styrofoam coffins.



(08:17 PM) arby - I know that if you hunt wild rabbits to check the liver for discoloration or scarring on the liver when you gut it , if its fine its ok to eat, if its not in good shape, dont eat it.



(08:17 PM) Vic303 - Woohoo! Are we still eatin' bugs?



(08:17 PM) Stephanie - That's a good point Arby, wild game should always be healthy



(08:17 PM) Stephanie - No bugs yet Vic,



(08:17 PM) Necie - just junebug lol



(08:17 PM) Annarchy - No bugs yet, unless you want them chocolate dipped.



(08:18 PM) arby - yea. one would hope so



(08:18 PM) Annarchy - Hi Vic303!



(08:18 PM) Cat - No drinkin'... but I had a Twinkie a while ago... I forgot how bad those are.



(08:18 PM) arby - lol Cat



(08:18 PM) Stephanie - I didn't say that right arby, I meant that any wild game that we HARVEST should be healthy.



(08:18 PM) Vic303 - We saw a bunch of deer on our vacation in KS and all I could think about was backstraps & jerky! :drool:



(08:19 PM) arby - I knew what you meant.



(08:19 PM) Stephanie - any tips on Venison Jerky? seasonings? methods??



(08:20 PM) arby - the deer are fat over in the farms by mha, out grazing still.... \



(08:20 PM) arby - very healthy ones. plump already



(08:20 PM) Annarchy - For bugs, this has to be the worst thing I have ever heard of:



(08:20 PM) Annarchy - Roach Bug Milk:



~ 1 Part American Roach Bugs


~ 4 Parts water



Soak dried American Roach Bugs over night in water. Pour off water, and blend. Flavoring may be added to water before soaking. For a delicious smoothie add ice cream or frozen fruit & pure maple syrup.



(08:20 PM) Granny - canning wild meats http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=281387



(08:21 PM) Stephanie - Did y'all know that Cabelas actually has Venison Jerky in their catalog and on line to order?? $40 a pound!



(08:21 PM) Vic303 - I use my regular jerky recipe which involves a lot of worcestershire, soy sauce, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.



(08:21 PM) Stephanie - http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...equestid=153455



(08:21 PM) arby - oh please dont post that any more. gross.



(08:21 PM) arby - yea Vic, minus the pepper and Im good with that.



(08:21 PM) Annarchy -



(08:21 PM) arby - teriyaki sauce maybe too, lemon juice too



(08:22 PM) Stephanie - Oh Ann!! That is putrid!



(08:22 PM) Vic303 - Sometimes I use Allegro bottled marinades too in combo with the above.



(08:22 PM) arby - I will not eat roaches. nope



(08:22 PM) arby - worms yes, roaches heck no!



(08:23 PM) Granny - I'll try to dig up our recipe for deer sausage. Mix, roll in tin foil and boil in water (with foil still on to hold shape)



(08:23 PM) Stephanie - I was thinking about Worcestershire today, I'd hate not to have that, I use it a lot with my venison



(08:23 PM) arby - sounds good Vic



(08:23 PM) Stephanie - Ann gets the award for the shock of the night!



(08:23 PM) Annarchy - I use Worcestershire in many of my recipes also.



(08:24 PM) Stephanie - http://homecooking.about.com/od/condimentr...s/r/blcon84.htm



(08:24 PM) Stephanie - That is suppose to be a Make your own worcestershire recipe



(08:24 PM) Stephanie - But, I haven't ever tried it.



(08:25 PM) arby - me too Ann



(08:26 PM) CoM - Hi everyone. Great to see people here !!



(08:26 PM) Stephanie - Hi CoM



(08:26 PM) Annarchy - I've used a similar one that leaves out the corn syrup.



(08:26 PM) Annarchy - Hi CoM!



(08:27 PM) WormGuy - hi CoM



(08:27 PM) Louis1 - hi, CoM



(08:27 PM) Stephanie - Here's an interesting video on how to make Deer Pepporini snack sticks






(08:27 PM) Stephanie - It has a number of other video tutorials for similar things



(08:28 PM) Cat - **Cat sneaks up behind CoM and plops a chocolate pie on top...**



(08:29 PM) Stephanie - Yum, CoM looks tasty!



(08:29 PM) CoM - yummm



(08:29 PM) CoM - How has everyone been?



(08:30 PM) Stephanie - BTW, earlier Louis mentioned about folks throwing away portions of the venison



(08:30 PM) Stephanie - We don't throw away much, even the bony parts like ribs and neck can be cooked and used



(08:30 PM) Vic303 - been good, com



(08:30 PM) Annarchy - Thanks Stephanie, here's a recipe that's similar to the one I use: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Deer-Jerky/Detail.aspx I leave out the smoked flavoring and put it on the smoker.



