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Find a grave web site

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I had been working on a bit of genealogy a few weeks ago, and I found this site and have really gotten a lot of information from it. I have made copies for myself as well as for my sister so there will be at least the 2 copies in the family.


I was just looking for information on a family member and came across the following web site.



They don't have all the information they could have, and they don't have everyone, but, they sure do have a lot.


This is really something. I have a stack of paper at least 5 - 6 inches high for each of us.


Now that things have settled down after the fire, maybe I can get back at it and get the pages organized. :)


If it is helpful to anyone, please let us know by posting here. :)



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It's one of my favorite sites. I've been a member for a few years and have added thousands of graves and hundreds of pictures of grave markers.


Although, I have huge regrets about adding the pictures. By taking the picture, I hold the copyright. By posting the picture to FindAGrave, I'm not giving up my copyrights. FindAGrave's rules tell people that. They also state not to copy the picture. Ancestry's terms of conditions also state not to add any pictures to Ancestry that the Ancestry user does not hold the copyright to. I've had to file literally hundreds of copyright infringement claims with Ancestry to have my copyrighted photos removed. Every photo anyone adds to Ancestry, even if later deleted by the user, is still permanently a part of Ancestry's mainframe. The copyright infringement claims are the only way to get them removed.


Even when people are made aware of this, they continue to steal photos anyway. I would delete all the photos I've added, but then I wouldn't have proof when filing the copyright infringement claim that it's mine. :sigh: I now spend more time with this than my genealogy research.



Oh, anyone can add info to FindAGrave. There's no checking to make sure it's 100% accurate.

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I love this site. I've gotten a lot of info there too. Have you tried Mundia? I've gotten a lot of info there also along with pictures. I found a picture of my grandpa and that was priceless as he died when I was young.

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