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Prayers are being answered - my MO friend update

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It's been well over a year and a half since my life-long friend K from MO missed that stop sign on the unfamiliar road and hit another driver. At the time she requested intense prayer for S...the other driver. In all this time she has been denied any update on how he was doing. She only knew that he was still alive.


On Christmas Eve she finally heard a brief update: He is walking....and talking. He has issues....a lot of spasticity of muscles. That's all she heard. Does not know if he's home or still in a rehab facility. Doesn't know if there is cognitive issues. But ........the other thing she does know is that it is FAR FAR FAR more healing that anyone ever expected he would have.


She wants me to let you all know how much she loves and appreciates you...for your prayers for S. He may not even know God exists and cares very much about him. He certainly doesn't know how many hundreds of people all over have been praying for him. But God hears and has taken this healing further than doctors could have predicted.


K could use some prayer herself. This was such a joy for her. The burden of her mistake has been so very heavy. But she has terrible health issues. Her genetics predispose her to joint replacement issues and cancer issues. She's been working the second "bionic" knee she finally got a couple months ago. Rehab is painful. Now the half of her thyroid they haven't taken out has quit and is enlarging. Obstructing her swallowing. Needs to come out. But she has yet another tear in her abdomen....when some attic ladder steps collapsed under her. They need to go in and repair the mesh...again. I think she's up to 20 surgeries; many of them abdominal. Colon cancer survivor of many years. Been removing 'things' just before it turns cancerous including the first half of the thyroid.


So she's never had an easy life. Yet she coordinates the Meals On Wheels for her small town. She's always giving when she can. She's a retired RN who just yesterday was visiting an elderly relative.... who fell forward and smashed face down onto the pavement. Got bleeding stopped and coordinated with his caregiver to get him in for stitches. Good thing someone was there.


The legal ramifications for her from the accident with S have been postponed and postponed. No reason given. They show up in court and it's postponed. You can imagine the tension. She does not yet know if she will serve time. She hopes not, obviously. She'd like prayer for mercy. She was not impaired by any substance when this occurred. She had put her phone down when she left the previous stop light. The intersection was known for severe and fatal accidents due to it's configuration. Yet...somehow....a moment's distraction? ......she missed seeing the stop sign. She's so grateful that God is healing S.


She's still living a thankful life despite severe emotional pain. Your prayers are something for which she is immensely thankful.


And I thank you all too. :grouphug:


MtRider ....and we'll keep praying for more healing for S ! :amen::pray:

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Thanks you for the update, and bless your loving heart for the loving. :wub:




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