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Grace Livingstone Hill books

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Mom is legally blind so DD or I read to her every night. Her favorites are books by Grace Livingston Hill. We have almost all of the books she wrote and have read them all several times. Mom never gets tired of them but I was just wondering if there were other authors similar to her that wrote during the same time frame? I know there are all the Amish books but that's not really what I'm looking for.  It is said the GLH actually invented the genre of Christian romance. Thanks for any suggestions.

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What time frame is she in?


Christian-romance-wise, I'm a big fan of Melanie Dickerson (medieval/fairy tale & now Regency) and Shanna Hatfield (all over the map).

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Thank for the reply. Hmm..no fairy-tale types for us!


GLH wrote from the very late 1800s up to about 1949. Her books were "current" to the times. Mom likes her because she knows there will be no violence, no bad language, no sex, no occult, etc.

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Have you tried the series that a father-daughter team writes.  It's an ongoing saga of generations of a Christian family beginning with the Mayflower and coming on into the Great Depression era.  A lot of books.  Usual scenario is a wayward son/daughter who finds their way back to God and family.  A lot of history told within their lives.  My mom enjoyed that series very much.  

Authors: Gilbert and Lynn Morris  ...House of Winslow series


The daughter, Lynn Morris, co-wrote a series: Cheney Duvall, M.D.  ....young woman doctor, post-Civil War era.


Books of the House of Winslow series:


  1. The Honorable Imposter, 1986 - story of Gilbert Winslow in 1620
  2. The Captive Bride, 1987 - story of Rachel Winslow in 1659
  3. The Indentured Heart, 1988 - story of Adam Winslow in 1740
  4. The Gentle Rebel, 1988 - story of Nathan Winslow in 1775
  5. The Saintly Buccaneer, 1988 - story of Paul Winslow in 1777 (American Revolution)
  6. The Holy Warrior, 1989 - story of Christmas Winslow in 1798
  7. The Reluctant Bridegroom, 1990 - story of Sky Winslow in 1838
  8. The Last Confederate, 1990 - story of Thad Novak and the Winslows in 1860 (Civil War)
  9. The Dixie Widow, 1991 - story of Belle Winslow Wickham and Davis Winslow in 1862 (Civil War)
  10. The Wounded Yankee, 1992 - story of Zack Winslow in 1862
  11. The Union Belle, 1992 - story of Mark Winslow and Lola Montez in 1867
  12. The Final Adversary, 1992 - story of Barney Winslow in 1894
  13. The Crossed Sabres, 1993 - story of Thomas Winslow in 1875
  14. The Valiant Gunman, 1993 - story of Dan Winslow in 1874
  15. The Gallant Outlaw, 1994 - story of Lanie Winslow and Lobo Smith in 1890
  16. The Jeweled Spur, 1994 - story of Laurie Winslow and Cody Rogers in 1883
  17. The Yukon Queen, 1995 - story of Cassidy Winslow and Serena Stevens in 1896
  18. The Rough Rider, 1995 - story of Aaron Winslow and his brother Lewis in 1893 (Rough riders in Cuba)
  19. The Iron Lady, 1996 - story of cousins Esther, Ruth, and Priscilla Winslow in 1903
  20. The Silver Star, 1997 - story of Priscilla Winslow in 1905
  21. The Shadow Portrait, 1998 - story of cousins Peter and Phil Winslow in 1907
  22. The White Hunter, 1999 - story of John Winslow (Africa) and Annie Rogers (Titanic) in 1912
  23. The Flying Cavalier, 1999 - story of Lance Winslow in 1914 (France)
  24. The Glorious Prodigal, 2000 - story of Stuart and Leah Winslow in 1917
  25. The Amazon Quest, 2001 - story of Emily Winslow in 1918
  26. The Golden Angel, 2001 - story of Erin Winslow in 1922
  27. The Heavenly Fugitive, 2002 - story of siblings Phillip and Amelia Winslow in 1927
  28. The Fiery Ring, 2002 - story of Joy Winslow in 1928
  29. The Pilgrim Song, 2003 - story of Lewis and his daughter Hannah Winslow in 1929 (Great Depression)
  30. The Beloved Enemy, 2003 - story of Joshua Winslow in 1931
  31. The Shining Badge, 2004 - story of Jennifer Winslow in 1931
  32. The Royal Handmaid, 2004 - story of Travis Winslow in 1935
  33. The Silent Harp, 2004 - story of Sharon Winslow in 1935
  34. The Virtuous Woman, 2005 - story of Grace Winslow in 1935
  35. The Gypsy Moon, 2005 - story of Gabrielle Winslow in 1940
  36. The Unlikely Allies, 2005 - story of Mallory Anne Winslow in 1940
  37. The High Calling, 2006 - story of Katherine Winslow in 1940
  38. The Hesitant Hero, 2006 - story of Tyler Winslow in 1940
  39. The Widow's Choice, 2006 - story of Alona Winslow Jennings in 1941
  40. The White Knight, 2007 - story of Luke Winslow in 1942


Just looked that up on Wikipedia and there are more there now that my mom doesn't have.


Many libraries have these books to borrow.....


MtRider  :reading:


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