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Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Pizza Hut Day

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We meet with a group for lunch at Pizza Hut on Tuesdays and our Minnie goes in to Doggy Day Care, today she is getting groomed to, so I need to get this posted so I can get ready. :)


Seems like there is always things to get done around here, but for some reason they don't always get done. There are always
to do as I don’t usually do any on Sunday and we did most of them last night but, there are a few I had to soak. Also my back was hurting. Sunday was the last Sunday of the month and we usually have lunch at church, we call it Birthday and Anniversary Sunday. Of course there is one exception November usually is the Sunday before Thanksgiving so we have a Thanksgiving meal.

It was around 43.7 degrees this morning at 6:00.


Yesterday it was cloudy and sort of a misty rain for a lot of the day. I checked outside around 8:00 and there was only one deer out back, but, I did go out and put a little corn out for it. She came right up to the tote we have back there where I put the corn and ate while I was putting more down near her. I really love seeing all the deer that we have coming up to eat. I also am not happy with deer seasons around here. They have Black Powder Season, Bow and Arrow Season as well as the regular season. Some of the seasons last until the end of the year.


We lost one of the fawns on the road a couple weeks ago and that is the first one for close to a year. The last one we lost was an adult and she was close to having her baby. I’m thinking that was late April last spring.


Will anyone going to join me for Breakfast today? I hope so.
, cupoftea.jpg
, milk2.jpg ORANGEJUICE2.jpg BREAKFAST1.jpg as well as some fruit.jpg, please help yourself.

HAVEAGOODDAY1.gif HugsPumpkinGlitter.gif


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Hope you had a nice lunch!


Another aggravating day here. Maybe we should just give up trying to accomplish anything. If I get one item off the To Do list it seems like 3 more appear!


It is still way too warm here. 85 degrees :knary:


Have a nice day all!

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Oops, I missed lunch today but hope yours was a good one! It was a slow day here today and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I dozed off a couple of times in the chair with the computer on my lap. It's a wonder I didn't dump it on the floor. So now it's still an ongoing issue with my sleep pattern being messed up. I hate it when I fall asleep during the day. I sure don't do myself any favors.


I feel like I haven't been warm for a couple of weeks. I don't know why this house is so chilly this fall. My biggest utility bills happen in the fall so I stall turning on the furnace for as long as I can. My goal is always try to get through October. Woo-Hoo, I made it this year but I've really been uncomfortable. I've been taking the heating pad to bed with me and that works nicely except when it shuts off I wake up cold disrupting my sleep and adding to the sleepiness during the day. It might be time to break out the Ambien and get straightened out again. Or turn on the darn furnace. :rolleyes:


Ivanka Trump didn't call me today. I kinda missed her but I did get a call from Pat Boone again this year. He calls me every four years. Then for the next day or two I can't get "Love Letters In The Sand" out of my head. About the time I do "Crazy Train" pops in.


Sheeesh, I'm making myself grumpy.

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