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busy weekend...

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Hubby was busy this weekend canning! He managed to can 2 dozen quart jars of beef, a dozen quart jars of pork, and I don't know how many jelly jars we got but he carmelized then canned 9 lbs of vidalia onions. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh yeah, he also did a small batch (about 10 lbs) of applesauce. It was his first try at applesauce and he did a good job on it.


Had some unexpected stuff come up or he would have made a batch of mint jell too. He made some red bud syrup and jelly last weekend. Maybe next weekend we'll get to the mint jelly.


Trying to gear up for the coming tomatoe season this summer. :darlenedance:

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I read this to my husband. Did you notice I said her husband??? He said uh huh and went on about his business. If only!!!!


What a great husband and productive weekend also CLee. You are blessed!

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The red bud syrup was actually a failed attempt at making jelly. LOL We use it on muffins, pancakes, ice cream, you name it. It's really good with a delicate flavor.


And yes, he is definitely a keeper!!!

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