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H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

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Got brief message from Darlene......she's finally back home in GA.  Haven't heard any details.  Keep praying cuz she's got a lotta stuff to catch up on....


MtRider  :pray:

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Yeah, me too!  But so far, I've only had a short email.  She's probably more than swamped with farm stuff after being gone. 


MtRider  .....is anyone hearing anything about the damage in FL???  :scratchhead:  Or does Irma knock out Harvey news and Jose...Maria knock out Irma news? 

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Just seeing this now. Sending prayers for Darlene and all impacted by this awful weather.

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Thanks so much MtRider for keeping everyone updated on my hurricane trip :).  Everything happened so fast, there was no time to do much other than load up the truck and head south.  My dad's brother's wife died unexpectedly so he had to go out to Oklahoma for the funeral and got stuck there as the hurricane was heading to Miami.  My mom was there all alone and so I had to go down to be with her.


At the time, Irma was a Cat 5 with 185mph winds so that was really scary to contemplate as I headed south.  I had been through Hurricane Andrew which was 175mph with 20-30mph gusts above that and knew what that meant, but a 185mph was scary.  I was so grateful that the hurricane lost a little strength down to a Cat 4, and instead of being a direct hit, moved to the west a little and although we got the strongest side, the NE quadrant, at least we didn't have to go through the eye wall.


My mom didn't want to stay at the house even though they have hurricane shutters, so she rented a room at a hotel by the airport.  That meant we had to take her service dog and it was alot of extra work.  My brother had accidently run over my right foot with the wheel of his 1000lb trailer right before I took mom to the hotel, which really messed my foot up.  There was no time to go to a hospital or doctor so I limped my way through the storm. 


Once it passed, I went out to my dad's car that we had parked at the hotel, only to find that a huge branch had shattered his windshield.  The hotel was running on generator and I wanted to get out of there so I drove 25mph from the hotel to my mom's house to pick up my truck to take back and load mom and service dog to take them back home. 


There were millions of people in Florida that were out power but only God could have kept my mom's street and 2 streets behind her with power.  It had gone out for only about 4-5 hours and then came back on so praise the Lord for that.  It was weird to sit on her back porch with her house ice cold, and to hear generators 2 streets over.


The houses in the area were in pretty good shape, only a few of them had roof damage but trees were down everywhere.  My 2 brothers and I went on a lumberjack mission, cutting trees, standing up others, helping their elderly neighbors remove trees that had fallen and blocked the entrances to their homes.


The good news is that I lost 5lbs (yayyy! lol) and 9 days later was able to drive back home to the farm.  Once I got here, I was slammed with all kinds of things and I'm just now settling back in.  Thank the Lord, my foot ended up just getting badly bruised, no fractures that I know about, but then again, I never did go to a doctor about it lol.


As always, your prayers meant alot, and is a reminder of how important our prayers for each other are.

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