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Chat 10-22-09

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We had a good group of folks tonight. I counted twelve in the room at one time. Remember, any blank spaces next to a person’s name are a smiley and they won’t show up.







(07:42 PM) Louis1 - What does everyone use now as their primary source?



(07:43 PM) Stephanie - Propane is our primary source here.



(07:43 PM) Louis1 - Some may have "primaries" that others consider "alternative"



(07:43 PM) WormGuy - natural gas here



(07:43 PM) Louis1 - me too on natural gas



(07:43 PM) Shoshana - The woodstove is our only source of heat here.



(07:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - We just wear lots of clothes (including the dogs)



(07:44 PM) Stephanie - That's kind of our case Louis....because without power, we're still covered...so our primary is good to a second level.



(07:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - i live in an apt



(07:44 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I madde a alichole (?) stove this sunner useing toilet paper and a coffee can? That counts right



(07:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - but tx does not get very cold



(07:44 PM) Louis1 - GND, there is no heat at all?



(07:45 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - sorry it has been a long day so spelling is out!



(07:45 PM) Stephanie - I've heard of those Michael, very cool sounding.



(07:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - http://www.ryanspet.com/ryanspet/productLi...;startItemCnt=1



(07:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - no heat



(07:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - let me get u an item #



(07:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - JW65001



(07:45 PM) WormGuy - alcohol stoves could help Michael



(07:45 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - it worked for us at Framers Market............ I could have sold 25 of them that day



(07:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - it's seriously not cold until february



(07:46 PM) WormGuy - thanks GND



(07:46 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Most people have the things needed at home too - that was the coolpart



(07:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - let me know when it's ok to fill you in on th rest, WG



(07:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - i don't want to disrupt chat



(07:46 PM) WormGuy - how about newspaper logs



(07:47 PM) WormGuy - ok



(07:47 PM) Stephanie - We have small space heaters as well, but those require electricity of course



(07:47 PM) Louis1 - Michael, is it something like this?



(07:47 PM) Louis1 -



(07:47 PM) WormGuy - you can PM me if you would like to



(07:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - we DO use electric blankets in feb



(07:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - but I'm ok w/ lotsa blankets



(07:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - n sweats



(07:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - i'll do that



(07:48 PM) Stephanie - One of the things that I think that people overlook is 'retaining' the heat that is generated.



(07:48 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - make that thing that makes them is good but you have to have a LOT of papers to make a few logs (did that 1 year when we ran out of wood)



(07:48 PM) Stephanie - For instance,putting up plastic on the windows can make a tremendous difference.



(07:48 PM) Louis1 - We have an Ashley woodburning stove, 1980's vintage, in the basement. Put it there as a backup for when ice storm destroyed power, but have never had the need to use it.



(07:49 PM) Louis1 - It could be used as a single heating supply for the entire house.



(07:49 PM) Stephanie - Hi Granny!!!



(07:49 PM) GirlNextDoor - We use bubble wrap



(07:49 PM) GirlNextDoor - and clear packing tape



(07:49 PM) GirlNextDoor - hi, granny



(07:50 PM) Granny - Hi all. Hope we didn't scare cat away. Maybe she'll be here soon.



(07:50 PM) Louis1 - Am also looking into getting the correct components to convert the natural gas insert in the wall (hardly ever used) to propane if we wanted.



(07:50 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Rayo Lamps - they put out good light and lOTS of heat too. We used them all the time but when it was cold and no power we stayed in 1 room and they heated up the room. We did vent it now and then



(07:50 PM) WormGuy - if I had my choice I would have a coal stove. You can burn wood in a coal stove, but you can't burn coal in a wood stove



(07:51 PM) Ambergris - Late as susual



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - She's probably here now....you know how stealthy those cats can be!!



(07:51 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hello Amb.....



(07:51 PM) Louis1 - Propane is a lot less dependent on infrastructure than natural gas, that is for sure



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - I didn't know that John, very interesting



(07:51 PM) GirlNextDoor - i swa a link in mother earth news to make a wood stove out of a discarded hot water heater



(07:51 PM) GirlNextDoor - $35



(07:51 PM) Stephanie - Hi Amber!!



(07:52 PM) Louis1 - John - my father has one, used to use it to heat his shop, sitting in storage shed behind house.