(08:31 PM) Stephanie - We're good CoM, we've been doing scheduled chats on Thursday nights (thanks to Louis) glad you could join us



(08:31 PM) CoM - Hubby cooks and eats all the wild food here. he like to cook smothered rabbit , deer & fried squirrell



(08:31 PM) Stephanie - That looks like a great recipe Ann



(08:32 PM) CoM - Oh great on the scheduled chats.



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - Louis?? are you going to share your special marinade??



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - CoM, my boys are wanting to start hunting squirrel



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - It was regularly served at the dinner table at my grandmas house.



(08:32 PM) Annarchy - Ummm.... :drooling: It's been a long time since I've had squirrel.



(08:33 PM) CoM - Hubby was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease so our meals have been really difficult lately.



(08:33 PM) Stephanie - She always pan fried it and then made a brown gravy to go over the rice.



(08:33 PM) CoM - I was not raised eating wild food so I never have aquired a taste for any of it.



(08:34 PM) arby - Sorry to hear that CoM



(08:34 PM) Stephanie - Oh my, I imagine so CoM, sorry to hear that



(08:34 PM) Cat - RE - hunting rabbits and other rodents - serious disease



(08:34 PM) Annarchy - ((((CoM)))))



(08:34 PM) Cat - Tularemia is a nasty nasty! Forms pustules under the skin of rodents. Which means skinning a tularemic rabbit is dangerous all out of proportion to it's value.








(08:34 PM) Louis1 -



(08:35 PM) Louis1 - that was for Stephanie



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - Come on Louis, don't be shy....



(08:35 PM) CoM - He has NO immune sysystem due to the steroids so I have become obcessed with germ prevention.



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - I promise I won't tell the gentle folks here that you eat your venison raw.



(08:36 PM) Cat - I'm so sorry, CoM... I take back the pie...



(08:36 PM) Annarchy - Hi Ambergris!



(08:36 PM) CoM - He went fishing yesterday for a few days. Poor man has been cooped up for 3 months. I sent a big bottle of hand sanitizer with him. He said " What do want me to do? wash after each fish I catch!".. I said yes ! lol



(08:36 PM) Stephanie - ((Amber))



(08:37 PM) WormGuy - It's in last weeks chat Stephanie



(08:38 PM) Cat - NOT a good situation medically to be in with Swine Flu floating around... as well as regular flu, colds, etc.



(08:38 PM) Ambergris - Hi. My computer is not cooperating tonight.



(08:38 PM) Ambergris - Hi. My computer is not cooperating tonight.



(08:38 PM) Stephanie - Thanks for the reminder John, now people will know just where to find Louis' special recipe!



(08:38 PM) WormGuy - (06:23 PM) Louis1 - Quarter inch thick strips, soak 24 hours in 50/50 mixture of Worcestershire and White Wine Vinegar, then eat



(08:39 PM) arby - only swine flu is around me now...... every case tested was positive for swine flu not regular flu in my region and over in VT too, clear to NH,



(08:39 PM) CoM - I ordered pure unrefined coconut oil for us and some 500 Vit D3, and have made some homemade elderberry syrup to try to boost both our immune systems



(08:39 PM) Stephanie - why thank you John



(08:39 PM) WormGuy - no need to thank me Louis



(08:39 PM) Stephanie - why thank you John



(08:39 PM) CoM - 5000 Vit D3



(08:40 PM) CoM - I haven't had a cold in over 15 yrs.



(08:40 PM) Annarchy - I saw pomegranates help.



(08:41 PM) Stephanie - I think I'm going to really try to learn about the Meat Smoking, glad for all the links and also to know that I can call upon Ann since she is already doing it.



(08:41 PM) CoM - It's so good to see y'all.



(08:41 PM) arby -



(08:42 PM) CoM - Stephanie... If you can do some research try to build yourself your own smokehouse.



(08:42 PM) Stephanie - Unless anyone objects we'll 'close' the official TOPIC and everyone can chat to their hearts content.



(08:42 PM) CoM - even if it is a small one. We bought one and it is terrible.



(08:42 PM) Stephanie - I'd LOVE to do that CoM!!



(08:43 PM) Cat - Sorry, folks, but Im gonna have to duck out. But I'll be watching what comes after, so don't laugh at me *too* much or I'll have to come after ya...



(08:43 PM) CoM - The little ones you buy are made cheap and have small shelves.



(08:43 PM) CoM - one use and there is grease everywhere



(08:43 PM) Annarchy - Me too..................



(08:44 PM) Cat - TTYL... hugs all around...



(08:44 PM) WormGuy - nite Cat



(08:44 PM) Stephanie - I think we got a great load of links and info for further reading, after John posts this, we can continue to add other tips as we find them. Should make for a great thread.








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