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Netflix binge

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I know I have not been on here much since my grand baby has been born. She keeps me busy.

Two weeks ago I was very sick.The doctor offered to put me in the hospital.


I took the week off work, two strong antibiotics and four nebulizer treatments a day all week and I'm finally well.


Along with my disaster movie love, which I haven't really indulged in since my co-fan Sadie the dog died, I like the Super hero shows. Breathing was hard for me so I started my Netflix binge with Arrow which has a spinoff The Flash which has a spinoff to Super girl and I'm not sure yet where Legion of Tomorrow fits in yet but it's a spinoff also. Help me. I'm just as addicted to them as my disaster movies.


This week I took off for my birthday. I've watched two episodes of the Flash, been on Facebook, Pinterest and now here.

I love being able to indulge my time in doing what I want when I want.

Now it's time to deep clean my bedroom which I like to do after I've been sick.I also need to deep clean the kitchen so when son's girlfriend comes over we can start on the freezer meals we are going to make up and I need to contact my cousin to make arrangements for our shopping trip to the big city this week. It's going to be a great week.


Oldest daughter has a baby

Grand baby is 10 months old now

Son is looking at rings

My baby girl is in her last semester of high school and deciding on a collage.

I can breathe

Life is good.

Have a great day.



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Nice to see you. Sounds like you are having fun with the movies. IDK what's going to happen with Dr. Who, lol


Hoping you stay healthy.

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