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Adult children, dogs and chaos

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My Son and GF moved in with 2 cats and a puppy.  I could not take all the animals in the house. I'm trying to do some remolding so she took her cats to her mothers house for now. The puppy Harley is a untrained 13 week old Blue Heeler. She is learning basic commands. Son is doing a lot of outside work for me and GF is on crutches for the next 3 weeks so until she get mobile again most of the dog care seems to be falling to me.

After my Sadie died, I'm sure I made it clear I didn't want to care for another pet, My youngest without asking brought home a 8 weeks old very malnourished  mutt.I asked her why she got this dog and she said her sister got a dog and moved home with dog, her brother got a dog and moved home with dog and GF, she just removed a step.

They know I'm a sucker for dogs.

Harley is a very energetic, everyone loves me because I love everyone kind of dog. Arlo is a low energy standoffish with most people kind of dog, I don't think that will change much as his health improves. He has learn to sit in the past week.

I think Arlo would, like my Sadie, sit on the sofa and watch disaster movies with me. Harley would be causing some disaster.

Both dogs are failing at potty training or should I say the adult children are not doing their part in making sure the dogs go out often enough. Adult children are in the dog house and they know it. I'm not putting up with poorly trained dogs.

Son and GF went away for the weekend taking Harley with them. Youngest DD is on a date. Arlo in biting my toes trying to get me to play.  He seems lost with out Harley.

Why is he so darn cute?

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Once they know you love dogs, it's all over!  LOL  We babysit an Australian Shepherd which belongs to my brother in law.  The pup's name is Cooper and he is a ball of fire with puppy breath and very sharp teeth!!  I think about 7 or 8 weeks.  Good luck!  I hope you are more patient than I.  We do get him out enough during the day but at night...  If you crate him he screams for hours.  I hope your younger ones will pick up the pace and help you more with training!

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