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Prayer for our church/family

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As the one who sends out Prayer Requests for our church....and having done so for over a decade....I get all sorts of notifications.  Yesterday I had two messages when we came in from feeding.  As the first one played, I didn't even know who it was but she was crying.  So I braced myself....gonna be bad.  It was.  The second message was same person, a little calmer, saying WAIT, don't put it out yet....till we're sure all the family had been notified.  They hadn't.  Since I've been doing this a long time, yes...this is definitely one I would have verified and double-checked before sending out our mass email.


We have lost a lady from our church to a vehicle collision.  They were on a vacation and it appears she went instantly.  Now the rest of the party, including her husband and their friends, have to return.  She's only about my age so this is unexpected...sudden...stunning.  We can all go at any time but...younger than 80 always seems more unbelievable.  They have sons, dil's, Grkids.  They just lost her mom a couple months ago at age 90.  About a week or so later was the last time I happened to see her....driving down my road and pulled in to chat a while.  We will all miss her.  We are all stunned.  She was very active in our church and in her family.  But....she is face to face with Jesus now....  :amen:


We do not mourn as those with no hope.....


MtRider  :pray:

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I'm so sorry   :pray:         for the family and friends.  


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