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Newbie user and introduction

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Hello all,


I am a newbie to your site. And it is fabulous! I am a little overwhelmed and am not sure where to begin as there is so much information. (Knowledge is a good thingsmile.gif) Can someone give me the 411 on where to begin on how to use this site-- what are some of the newbie references, etc.. (And I hope I posted in the correct forum!)


As my profile indicates I am 45 live in SW Ohio. I have been married to the hubbs for 20 yrs on Valentines Day. I have one daughter who is grown and married. I LOVE to garden! It began with flowers and expanded to include vegetables and some fruits. I am recently unemployed (I worked as chemist for 20 years) as my job was outsourced due to manufacturing plant closure. (Nothing like sending jobs overseas--hooray) Sorry for the sarcasm--I am a little testy on the subject sad.gif


I grew up with lessons in frugality and practiced it most of my adult life. However, now with no job (and little prospects) we are really tightening our belts. We are ok but looking around I realize the rest of the world isn't so much. Since I have so much free time now (haha) I am putting it to good use. I learned a little about preserving food from grandma as a child (IF ONLY I had been more attentive). I recently took some canning classes so I could really know what I was doing (and not make anyone sick with my efforts in preservation). I also have been taking sewing classes--something else I failed to pay attention to in the arrogance of my youth. So that's where I am. Trying to be frugal, prepare a buffer for my family if (when?) the poo hits the fan and honestly enjoying doing the same things my grandma's used to do. Somehow it makes me feel a little closer to them.




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Here's a nice place to start... http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41481


The forum called "The Best of MrsSurvival" has some goodies in it, and it has a sub-forum called "MrsSurvival's Hall of Fame". It has some classics in it, like making your own laundry soaps, with experiences and our own testing included.





Another biggie... there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS! ;) If you wonder, someone else does, too. And we can point you to the right threads. If you're shy, you can always send a "PM" - private message. You'll see the little envelope to click on under our names to the left.


We have a few people whose posts remain but they've moved on for whatever reason. If you don't get an answer, PM me and I'll try to help.


Glad you're here. :wub:

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Hi :wave: And WELCOME!


I've been here awhile and I'm still not sure where to post some things. No problems though. Someone always sees it or the Mods will move it.


Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no dumb ones. If someone here doesn't know they can at least guide you in the right direction. Sometimes someone will ask what they think is a dumb question and I think, "I never thought of that!"


Where I started here was with the lists. It's in the 'Are You Really Ready' forum under the subforum of 'Survival Library.' I'm a list maker though because some days my 'forgetter' is the only thing that works right.

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So nice to have you join us! I look forward to reading your posts... As others have said feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. We're a fairly friendly bunch and we all like to help others. :welcome4:

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