(07:52 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - whats $35 dollors??????????



(07:52 PM) GirlNextDoor - i also saw a link to use composting pile to help heat ur dwelling



(07:52 PM) GirlNextDoor - uhuh



(07:52 PM) Ambergris - Hi



(07:52 PM) GirlNextDoor - want me to get it?



(07:52 PM) WormGuy - coal gets too hot for a wood stove and will burn a hole in it



(07:52 PM) WormGuy - go get it Louis



(07:52 PM) Louis1 - But you have to have coal, not common around here



(07:52 PM) Ambergris - We're experimenting with a warm air fountain.



(07:52 PM) Louis1 - But you have to have coal, not common around here



(07:52 PM) Ambergris - We're experimenting with a warm air fountain.



(07:53 PM) WormGuy - I'll come down and pick it up



(07:53 PM) Stephanie - brb



(07:53 PM) Louis1 - lol, sorry, but that falls under the "emergency supplies" category



(07:53 PM) Louis1 - what is a warm air fountain?



(07:53 PM) WormGuy - how about geo-thermal heat



(07:54 PM) Louis1 - John - do you have a local coal supply?



(07:54 PM) WormGuy - not that I know of Louis, I've not checked



(07:55 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Hey we have those soapstone things they used years ago to warm your bed - used them during the ice storm



(07:55 PM) Granny - Trying to catch up. Alcohol stove Michael? Can we discuss more about "small" area heat sources? I'm thinking in pinch what we'll all do is confine living to one room. Close off most of house by hanging blankets over doorways etc.



(07:55 PM) Ambergris - We're adapting a solar water-heating trough to heat a pipe-ful of air, so that when the cap on the higher end is removed, the air flowing out (over my DH's hands) will be a little over 100 degrees.



(07:57 PM) Ambergris - We've used solar air chimneys (to collect warm air below a window) before, but they don't work if there's any wind at all.



(07:56 PM) Granny - good grief, didn't mean to post x2. same problems with chat. type one l-e-t-t-e-r at a time. lol



(07:57 PM) Ambergris - We've used solar air chimneys (to collect warm air below a window) before, but they don't work if there's any wind at all.



(07:57 PM) WormGuy - brb



(07:57 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - That what we did closed of room with blankets over doorway but we did open it up now and then see we had Rayo lamps goingand candle



(07:57 PM) Stephanie - I'm back



(07:57 PM) Louis1 - How does it work, Amber?



(07:57 PM) GirlNextDoor - FOUND IT! http://www.motherearthnews.com/Do-It-Yours...35-Or-Less.aspx



(07:58 PM) Ambergris - brb



(07:58 PM) Ambergris - phone



(07:59 PM) WormGuy - back



(07:59 PM) GirlNextDoor - cats provide plenty of heat LOL



(07:59 PM) GirlNextDoor - just being there



(07:59 PM) Stephanie - Another important thing is how we dress during cold weather. I know that layers are extremely important



(07:59 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I got it now..............................


The Amazing $500 Wood-burning Stove ... That You Can Build for $35 (or Less!)



(07:59 PM) GirlNextDoor - bingo



(08:00 PM) WormGuy - and keeping dry



(08:00 PM) GirlNextDoor - we all wear lotsa clothes in cool weather at my house



(08:00 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - oH are we going to play a game now..........................



(08:00 PM) GirlNextDoor - cause my family knows i ain't turnin on th heat'



(08:00 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I 24



(08:00 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - g 67



(08:00 PM) GirlNextDoor - we DO have a fireplace



(08:00 PM) GirlNextDoor - but haven't used it in yrs



(08:01 PM) Stephanie - AH



(08:01 PM) Granny - kerosene heaters work well for small area heat but have to be careful with good ventilation



(08:01 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - sleeping in'night clothes' and wear a het helps out too



(08:02 PM) WormGuy - I have 2 of those Granny



(08:02 PM) Stephanie - One thing that I think we may all need to be aware of....weather patterns seem so odd (to me) this year, that we may be facing what we consider normal for our area



(08:02 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - we have long sleeping shirts and night caps (not that kind) that we wear to bed



(08:02 PM) GirlNextDoor - weather patterns have ben weird for years



(08:03 PM) Stephanie - I want to get one of those buddy heaters??? I think they are called?? they use kerosene.



