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Sig Sauer P238 or P938 - Hopefully Saturday

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There's a gun show coming up Saturday. I asked hubby if I could get the LCP Custom. He kind of grumbled about it, then suggested that if I'm going to get a new gun, I might as well get one that I know I like shooting.


So, I'm supposed to trade in the gun I'm currently carrying plus another .380 that we just don't shoot much for a Sig Sauer P238. So I started looking, and found there's also a P938.


Now, from what I've seen, there's not a whole lot of difference between the P238 and P938, weight-wise or size-wise.


Have any of y'all shot both of them and can tell me if there's much difference in how the gun behaves and carries?



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I have no idea but wish you luck! Get what you really want.

This is part of the dilemma. I know I like shooting the P238 ('cause a friend has one...that he's now given to his mother, and she loves it), but I've never seen a P938 and paid any attention.

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I have no personal experience with the 938.

I have a Glock 43 in the same role. (Have you looked at the Glock 42 (.380 or 43 9mm?)


My associates say that the recoil difference between the P238 and P938 is significant but manageable for them.

I suggest you try out a 938 at a rental range before purchasing one.


While I would normally choose a 9mm over a .380 in the same frame size, shot placement is more important than caliber

and if the 9mm kicks too much to shoot accurately, the .380 may be a better choice.

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I replied to Gunplumber in PM before I realized he'd posted it here as well.


In another forum I'm on, there's a bunch of guys who say their wives LOVE the P238...but none who say the same thing about the P938, even though all the guys insist that there isn't a lot of difference in the recoil. I'm thinking there may not be much difference in the recoil...if recoil doesn't bother you. If your wrists aren't that strong, though, maybe it's more of an issue.


So, I think I'm going with the P238.

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Picked up the P238, planning to hit the range this afternoon if my sinuses will cooperate.


Having problems finding mags for a reasonable price, but I'll figure it out. (CDNN seems to have them, will check into it more)


Went to Academy afterwards and picked up a Bulldog belt pouch designed specifically for it.

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