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Companion Planting

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I (personally) am not a fan of using pesticides. As former chemist of 20 yrs I am familiar with what goes into those pesticides and the potential side affects. Having said that I try to garden naturally as possible using beneficial insects and recently implementing companion planting. It is a lot of information! Anyone here use companion planting? Have a good method/ chart for keeping track? Or recommend websites/ books? I would even like to hear about old wives tales, haha. Feeling a little overwhelmed.




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I have been planting that way for YEARS!

I also use 'natural' fertilizers like (ground up)egg shells for calcium, dog biscuits for bone meal, matches for sulfur, etc. that I 'plant' along with each type of vegetable.

You can also plant flowers in with vegetables to help - like marigolds and bee balm.


Good luck with the garden this year - it is so much fun planting this way as you watch things grow.


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Since we're all preppers, natural methods that can be sustained long after the chemical methods are unavailable..... YES! This is a skill set that prepper gardeners NEED!


MtRider [...matched for sulfer and DOG BISCUITS for bone meal????? That's a new one on me! :blink: Ahem....don't tell my dog! ]

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