(08:03 PM) GirlNextDoor - a couple yrs ago it rained EVERY day for 6 wks straight in th summer



(08:03 PM) Louis1 - we have a kerosene heater, used it years ago - you are right, G, ventilation is a concern with these!



(08:03 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - my buddy heater is.........Lori! LOL



(08:04 PM) Ambergris - The window solar chimney we played with was the side and edges of a stove box, cut down to one long wide flat "slide" with a three-inch rim on each side. We spray-painted the inner surface black. Covered it with plexiglas sheet someone had ordered and not picked up yet, and taped around the edges. Set the top edge in a window that was shut all but that three inches. Left the bottom edge open.



(08:04 PM) Louis1 - It is called "weather", Steph ................... happens all the time. Where you lived had lotsa cold years, ice storms, etc. in the 70's and 80's .............. remember?



(08:04 PM) Ambergris - While the sun was shining, you could definitely feel heated air drifting under that windwo



(08:04 PM) Stephanie - I was wrong...it uses propane http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/sto...07957_200307957



(08:05 PM) Granny - link with good info "warm clothing". hats are important - lose more heat thru head than body. even though head doesn't feel cold http://www.websiterepairguy.com/articles/h.../stay_warm.html



(08:05 PM) Ambergris - Except when the wind blew, and it gushed cold air



(08:05 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Tea time brb



(08:05 PM) Louis1 - Have not had cold winter in a few ears, sorta looking forward to one



(08:05 PM) Ambergris - And then the wind blew harder, and the thing decided it was a kite.



(08:05 PM) Shoshana - When it is really cold I sleep in a hoodie sweatshirt. I like how it keeps my head and neck warm.



(08:05 PM) Ambergris - Luckily we salvaged the plexiglas before the owner came by and claimed it.



(08:05 PM) Stephanie - That's true about hats Granny.



(08:06 PM) Louis1 - Amber - How cold was it then and how much warm air would you estimate it put out?



(08:06 PM) Stephanie - When I was a girl and visited my Grandparents, they NEVER heated the bedrooms...it just wasn't done. So now, I still like to sleep in a cold room.



(08:06 PM) GirlNextDoor - I rarely sleep w/ out sweat pants



(08:07 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - we have a small greenhouse that is attached to the back of the house and it warms up the kitchen and my office on sunny days



(08:07 PM) Louis1 - .................... Louis resists temptation to comment on "hot air" to Miss Scarlet ..............



(08:07 PM) GirlNextDoor - and sox if it's cold enuf



(08:07 PM) Louis1 - welcome, georgiamom



(08:07 PM) georgiamom - Evening all first time here in the shoutout box



(08:07 PM) Ambergris - It was in the high thirties outside, and in the low fifties inside the house, and from inside the house the air felt somewhat warm. I'd guess the air was in the low to mid seventies. The thermometer we found was, of course, not working.



(08:07 PM) georgiamom - Evening all first time here in the shoutout box



(08:08 PM) WormGuy - hi GM



(08:08 PM) Ambergris - It did not put out a lot of air until the wind blew though



(08:08 PM) Ambergris - Hi, Georgia mom



(08:08 PM) georgiamom - Trying to catch up on what ya'll talking about



(08:08 PM) Louis1 - Would it have heated a 15 x 15 room? more? am I asking too many annoying questions?



(08:08 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - welcome come in sit have some tea



(08:09 PM) GirlNextDoor - i think it's important to mention to moisturize ur skin, too



(08:09 PM) WormGuy - not this time Louis



(08:09 PM) Ambergris - I don't think so. We were in a 12x10 room, with 10' ceilings, and felt no warm air except within a few feet of the window.



(08:10 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - good one



(08:10 PM) Ambergris - I am thinkign that if it had been working longer, it might have made a little differece.



(08:11 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - nap time - see you all later on tonight



(08:11 PM) Louis1 - Slight topic change -



(08:12 PM) Ambergris - Night, AH



(08:12 PM) Ambergris - ok



(08:12 PM) georgiamom - Are ya'll talking about the heater you can make from a barrel



(08:12 PM) WormGuy - nite AH



(08:12 PM) Stephanie - Miss Scarlett JUST noticed that comment that you DIDN"T make Louis....



(08:12 PM) Louis1 - Who has had to do without primary heat source for extended (more than 3 days??) period of time?



