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Good Morning,


Today is final prep day for my monthly trip to MIL’s. Was able to get some things done yesterday but it seems my list got bigger.  :icon19:  DH wants a supply of taco meat too.  :rolleyes:  


Frosty this morning. Rained off & on all day yesterday and when I went to the store, coming out, heavy rain started to fall filled with little snow balls. Soooo..  it snowed here !  :hapydancsmil:  Not really considered snow, probably very soft hail, but I’ll take it. 


Momo, I hope your DH continues to recover. :pray:


Homesteader, your remodeling is impressive. You inspire me to do something around here. Hoping your DH heals quickly too. :pray:


Time to get motivated, have a great day everyone. 

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Safe travels Annie!


I hear you about JUST keeping up this winter Mt. Rider. The cold has really taken a toll on me this year. I hardly ever get sick but this winter started out with an *upper respiratory infection that lasted months. Now I think I might be getting some kind of virus because I'm feeling really nauseous and a couple of times I had chills. Dang. Plus the other normal arthritis aches and pains. I just want to get to my 'forever home' and settle down to my own pace.


*Where would the lower respiratory area be? :scratchhead:


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