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Smiles/Emotion Codes

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Smile Codes:


I've heard from several people who have iPhones, tablets and iPads, that they have trouble with the smiles.


Here are the codes, you will need to add colons : on both sides of the words.



Note: The smiles that do not have codes next to them are the standard codes, : ) = smile, B ) = smile with shades; I was unable to type them in without it posting the smile again.





:campfire: campfire


:sheep: sheep


:sassing: sassing


:smiley_shitfan: smiley_shitfan



:STAIRS: stairs



:twister3: twister3


:soapbox: soapbox


:wave: wave


:welcome: welcome


:welcome4: welcome4


:laughkick: laughkick


:Blushing: blushing


:eclipsee_Victoria: eclipsee_victoria


:eek3: eek3


:gdtmi: gdtmi


:sheeple: sheeple


:pc_coffee: pc_coffee


:mornincoffee: morningcoffee


:canning: canning


:cheer: cheer


:clothesline: clothesline


:cloud9: cloud9


:darlenequeen: darlenequeen


:darlenedance: darlenedance


:fever: fever


:dusting: dusting


:feedme: feedme


frying%20pan.gif frying pan


:faint3: faint3


:gathering: gathering


:happyBD: happyBD


:lois: lois


:grinning-smiley-044: grinning-smiley-044


:icon19: icon19


:knary: knary


:runcirclsmiley2: runcirclsmiley2


:sigh: sigh


:tinfoilhatsmile: tinfoilhatsmile


:hidingsmile: hidingsmile


:shopping: shopping

:dishes: dishes


:coffeescreen: coffeescreen


:imoksmiley: imoksmiley


:groooansmileyf: groooansmileyf


:offtobed: offtobed


:hapydancsmil: hapydancsmil


:reading: reading


:puzzledsmile: puzzledsmile


:scratchhead: scratchhead


:frozen: frozen


:cook: cook


:bump1: bump1


:misc-smiley-231: misc-smiley-231


:sad-smiley-012: sad-smiley-012


:sEm_blush: sEm_blush


:sHa_sarcasticlol: sHa_sarcasticlol


:shakinghead: shakinghead


:thumbs: thumbs


:yum3: yum3


duck%201.jpg duck 1


:tapfoot: tapfoot


:shrug: shrug


:banghead: banghead


:sleep1: sleep1


:santa: santa


:gaah: gaah


:engel-smilies-10-1: engel-smilies-10-1


:cakeslice: cakeslice


:mellow: mellow


:blink: blink


:ph34r: ph34r


:AmishMichaelstraw: AmishMichaelstraw


:AmishMichael2: AmishMichael2


:americanflag: americanflag


:amen: amen


:0327: 0327


:24: 24


:mad: mad


:excl: excl


:blush: blush


:008Laughing: 008Laughing


:wormie2: wormie2


darth%20duck.jpg darth duck


:wacko: wacko


:unsure: unsure




:huh: huh












:lol: lol




:rolleyes: rolleyes








:wub: wub


:angry: angry


:animal0017: animal0017


:ashamed0002: ashamed0002


:behindsofa: behindsofa


:pray: pray


wink%20(2).gif wink (2)


:motz_6: motz_6


:balloons: balloons


:band: band


:band2: band2



:baseballbat: baseballbat



:bathbaby: babybath



:bdaycake: bdaycake


:beat_deadhorse: beat_deadhorse



:bev: bev



:bighug2: bighug2



:bounce: bounce


:bouquet: bouquet



:bow: bow


:pout: pout



:kissy: kissy



:blah: blah



:busted: busted


:buttercup: buttercup


:curtsey: curtsey


:girlneener: girlneener


:happy0203: happy0203


:grouphug: grouphug


:nail: nail


:cele: cele


:hug3: hug3


:cheeky-smiley-067: cheeky-smiley-067


:yuk: yuk


:whistling: whistling



:woohoo: woohoo


:yar: yar


:sorry: sorry


:hi: hi


:sSig_help2: sSig_help2





Edited by Mt_Rider
fixin' 2 typos

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Testing..... :knary:






MtRider - I thnk these are typos :P


Edit to ADD.... Whoooo, that's a big job, Annarchy. But I love it! I use code all the time. Faster than trying to find them..... and we all know how much I use smilies. :curtsey:



IF CAPITALS count in the code, then 'stairs' should be 'STAIRS', I think. And 'blushing' should be 'Blushing'


I just wasn't sure tho so I didn't change anything but a couple I knew the code for and it was merely a typo.


:cheer: Thanks for this SECRET DECODER RING! :hapydancsmil:

Edited by Mt_Rider
added data

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Typo's? Did I miss something?




Mt_Rider, it appears CAPs do not make a difference, at least in the ones I tried. :shrug:





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LOL Annarchy. Just spelled 'knary' with two letters mixed. Same with 'whistling'....had an extra letter. Simple stuff on such a long list of usually nonsense words. I just happen to know the code for many of them, including those two.


MtRider (((Annarchy))))

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Was able to copy them from here and paste in word to have a hard copy of! :pc_coffee:

just made page wider (.5) and 3 coluums , then printed it our in B & W. :knary:

cut paper into coluums to keep by computer. :woohoo:

Easy :faint3:


PS also make sure there is a space before you type in the first : :hi:

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:sSig_thankyou: Mt_Rider for your :sSig_help2:


... someday, maybe, I will learn to type right. lol





AH, I am glad they work, printing them out makes it easier to find the ones you want to use.



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I was wondering, since Miss Macy is famous here, is there a smiley cat that is like a tiger cat with a white chest or one that is dark black and grey tabby sides and white ( shes got siberian tiger color on her legs and edge of white belly and chest though.) .... just wondering. Or a cat playing with a tiny mouse? or hunting one?

Miss Macy is my cat.

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