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - been up since 4 am and I am tired but this have been fun but I need to rest for a hour or so



(08:13 PM) GirlNextDoor - it's a woodstove u make from a hot water heater



(08:13 PM) Ambergris - I've gone years without a heater



(08:13 PM) Stephanie - I did!!! We actually had a blizzard in Alabama



(08:13 PM) Louis1 - GM - yes, that was mentioned and Granny sent a link to similar but better made from hot water heater



(08:13 PM) Ambergris - Once I lived upstairs from a couple who heated enough to keep me happy (in my sweats and socks.



(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - wow! that would be us during the ice storm 6 days of cold!



(08:13 PM) Stephanie - It was about 15 years ago and we were without power for about a week



(08:13 PM) Ambergris - Once I had a new house and couldn't afford a heater until the second winter



(08:14 PM) Louis1 - 1994, right Steph?



(08:14 PM) Ambergris - And about ten years ago the heater broke down and we lived with fireplace heat only that winter



(08:14 PM) Louis1 - How cold did the inside temp get, Amber?



(08:14 PM) Stephanie - Yep, that was it Louis and we were NOT prepared



(08:15 PM) Louis1 - in the house without heater, that is



(08:15 PM) GirlNextDoor - HWH metal is 4-5X thicker than a barrel



(08:15 PM) georgiamom - Yea I can see thicker metal. When I was younger we did for about three weeks but my folks had gas heat and we cooked on a coleman camping stove.



(08:15 PM) GirlNextDoor - and u can get it free



(08:15 PM) GirlNextDoor - u prolly have to buy a barrel



(08:16 PM) GirlNextDoor - importnt point is 2 use a ELECTRIC hwh



(08:16 PM) Stephanie - WE were living in a rental house, no heat source except electric and there was this old fireplace that hand been boarded up for decades...we unboarded it and used it, a miracle we didn't burn the house down



(08:16 PM) WormGuy - I knew a person who had a 8'x4'x4" panel that was painted black inside. Tin can were cut off to fit, the bottom left on to attach to panel and covered with plexiglass, a small hole was cut near the middle and a small blower fan attached. It put out 60 degree air whenever the sun shined



(08:16 PM) Ambergris - The first year I had this house, and couldn't afford a heater yet, was one of the coldest this area has had in 100 years. There were two nights with less than 10 degrees for a couple of hours, and a few more nights with temps in the teens



(08:16 PM) Ambergris - That was only at night, and not all night, mind.



(08:16 PM) GirlNextDoor - 'cause u gotta weld it



(08:17 PM) Ambergris - Wormguy, that sounds like a better job of making the solar chimney we tried. Cardboard doesn't work as well.



(08:17 PM) GirlNextDoor - lol



(08:17 PM) Louis1 - John - is that a 4" thick panel??



(08:17 PM) Ambergris - The inside temp got cold enough to get ice in the bathtub where I left the faucets dripping. That's all I know.



(08:17 PM) WormGuy - it worked real good, it could takethe chill out of the air



(08:18 PM) Louis1 - OOOooooooooooooKkkkkkkkkkkkkk



(08:18 PM) WormGuy - yes Louis



(08:18 PM) georgiamom - I read some where of one made of pennies and you paint them black. You use it just to heat the area of like a sunroom.



(08:18 PM) Louis1 - That is KKKKKOOOOLLLLDDDD, Ambergris



(08:18 PM) Stephanie - Did you ever see any plans for that on line John?



(08:18 PM) GirlNextDoor - i have no clue what y'all r talkin bout



(08:18 PM) WormGuy - 1/2" thick ply with 2"x4" sides



(08:18 PM) Louis1 - How did you stay warm, or at least not frozen?



(08:19 PM) WormGuy - no Stephanie



(08:19 PM) Stephanie - (((Girl Next Door)))



(08:19 PM) Louis1 - K, John .................... then you cut round holes, place cans in?



