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My Garden is Slowing Down

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I picked my last cantaloupe last night. They've been so good and I hated to see this was the last. It's in the refrigerator and each bite will be treasured. We do have one watermelon sitting in the garage waiting for us but


I picked the butternut squash yesterday and will dig the potatoes sometime this week. Even the big pumpkins are turning orange. The sweet potatoes will wait until after the first frost.


Really about all that's left in the garden are green peppers, tomatoes and cukes.


It's been an ugly gardening year but even so, the putting to bed of the garden in the fall is a solemn time of year. Most of the fresh foods will be gone and winter will arrive........don't get me started on winter!


How are your gardens looking?

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My cukes bit the dust in August. We still have plenty of tomatoes going. 1 plant looks like it's on it's last leg. Green peppers, a big variety of hot peppers are going good. I tried eggplant this year. I got 1 about 1-1/2 months ago. Now the goofy plant is blooming again like it wants to produce.


I love autumn, but you're right about putting the garden to bed. I get kind of sad. Thinking of the things I "should have" done.

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My eggplants are doing the same thing. I still have some tomatoes out there and the hot peppers are doing good. There is still a bit of swiss chard, but everything else is done.

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sorry to say it but I LOVE this time of year in the garden.

**See my topic post "Goodnight Sweetheart - well it time to go"


As you are getting the last vegetables out just think how good it is to be able to say 'I grew this myself' and also all that money you saved.

Yes it may have been a off year in the garden BUT the way I look at it is even if all I got were a few tomatoes and some onions, peppers and maybe even a carrot or two - I GREW THAT!

And if you are like me the time spent out there 'working' is well spent. Time to relax (even when weeding by hand) and exercise and breathing the good air too. And the best part,you don't need to pay a gym fee for that workout . LOL


ENJOY the end of the garden year - YOU did good!



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