(08:19 PM) Stephanie - We're use to all talking at once, so we can follow the chaos fairly well



(08:19 PM) GirlNextDoor - [beams]



(08:19 PM) GirlNextDoor - thanx 4 th hug



(08:20 PM) GirlNextDoor - i just dunno what they r tryin to make



(08:20 PM) WormGuy - no Louis, leave the bottom on the can so a screw can attach it to the plywood



(08:20 PM) Stephanie - I was thinking the same thing Louis, about Amber's temps....good grief Amber, I really can't imagine such temps



(08:20 PM) Ambergris - I had a newborn baby and a kitten to keep me warm. We lived in the kitchen when I was cooking, and sleptby the fireplace. I had tubes in the fireplace--I built the fires on top of the lower set of tubes and hot air blew out the upper set. There was also a fan in there.



(08:20 PM) Ambergris - In February I also got an oil-filled radiator.



(08:20 PM) GirlNextDoor - if i lived in th cold n had a new baby i'd put her in a sling



(08:20 PM) Ambergris - My husband was in Germany in the army at the time.



(08:21 PM) GirlNextDoor - wear her all th time



(08:21 PM) Ambergris - He lived in a kangaroo pouch



(08:21 PM) Ambergris - my baby, I mean



(08:21 PM) GirlNextDoor - sweeeeeet



(08:21 PM) Ambergris - My hubby lived in an APC



(08:21 PM) Louis1 - John - you haveta sedn a pic, we'uns iz confusticated



(08:21 PM) GirlNextDoor - kept u both warm n loved on



(08:21 PM) Stephanie - Speaking of SNUGGLING !!! That's my favorite cold weather remedy!! You're never very cold when you are the mother of seven huggable children!!!



(08:22 PM) Louis1 - "send"



(08:22 PM) Necie - awwww MAN! nearly forgotted



(08:22 PM) WormGuy - I'll try to make a post on it louis, no pics



(08:22 PM) GirlNextDoor - or u have 6 pets like i do



(08:22 PM) WormGuy - hi Necie



(08:22 PM) Stephanie - (((Necie))) Better late than never!!



(08:22 PM) Louis1 - Ah is too grouchy, nobody 'round here will snuggle with me



(08:23 PM) GirlNextDoor - i need tea, brb



(08:23 PM) Ambergris - Hi, Necie



(08:23 PM) GirlNextDoor - hi necie



(08:23 PM) Stephanie - And where oh where is that Cat?? She should be here by now!



(08:23 PM) Stephanie - They might snuggle if they were cold enough Louis!!



(08:23 PM) Stephanie -



(08:23 PM) Louis1 - Sooooooooooo ............



(08:24 PM) Ambergris - The next winter, I had a large dog to help, until the baby bit him and he decided to show he was boss. Poor dog. The kid luckily was wearing several layers, including both a sweater and a sweatshirt.



(08:24 PM) georgiamom - Boy this place cracks me up. I didnt know what I had been missing.



(08:24 PM) Louis1 - We have the old standby, WOOD



(08:24 PM) Stephanie - Hey John.... we should list Aslan and Samson as alternative heat sources!!!



(08:24 PM) Louis1 - We have Alcohol Lamps



(08:24 PM) Louis1 - We have the barrel / hot H2O heaters (Wood again)



(08:25 PM) Ambergris - You get much heat from an alcohol lamp?



(08:25 PM) Stephanie - (((georgiamom))) Glad you're enjoying the madness!



(08:25 PM) Louis1 - we have tentative proposals for solar chimneys



(08:25 PM) Ambergris - Stephanie, what do you think the term Three Dog Night originally meant?



(08:25 PM) WormGuy - good idea Stephanie



(08:25 PM) Louis1 - I dunno, Michael was talking about



(08:25 PM) Necie - wood heat here too....thermostat stays below 60 as the furnace is ANCIENT and costs a small fortune to run



(08:25 PM) Granny - what are alcohol lamps?



(08:25 PM) georgiamom - My hubby would kill me if I brought in my great pry. She does not appreciate him as much as I appreciate him or her.



(08:26 PM) Louis1 - 'course, to use alky-lamp, gotta have supply of alcohol



(08:26 PM) Louis1 - Up toward top o' the chat, Granny



(08:27 PM) WormGuy - start a still and make your own Louis?



(08:27 PM) Stephanie - A supply of alcohol isn't a problem here in the deep south!!



(08:27 PM) Granny - same as kerosene lamp? ya confusing me Louis. Don't make me go look it up. lol



(08:27 PM) GirlNextDoor - pyrs drool, right, granny?



(08:27 PM) Ambergris - We luckily only have really cold weather for a couple of weeks each year, then several weeks of miserably chilly gray weather, then spring.



(08:27 PM) GirlNextDoor - tea rox to help me stay warm



(08:27 PM) GirlNextDoor - i have green chai



(08:28 PM) Ambergris - tea rox?



(08:28 PM) Louis1 - sorry, "alcohol STOVE"



(08:28 PM) Stephanie - How to make an alcohol lamp http://www.metacafe.com/watch/771963/how_t...n_alcohol_lamp/



(08:29 PM) georgiamom - Girlnextdoor, my male pyr did but my female not so bad. But if I brought her in I would also have to bring in her pet duck who thinks he is a dog also I forgot him. He does have down so he might even be better.



(08:29 PM) Louis1 - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...77904886360108#



(08:29 PM) GirlNextDoor - tea rox == tea rocks



(08:29 PM) Louis1 -



(08:29 PM) GirlNextDoor - lol



(08:29 PM) GirlNextDoor - if u can teach th duck to use a litter box that might help



(08:29 PM) Louis1 - Ah, I thought you were talking about some kinda dinosaur



(08:29 PM) Ambergris - I brought home the wrong kind of TP once, and my husband made alcohol stoves with a coffee can, a roll in it, and the roll doused with Isopropyl



(08:30 PM) Ambergris - He's particular about his TP



(08:30 PM) Stephanie -



(08:30 PM) Louis1 - For woodburners, does everybody have access to plenty o' wood?



(08:31 PM) georgiamom - My husband boss had a duck that wears a diaper. My duck is pretty smart he heards the goats so I might just be able to pull that off.



(08:31 PM) Ambergris - Not seasoned wood, so I might as well say no.



(08:31 PM) Louis1 - I see BMof4 and FGWB have crept in .............



(08:31 PM) Louis1 - and Vic



(08:31 PM) Stephanie - Howdy newcomers!!



(08:31 PM) Ambergris - Picturing the duck herding the goats



(08:31 PM) farmgirlwannabe - Hi everyone!



(08:31 PM) Ambergris - hi, all



(08:32 PM) Necie - always wood to be found somewhere most people give the stuff away just cuz they want this tree or that tree down and gone



(08:32 PM) Louis1 - Seasoned = no for me as well, but green will work in a pinch!



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - That's me Amber, I'm surrounded by woods...but not chopped, split and seasoned



(08:32 PM) Ambergris - I need another big good dog, is what I need.



(08:32 PM) Louis1 - Steph - do ya'll have a way to cut the wood?



(08:32 PM) Necie - we've been cutting wood for next year...got plenty for this year



(08:32 PM) Stephanie - What about outside fires , I'd love to have one of those chiminea?? I think that is how it is spelled.



(08:32 PM) Louis1 - Takes a whole LOT of wood to heat a house



(08:33 PM) Stephanie - Yes, Louis, we have chain saws and boys!!



(08:33 PM) Ambergris - Too much of the wood here is either pine or gum. Pine burns too well and gum doesn;t burn at all--mostly. It sits and sulks.



(08:33 PM) georgiamom - Sometimes Great Pyr Rescue has some and if you check it out you might find one.



(08:33 PM) Granny - anybody used pine knots?



(08:33 PM) Louis1 - Necia is a regular Paulette Bunyan compared to the rest o' us



(08:33 PM) Ambergris - We love out chiminea



(08:33 PM) Stephanie - I should note that only HENRY uses the chain saw, but the boys are good splitters and gatherers



(08:33 PM) Ambergris - We want a baby puppy



(08:33 PM) Necie - we go through about 4 cords a year



(08:33 PM) Louis1 - Granny - we did when I was a kid



(08:34 PM) Granny - cool video Louis. May try to make alcohol stove



(08:34 PM) Louis1 - Everybody got a handsaw for when the gas runs out or the chainsaw dies?



(08:34 PM) Necie - y'ought to see the size of this red oak we've been trimmin on....HUGE



(08:34 PM) Ambergris - I have to go. night.



(08:35 PM) GirlNextDoor - Ambergris, rescue is a WONDERFUL place to get a purebred



(08:35 PM) WormGuy - When I burned wood we went thru a cord a month



(08:35 PM) GirlNextDoor - u can get them really young



(08:35 PM) Necie - prolly a full 2 cords in 24'



(08:35 PM) georgiamom - My mom gave me a chiminea for my birthday love it. They have puppies some times just check and see I saw some when I was looking for a friend. You may have to go a ways to get it but to save a life it is worth it. We did for our male. He was already trained. He trained our female and our duck.



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - This is a pretty good article on Alternative Heating http://www.aragriculture.org/disaster/ice_...ernate_heat.pdf



(08:35 PM) Louis1 - Steph could shoot down trees with her Mosin" ..............



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - Nite Amver!!!



(08:35 PM) GirlNextDoor - ppl think they r cool but throw them away when they r no longer babies



(08:35 PM) WormGuy - nite Ambergris



(08:35 PM) Stephanie - ooops I meant Amber!!



(08:36 PM) Louis1 - John - that per month sounds about like what I remember as well, has been a long time!



(08:36 PM) Ambergris - Weve had purebreds. They're good dogs. But we;ve also had wonderful mutts, and we want a baby with the right personality more than we want any particular set of physical haracteristis



(08:36 PM) Louis1 - nite



(08:36 PM) GirlNextDoor - nobody thought using compost was a good idea?



(08:36 PM) Ambergris - night



(08:37 PM) Louis1 - Dried?



(08:37 PM) Stephanie - Whatcha talking about Louis....I could split those trees up into kindling!!!



(08:37 PM) WormGuy - I use to cut wood every day after work to keep up



(08:37 PM) WormGuy - what are pine knots Granny?



(08:37 PM) Louis1 - Or use the pile's generated heat?



(08:37 PM) Granny - If planning on cutting own wood, major prep is files, extra chain, oil, and gas mix. (Not counting the saw lol). Or if the hard way axe at minimum.



(08:37 PM) Louis1 - Burn dried compost or use the heat from decomp?



(08:38 PM) GirlNextDoor - i googled compost & heat n got a lot of cool stuff



(08:38 PM) GirlNextDoor - use th heat from decomp



(08:38 PM) WormGuy - dried and green Louis, I had to mix it



(08:38 PM) GirlNextDoor - bury tubing in it that circles into ur HWH



(08:38 PM) Granny - Pine knots are fire starters. Find them in the woods



(08:38 PM) GirlNextDoor - u can keep ur water 140



(08:38 PM) Louis1 - I can see (vaugely) some possibilities from a compost pile ................



(08:38 PM) GirlNextDoor - or so



(08:39 PM) GirlNextDoor - http://www.motherearthnews.com/Renewable-E...ng-Compost.aspx



(08:39 PM) Louis1 - lol, John - I was talking about compost, also remembering buffalo chips



(08:39 PM) Stephanie - BTW....let me mention this for those who have chickens...we have had GREAT success using the deep litter method in their coop for warmth in the winter. It really works !



(08:39 PM) GirlNextDoor - http://www.motherearthnews.com/Modern-Home...Experiment.aspx



(08:39 PM) georgiamom - night all have an early day



(08:39 PM) WormGuy - what happens to the tubing when you turn the pile?



(08:40 PM) Louis1 - nite



(08:40 PM) GirlNextDoor - u mean throwin in food scraps n saw dust into th coop, steph?



(08:40 PM) Granny - John the pine resin burns long time and makes hot fire



(08:40 PM) Stephanie - nite georgiamom!!



(08:40 PM) WormGuy - nite GM



(08:40 PM) WormGuy - thanks Granny



(08:41 PM) GirlNextDoor - what do u bank pine knots w/ granny?



(08:41 PM) Granny - Going to t-u-r-n i-n. Nite all. (((hugs)))



(08:41 PM) Stephanie - no GND, I'll get the link that explains the deep litter method. It doesn't involve food. brb



(08:41 PM) Louis1 - Build a greenhouse over the compost pile, seal it off, have pile lower than level of house, pipe from the pile into window of the house ..................... should get warm air flow?



(08:41 PM) GirlNextDoor - lewis, that is fab



(08:41 PM) Louis1 - Would want to minimize the area of the "house" over the pile, I'd think?



(08:42 PM) WormGuy - if a person had a barn and cattle, you could sleep in the barn in a pile of hay and stay very warm



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - steph, i saw something like i described



(08:42 PM) WormGuy - nite Granny



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - u also keep worms under th hen house



(08:42 PM) Stephanie - Here's one explanation of the deep litter method... http://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=525



(08:42 PM) Louis1 - That should work, whaddya'll think?



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - the chikens poo into th compost n scratch to look 4 worms



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - it turns over th compost



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - u remove it in feb'



(08:42 PM) Louis1 - brb



(08:42 PM) GirlNextDoor - it's already ready 4 th garden



(08:42 PM) WormGuy - good idea Louis



(08:43 PM) Stephanie - Here's a more detailed explanation of Deep litter http://www.plamondon.com/faq_deep_litter.html



(08:43 PM) Necie - i kinda use 'deep litter' just cleaned out the chicken coop and it won't get cleaned out again til SPRING! lol they survived -23* last year



(08:44 PM) Stephanie - That's a great idea GND



(08:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - i get it!



(08:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - "dry" compost prevents mold?



(08:44 PM) GirlNextDoor - nobody wants moldy hens



(08:44 PM) Stephanie - And we were able to continue the method throughout the summer



(08:45 PM) Stephanie - There is no smell and the chickens love it



(08:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - between th worms n th hens u never have 2 turn ur compost



(08:45 PM) GirlNextDoor - hens eat lotsa food scraps, i'm told



(08:45 PM) Stephanie - Having a bunch of chickens helps too doesn't it Necie...they like to snuggle!



(08:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - no smell...



(08:46 PM) WormGuy - hens will eat almost anything



(08:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - big point



(08:46 PM) Necie - yup



(08:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - hens=garbage disposals



(08:46 PM) GirlNextDoor - saves electric



(08:46 PM) Stephanie - Necie...off topic, but how is Kagan?



(08:47 PM) Necie - my chickens go throug a 5 gal bucket of food scraps in about half an hour....they get one bucket a day



(08:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - u have 5 gallons of scraps in a day???



(08:47 PM) GirlNextDoor - y'all eat a lot, how many @ ur place?



(08:47 PM) Necie - he's HILARIOUS!! chased chickens for half an hour the other day while we were cleaning out the pen...finally had to tether him back up



(08:48 PM) Necie - LOL i work at a restaurant and the dishwasher saves me all the scraps off the plates



(08:48 PM) GirlNextDoor - what do hens do w/ hay besides nest in it?



(08:48 PM) Stephanie - We're really enjoying Aslan Big hunk of love!



(08:48 PM) GirlNextDoor - smart!



(08:49 PM) Louis1 - Blest is being vewwy, vewwy quiet .............



(08:49 PM) Louis1 - So ar Ma and Pa



(08:49 PM) Stephanie - GND and others.... Necie, John and I have 'sibling' puppies



(08:49 PM) GirlNextDoor - "litter mates"



(08:49 PM) Stephanie - Hey Ma and Pa!!



(08:50 PM) Stephanie - We've diverted a bit from the TOPIC



(08:50 PM) GirlNextDoor - what kinds dogs?



(08:50 PM) WormGuy - nite GND



(08:50 PM) Stephanie - but we were talking about keeping the chicken coop warm in winter...so kinda on subject



(08:50 PM) ma & pa steel - hi hi



(08:50 PM) WormGuy - are we done with the topic?



(08:50 PM) Stephanie - Anatolian Shepherds



(08:51 PM) Necie - richard built kagan a house...it's HUGE...but he can barely stretch out in it



(08:51 PM) GirlNextDoor - yup! workin animals gotta stay warm, too



(08:51 PM) Stephanie - I think so John, unless anyone wants to add anything



(08:51 PM) Louis1 - seems so



(08:51 PM) GirlNextDoor - hi, ma & pa



(08:51 PM) Stephanie - Louis what say you??



(08:51 PM) Louis1 - Ya'll is talking aboot dawgs.



(08:51 PM) Necie - wish it weren't quite so tall though, so it would hold heat in better for him in the winter



(08:51 PM) WormGuy - then I will post it








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Um... John? - Most of the links didn't translate.


Found this, and wanted to post it. It's a way to get as much heat out of a candle as possible. http://www.heatstick.com/_KanHeet01.htm

Moving the hot air from the ceiling to the floor - http://www.heatstick.com/_Heat%20Stk03.htm

Edited by Leah

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I don't click every link that someone post while in chat to see if they work. I will try to do that next time.






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